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I suggested this days ago but only if we don't get Lallana.
9th Jun 2014 13:16
9th Jun 2014 13:16
"We need to be looking at better players than Johnson. he is average at best. We should be signing players like Sanchez if we want to go anywhere near KO stages of the Champions League"
9th Jun 2014 13:16
"no thanks, he left Man City because he couldn't make the cut and even with Sunderland he didn't particularly set the world on fire plus we have Raheem and Ibe both better than him and will cost us nothing.He couldn't even make it to Brazil."
scitzo soldier
9th Jun 2014 13:19
"No, no, no, no, no, no, no."
LFC since 1975
9th Jun 2014 13:20
"please NO!!! he would be another downing. good enough for a mid table, no pressure, little expectation side but certainly not good enough for us. maybe on a free but even then id be very disappointed"
9th Jun 2014 13:21
"He is versatile, Young(ish) English and pretty damn good. It's a no brainer, Go for him. + he has got one hell of a shot on him."
9th Jun 2014 13:25
"hell no!!!!!!!!! and we want lallana for cm/number 10 not on the wing!!"
9th Jun 2014 13:28
9th Jun 2014 13:32
"I am honestly praying that this story has no depth to it as this would be a terrible signing for a club of our stature. We need to be looking at much better quality if we are to progress our club"
9th Jun 2014 13:34
"keep him away from here we need better quality"
9th Jun 2014 13:36
"Surely this cant happen....."
9th Jun 2014 13:43
"It's getting weirder day by day . As Moreno is most likely signed this week , we are now linked with every god damn winger in the world right now from Ayew to Johnson ?. Come on.. "
9th Jun 2014 13:46
"He only left Man City because he was not getting enough game time, His hometown club took him on and he has been their best player, put him on the pitch with the quality of players round him at Liverpool then he may well thrive, just like Man Citys other reject Sturridge, no-one is complaining about him now are they."
9th Jun 2014 13:49
"If we go for winger, we should sign the likes of Shaqiri, Muller or Pedro."
9th Jun 2014 13:52
"no. I'd rather you didn't."
9th Jun 2014 13:53
"tpoolw70 - I find Johnson a little bit selfish in his play . As a winger , it's main priority is to assist the strikers while goalscoring is the added bonus. No doubt he's quality however does he have the right attitude and mentality to wear the Liverpool Jersey ?. There are better wingers available in the market right now and I'm pretty sure BR will sign a foreign winger. ^^"
9th Jun 2014 14:08
"If we can get him on the cheap, he could be the right type of player to come from the bench and make an impact in any match we may be struggling in, if he does not make the grade, we could always sell him to west ham, they love buying all our average players. "
9th Jun 2014 14:09
"He shows flashes of brilliance but his work rate and hunger to be a top pro seems to be very poor.. could Rodgers change that. .. hendo always had a pro attitude and has reaped the rewards. So overall I would have to say no."
9th Jun 2014 14:10
"There's news about suso might go to Porto. Please Brendan Rogers give him a chance with the first team like Stirling or send him on loan but not permanent deal. "
9th Jun 2014 14:12
"Fits the bill of being a quality player and used to the Premier League. I think the Liverpool fans would bring him on."
LFC since 1975
9th Jun 2014 14:19
"you have to look at the team he's in. like other mid table teams there is no expectation on them so no pressure thats why players like downing, carroll etc look good but when they go to a top club the expectation is too much and they cant perform, this is how i see johnson and i would say deffo not good enough. the minimum we need to look at is are they internationals?"
9th Jun 2014 14:22
"Lallana please."
9th Jun 2014 14:26
"Oh my im seriously giving up on.this column now...sigh"
9th Jun 2014 14:27
"He has 11 caps and 2 goals."
9th Jun 2014 14:32
"'Opened the door' 'Could pave the way' Do me a favour, he's not much better than Downing - He wouldn't fit!"
9th Jun 2014 14:39
"He was in the same team with borini last season..Good but a squard player...we've got ibe, suso, Texereira, ...pls ..we want another suarez.. Another Gerrad of 2005..."
9th Jun 2014 14:40
"Utd targetting Alba? Why the ***k would he go there? just like all the other CL players they're supposedly targetting!"
