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I am the 1st to comment, sorry LFCsince1975.
5 Times Baby!
15th Jun 2014 9:40
15th Jun 2014 10:05
"There will probably be 4 new faces plus being revealed in liverpool shirts on July 1st- we know 2 of them in principle but the rest is all speculaton til then so wouldn't take all this paper talk as gospel- all will be revealed in 2 and a half weeks..."
15th Jun 2014 10:09
"im second again lfc 1975 recovering from last night"
15th Jun 2014 10:47
"No thanks, not good enough!"
15th Jun 2014 11:10
"lfcredforlife i think u are very short sighted.. they player on just one game at the world cup alone.. was good enough for me.. but after watchin you tube clips he is a very good option to have."
LFC since 1975
15th Jun 2014 11:11
"there are more reliable sources sying UTD are going to sign him, which would make sense due to van gaal "
15th Jun 2014 11:17
"robby17 no offence but one good game at the world cup doesn't make him a star. I am a regular watcher of Dutch football and defensively he isn't good enough. He is good going forward but that is as far as it goes."
Red Rum
15th Jun 2014 12:30
"Forget lalanna..... ..... If Brendan has 30 million lying about put in an offer for Barkley. He is the future. He is going to be twice the player lalanna is. "
Red Rum
15th Jun 2014 12:31
"Controversial I know but Barkley is the future"
15th Jun 2014 13:19
"Our next few signings must be 1st team quality. "
15th Jun 2014 13:22
"doubt barkly would come plus martinez has already stated openly he values him at over £50mil :( but what an amazin signin it would be :)"
15th Jun 2014 13:28
"what sources are these lfc 1975 lol"
15th Jun 2014 13:43
"the mancs are interested in him too.van gaal will try to lure him to united having worked with him during the WC"
15th Jun 2014 13:58
"must be joking if we get deaf & dummer i think blind would be just the fit in defence with dum already one of the centre backs"
15th Jun 2014 14:06
"Sikhred its in that paper you see your reflections in, lol,"
15th Jun 2014 14:12
"We should sign M Darmian (Italy) he played very well yesterday. His style matches LFC. "
15th Jun 2014 15:16
15th Jun 2014 16:07
"He impressed me when he played Spain very intelligent player. Another defender that also impressed me was Bruno Martins Indi he was a rock at CB!"
15th Jun 2014 17:23
"what about the brazilian full back Daley Postenecho?"
15th Jun 2014 21:16
"Moreno is a better option! please just get him"
16th Jun 2014 0:16
"I would love Barkley, he is the new Gerrard. If we have £25mil lying around for Lallana then forget it! find another 10 and buy Barkley. If we don't then another top 4 club + utd certainly will. "
16th Jun 2014 4:19
"Hope we get Moreno."
16th Jun 2014 7:01
"Even before his 2 assists against Spain, Ive been a fan of this guy...very versatile, primarily a LB but can play DM as well, if the Moreno deal flops, get this guy!"
16th Jun 2014 11:50
"No no no this can't be true"