9th Jun 2014 14:42
"Please let this be nothing more than a rumour, he's no more than average in my opinion."
9th Jun 2014 14:53
"I suggested this years ago... Now I'm not as sure because he no longer has age on his side. His absence in the england squad is evidence enough"
9th Jun 2014 14:56
"JMF83 Tbf, people said those very words about Sturridge. 'Too selfish, not the right mentality, not quite cutting it at the big team'"
9th Jun 2014 15:08
"My thought exactly Curlylocks, he will be 27 next month, If we sign him and he fails, we can always sell him on."
9th Jun 2014 15:10
"No doubt he has talent, period last season were he was probably best player in prem. But he needs to be at that level all year. Wouldn't be disappointed if we did get him relatively cheap if it left that wee bit extra money to tie up few other deals"
9th Jun 2014 15:13
"Not interested has about 4 or 5 good games a season then disappears."
9th Jun 2014 15:19
"oh god these rumours are getting worse !!!!!"
9th Jun 2014 15:20
"why are people saying he had a good season? he had a good last few months that's it ! ask sunderland fans, they were frustrated with him for ages!! he's not good enough, rather Ibe got game time than bringing him here"
9th Jun 2014 15:25
"No player can play top level all season, If all Liverpool players had played top level all season, we would not need to buy more players."
9th Jun 2014 15:28
"our players played at a good level all season, Johnson was shocking for months and got dropped at sunderland! WE HAVE JUST GOT INTO THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARS THIS IS OUR CHANCE TO AIM A LITTLE HIGHER WITH TRANSFERS NOW! to improve us and also make suarez wanna stay aswell! if he doesn't see us improve he may think twice"
ned the red
9th Jun 2014 15:29
"What are peopole on? this guy is not LFC standard even on his best day. Not good enough for City or Sunderland, certainly not good enough for us!"
LFC since 1975
9th Jun 2014 15:30
"for once hester i have to agree 100 with you :) "
9th Jun 2014 15:30
"Straight swap for Borini."
9th Jun 2014 15:32
"getting the correct signings in this summer is important cause all the teams around us will also be improving, and we have to get used too playing more matches aswell! don't want this being a one season wonder"
9th Jun 2014 15:42
"I would prefer we went for better reputation players too but not going to argue with BR I'm sure all the reds who didn't think we would make CL will also be against this one but its their nature to be negative i prefer to hope for the best rather than predict the worst."
9th Jun 2014 15:43
"I'm not saying we should definitely sign him, but why rule it out, there are no guarantee that any signing we make for this season will be a success. "
9th Jun 2014 15:57
"If Adam Johnson can reinvent himself at Anfield he could be a very good addition to our squad I thought he was unlucky at Man City not getting games and was surprised when he went to Sunderland no disrespect to them but it was the wrong move for him at the stage of his career he was at."
9th Jun 2014 16:04
"its brilliant that we got coutinho and sturridge on the cheap and they came in and shown there old clubs they are good enough! however that doesn't mean to say every player who was once touted to be a good player will do the same, ive never rated Johnson he's always been a 1 good game in 5 kind of person"
9th Jun 2014 16:06
"I find it funny when people try say others on here are being negative though, considering we all want what's best for the club! some of us just don't think buying average players is the way to go, we need players who can improve what we already have"
9th Jun 2014 16:08
"pls no"
9th Jun 2014 16:09
"Are you saying Lambert improves what we already have? good squad player yes, but better than sas, I don't think so. "
9th Jun 2014 16:16
"Some people on here make me laugh. Johnson is a great player no doubt about that, he is strong, fast, versatile nd has an eye for goal. He would be great for us, he is hungry to be a regular at a big club Man C treated him badly nd at Sunderland he hasnt got the quality beside or behind him that we have."
9th Jun 2014 16:19
"Always admired Adam Johnson, a wonderful player and so mature, and he does deliver, he'll put a shift in alright. Still go for Lallana though as well. "
9th Jun 2014 16:19
"I don't think any of the signings so far improve what we already have, but not many strikers could take SAS out the starting lineup could they?? we could sign players like Johnson etc last season without champions league, so now we can use champions league and our style of football to impress better calibre of players to come here!!"
9th Jun 2014 16:22
"Adam Johnson is a vey honest professioal, very mature, skilful and very dependable, never gives less than 100% could do worse."
9th Jun 2014 16:25
"sunderland fans will tell you borini was there best player last season, and people here say borini isn't good enough to make it .. so why would we want Johnson?? if we want a winger kono/griezmann/shaqiri/sanchez should be the type we go for"
Reds 96
9th Jun 2014 16:38
"On the positive side. Adam Johnson has a heck of a shot on him and he's pretty accurate, he's scored some cracking goals, and he's fast down that wing, and he's not afraid to track back to help the team defend. Sturridge and Couthinho weren't getting in there first team either and look what happened when they came here. Johnson would thrive in this attacking LFC team. "
9th Jun 2014 16:39
"Good player but bad attitude. Im hoping we end up with atleast one of these players. Either Shaqiri, Konoplyanka or Griezmann. But If we can get Johnson at a bargain price say under £10m then it might be worth the gamble."
9th Jun 2014 16:45
"we cant keep going over the same statement that just because coutinho and sturridge couldn't get into there teams but came here and shone doesn't mean every player will do the same. last season id have took Johnson happily but now were in Europe id like us to aim higher that's all, if he comes id be disappointed but support him"
LFC since 1975
9th Jun 2014 16:49
"tpoolw70 - last year we had SAS with Aspas as cover, next season we have SAS with Lambert as cover. still dont think that improves our squad? "
9th Jun 2014 16:59
"hester91 - Totally agree with you about being in Europe and needing to aim higher as Johnson is a player we could have easily got with-out CL football. Now we have CL we need to take full advantage and go for the best quality out there. "
9th Jun 2014 17:01
"Yes I do, but it does not improve the first team as some are asking for."
9th Jun 2014 17:04
"that's because we cant really improve the strikers can we? we have the best striker in the world atm in suarez, and then sturridge has been unbelievable and like Rodgers said can go on to be world class! but there is other areas we can bring in proper quality"
9th Jun 2014 17:04
"I am not here to slam anyone's suggestions as we are all entitled to our own opinion's, but if we don't get our main targets, ie Lallana, we do need proven premier league players for extra cover."
9th Jun 2014 17:06
"Not good enough for Liverpool. I like Johnson but that is when he is at smaller clubs where he can be given the games and the ball lol. Shaqiri and Kono please. I am curious as to how much fee Caurdrado would command cos he could be a good shout. "
LFC since 1975
9th Jun 2014 17:07
"tpoolw70 - its not about getting cover, that wont improve the players if they know as soon as they return from injury/suspension they go straight back into the team no matter what. we need players in who are capable of holding that first team place once they get in. our FIRST TEAM needs to be at least 20 players"
LFC since 1975
9th Jun 2014 17:09
"cont. if we have a first 11 and then players to cover we wont attract TOP players as no one wants to go to a club to play 3 or 4 games a season and spend the rest of the time warming the bench. players need to be good enough to hold on to their place. this way players have to keep improving to regain their place once they lose it"
LFC since 1975
9th Jun 2014 17:11
"sco77 - Caurdrado wouyld cost around 20-25m. but he is being highly tipped to be off to Barca"
9th Jun 2014 17:13
"I do agree, but the bench hast to have players that can come on and make a difference in an attacking sence, rather than player for holding on to keep results."
LFC since 1975
9th Jun 2014 17:17
"tpool - look at last seasons team and ad players like lallana/kono/shaqiri/can/moreno/lambert then with suso returning they are all players who would look to cement a first team place not just be cover. johnson is nowhere near the quality of the above names."
9th Jun 2014 17:24
"How can you know that until you see it? with top quality around him, he just might prove a big hit just like Sturridge, you just don't know. If the fee was say 5 or 6 million, that would be easy to recoup if BR was unable to get the best out of him, and dont forget he has 11 caps, not any lately but how many of Englans squad were in a relegation battle last season? none."
LFC since 1975
9th Jun 2014 17:24
"tpool - im not slating you, yr entitled to your opinion on any player mate. we need to look at the bigger picture though and realise we cant have just a first 11. UTD for the last 20 years didnt, they had a first 20 who all pushed each other for places, they often had big players who didnt even make the bench. thats what we have to work towards. the only player guaranteed a start is suarez"
9th Jun 2014 17:28
"To hester.. as you say.. borini was Sunderland ' s player of the season .. Their fans want to buy him. He is now back and hungry... Johnson is a good talented lad..but does not work hard enough at all..maybe br can change that.. but I think it is just who he is like carrol."
LFC since 1975
9th Jun 2014 17:29
"tpool - if he was free id say great, nothing lost but i jsut dont think he's any better than downing maybe even slightly worse, thats just my opinion. we need players who can force their way into the first team and with sterling, couts, possibly shaqiri,markovic,kono i couldnt see him getting in infront of any of them"
9th Jun 2014 17:31
"I again agree, but top players need to be at top clubs and I believe Johnson is just that. Sunderland were poor, his motivation was questioned, but with the prospect of champions league football no player would lack motivation for that, hence we would finaly find the promising talent he was touted with come to the fore."
LFC since 1975
9th Jun 2014 17:35
"at the end of the day like most of us, i will support each and every player BR brings in and if johnson came in no one would be happier than me to be proved wrong. i also dont think it would be a very inspirational signing or signal of our intent, again thats probably because i dont rate him highly enough"
9th Jun 2014 17:37
" The debate has been a good one but let's face facts, it's all speculation. The headline has a question mark at the end of "
9th Jun 2014 17:57
"NO NO NO...get Cerci instead. Another inconsistent Johnson is not what we need; sorry."
9th Jun 2014 17:58
"All I hope is we make the most of the season we've had and spend money on the correct players that will improve us"
9th Jun 2014 18:15
"Johnson not good enough for Liverpool, one good game in 5,must aim much higher, he would also hinder Ibe progress who I rate higher,"
Bib l f c
9th Jun 2014 18:22
9th Jun 2014 18:30
"Please no, please, please, please, no! I beg you with all my LFC heart not him, he is get the jist!"
9th Jun 2014 18:32
"Lets not buy simply cause his English he has to be good enough and value for money If we get him for 5-7m fine if they want silly money like 15m forget it!! "
9th Jun 2014 19:03
"NO NO NO ! hes not an international and no better than asaidi and what have we done with him since signing him '.. worrying !! ynwa "
9th Jun 2014 19:24
"I think we all would prefer Shaqiri And suso fighting him for the right sided att mid position. I just wonder If suso is desperate to be 1st choice in a team. Not sure he is quite there at Liverpool yet. Would love to see him playing every week continuing his development"
9th Jun 2014 20:11
9th Jun 2014 20:20
"tpoolw70..I am definitely with you on this one. Adam Johnson - after BR irons out his creases - would be the perfect weapon to stretch teams ito width. The 'tiki-taka' - which BR seems to favour can clearly be rendered ineffective as Chelsea proved against us and as BMunich proved on the continental stage recently."
9th Jun 2014 20:20
"another Stewart Downing, flatters to deceive. Potential, but no desire. No Thanks"
9th Jun 2014 20:26
"For years Fergie built his dynasty on this concept - swift counter attack, pin point deadly passing and blistering manipulation of WIDTH. Andrei Kanchelskis, Lee Sharpe, Ryan Giggs & Beckam stand testimony to my point. Luckily, more recently, he got it wrong with Antonio Valencia and Ashley Young. BR can manage Johnson - to be a highly effective player for LFC. No doubt."
LFC since 1975
9th Jun 2014 20:35
"alpha red - football has evolved, UTD proved this which is why fergie got out and then moyes was a flop. the old 442 with flying wingers putting crosses onto the CFs head are long gone. inteligent players moving around and interchanging positions with full backs overlapping the attackers to create width and outnumber defenders is how we play. Johnson is suited to 442 and no more"
9th Jun 2014 20:44
"One of the greatest non conventional armies in history were the Zulus. The pincer movement of surrounding or encircling the enemy and crushing them with an inward movement is a timeless strategy first introduced by Shaka Zulu & adopted by the most modern and effective armies in the world. "
9th Jun 2014 20:47
"If a modern analogy to Fergie's blueprint is to be drawn upon - then Bayern Munich who definitely rank as one of the top three teams in the world - for the last 3 seasons or so stand as testimony. Frank Ribery & Arjen Robben can be likened to the 'wingers' of Fergies dynasty."
LFC since 1975
9th Jun 2014 20:53
"alpha - you are right but those 2 dont play anywhere near like true wingers, they are often coming inside, through the middle and get all that space because of the modern tactic. johnson is a true old fashioned winger who is suited to playing in a 442 set up"
9th Jun 2014 21:14
"LFC since 1975 - BR is going to have to explore & master every nook & cranny of strategy - old & new. The versatility of Lambert needs to be fed - Johnson, is very capable of cutting inside effectively with defense splitting passes & shooting. He is not just limited to belting crosses. Rickie Lambert will be a game changer for us - so too can Johnson, IF Messiah Rodgers gets to work on him. "
LFC since 1975
9th Jun 2014 21:32
"sorry alpha but i dont see johnson as being any better than downing. some players cant make the step up to a big club where expectation and pressure to succeed are higher. and lambert isnt just a target man there is a lot more to his game. wingers like shaqiri, kono etc are the standard we need at liverpool not somebody that BR might be able to turn into a good player"
9th Jun 2014 21:38
"Pedro and Konoplyanka would do for me.However i do believe that Brendan could get the very best out of a player like Adam Johnson.I think he would be a good squad player but i believe we should be looking for a couple world class players!"
9th Jun 2014 21:49
"Fair enough, LFC 1975. "
Natural Poolie
9th Jun 2014 23:10
"This is taking buying English to the extremes, absolutely garbage. Probably the worst rumour apart from Ayew."
9th Jun 2014 23:16
"He can only come on a loan with d option to buy. If he performs then we sign him."
10th Jun 2014 2:56
"We can do better than Johnson!"
10th Jun 2014 6:55
"This would be a good move. With Brendan's ability to get the best out of individuals this lad could reach his potential."
10th Jun 2014 7:38
"mr.rodgers get him and i bet you he would be the best winger ever played for lfc.danny stu was the same way but now look at him.hendo was the same too and sometimes some players shine in some teams.adam johnson is the best.thankss"
Natural Poolie
10th Jun 2014 8:12
"If we bring in Johnson, we may as we of kept Downing. We have to use this year to bring in quality, use the supposed lure of CL football, this was supposed to attract the quality we couldn't get before. We will never get quality I we don't target quality. "
10th Jun 2014 8:58
"i dont think he is a good accusation. i like to hear that we are potentially on the verge of signing moreno. if lallana doesnt go through, dont sell suso. and bring in shakiri. get snachez.and we need to pull out a lot of money for a good centre back."
LFC since 1975
10th Jun 2014 9:35
"poolie for once i have to agree with you :) thats exactly what i have said about johnson. good at a mid table club but is probably as good as he is ever going to be right now"
10th Jun 2014 9:35
"Idiots!!! this guy is far better than Lallana. He is quicker, More direct and has a good shot. Last year he played in a team.He was brilliant at City but I admit he is not as good as Aguera. We should have bought him instead of Downing "
10th Jun 2014 9:42
"I don't know this player well enough to slate him but what I do know he needs to play to keep himself fit, he was a very good player for City a few years back and lost his motivation. If he got the chance with us he might come good but he also might not like some other talents like Moses. I wouldnt pay more than 8 mil for him."
LFC since 1975
10th Jun 2014 9:43
"xxrussx - are you taking the p**s? johnson couldnt get in the city side as there were much better options ahead of him thats why he left. he is no better than downing and is at a mid table club, thats about his level, he's not going to get any better now like a 20 yr old would so for a player who has 21 good game in 5 its not good enough for CL football"
10th Jun 2014 9:46
"But I agree with a lot of the comments here, we should use some of our own younglings rather then buy something we already have. I think we should just add ONE proper WINGER and a leftback that is enough. If we get quality players in those positions we are good."
10th Jun 2014 9:47
"He is even better than Downing in that he can actually run at defenders and GO PAST THEM! Pace Frightens, especially against tired legs. Bring him on when Sterling tires or gets injured. "
10th Jun 2014 9:49
"Buying a player just because he is good is nonsense, buying a good player for a position that need strengthening is the way to go. Lallana for example is not a winger. He is an AMC that is clever on the ball and we have quite a few of those."
LFC since 1975
10th Jun 2014 9:50
"to be honest if he cost 5-8m i would be much happier to spend 12-15m on shaqiri or kono. kono is a very similar player to johnson in the way they run at defenses etc but kono has a rocket shot, can take free kicks, younger and probably all round much better. he would be my choice"
Natural Poolie
10th Jun 2014 10:00
"1975 - You missed out on one difference between Kono and Johnson.....talent lol hey we've agreed quite a bit lately, must be something wrong lol"
10th Jun 2014 11:27
"Adam Johnson is a good player but don't swap Borini for him YNWA"
Natural Poolie
10th Jun 2014 11:31
"How can anyone say Johnson is a good player? Not good enough to get into the City side. Had a 2-3 game spell were he couldn't stop scoring and was good but that was it. Soon came to an abrupt end. Cannot afford to go for someone that inconsistent."
10th Jun 2014 12:25
"Take him as he is a winger , totally diff from Lallanna...."
10th Jun 2014 12:43
"If we can get him in cheap than go for it, as he can bring something else. Just remember a good player take a dip until some-one else give them the needed motivation like BR. "
10th Jun 2014 12:43
"Liverpool will bring consistency back in Johnson.Also we do not have another left footed winger in this mold. Give him a chance, as we all know he is a good play. ASK STURRIDGE WHAT HAPPEN WHEN HE DID NOT GET GAME TIME AS CHELSEA...."
10th Jun 2014 12:53
"Out: Toure,Alberto, Aspas,Assaidi, Coates In : Shaqiri or Konoplyanka, Lallanna or Barkley, Luke Shaw or Moreno Promote: Wisdom, Robinson, LLori, Ibe, Smith, Rossiter, Teixeira"
LFC since 1975
10th Jun 2014 13:18
"i swear if 1 more person says lets get barkley im gonna scream!!! Everton will not sell us their best player. barkley wont want to come to LFC. everton dont need to seel so why would they?"
10th Jun 2014 13:31
"LFC since 1975, Anything got a price. If you don't try , you never know if you will succeed or not. Now get Barkley. Please scream..."
LFC since 1975
10th Jun 2014 13:49
"the thing is with barkley is he's not the finished article yet, for each time he does a cute little trick to get round a player there are 2 times when he loses the ball, he's quite injury prone too. and everton are a totally different club to LFC, their only ambition and goal at the start of the season is to finish above us so no pressure or expectation on anyone there......."
LFC since 1975
10th Jun 2014 13:51
"the other issue is, IF they did sell him he would cost in excess of £30m. an equivalent player in an equivalent team in spain/germany would cost around 15-20m and fans would be moaning that we are only buying squad players. RANT OVER :D lol "
10th Jun 2014 14:30
"Goodness me... Whos next? Joe cole? Downing? Or maybe carlton cole? Mmm how about Matt Jarvis? maybe hes available... Oh well..."
10th Jun 2014 14:33
"Don't think Adam Johnson is good enough to LFC. U have Steerling, Alberto, Henderson, Even Coutinho have played on the left side so he can move into the field. And i mean that Suso is even better than Johnson so why invest in a older player, where we have good reserve?"
10th Jun 2014 14:33
"Could be a good signing. Undoubted talent, but suspect attitude remind you of anybody else we signed in last two yrs. If true, then Brendan is the man to get best from him and LFC will benefit. He fits the bill, young, English with potential yet to be fulfilled. Hope it's true."
10th Jun 2014 18:22
"lol only if the team can play out of their skins like previous season, seems we are going to fight for the PL and CL next... we need better players"
11th Jun 2014 19:11
"Alpha*Red 9th Jun 2014 20:44, Go t absolutely spot on mate, couldn't agree more and it still leaves the option of aerial bombardment when the time is right. "
14th Jun 2014 0:08
"think he would be a good sign but would his wages be a tad high lol i think he would be come great with us where good at making the right player great..."