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Really!!!!! just how many players do we need for this position?
8th Jun 2014 17:57
Natural Poolie
8th Jun 2014 18:05
"Not good enough to challenge for a first team place never mind hold one down. The Geordies are welcome to him."
8th Jun 2014 18:30
"That's all were gonna do bid for pointless 10million men that wont even be able to get in the team! Same last season aspas moses Alberto etc there was no way rodgers trusted them to play unless he had no choice cause of injuries etc ... if we dont get the transfers right this summer it could be straight back down the table we go. "
8th Jun 2014 18:38
"I dont want this guy either. But the expression 'these pointless 10m men' brilliant of course price tag is all that matters, i mean look at carroll and downing and also torres at chelsea... Flawless logic."
8th Jun 2014 18:39
"Soldado at tottenham who idiots were demanding we sign at any cost.... Looool again flawless logic "
8th Jun 2014 18:41
"Wish we had out bid the s to take fellaini off the bitters we was a another 'glamour price tag bargain' lol."
8th Jun 2014 18:46
"Guess you guys think 25-30m for Lallana is a bargain??? Dont worry our bids for Messi and Ronaldo are next week, we're never signing losers like Sturridge and Coutinho again, also Sterling and Ibe cost pennies so pah to them! Come to think of Suarez was on the cheap side another terrible bargain signing.... "
8th Jun 2014 18:50
"come on liverpool fc please think big! enough of this average players looking for greener pastures.go for someone who is established or some young talent where BR can polish them like shaqiri and moreno"
8th Jun 2014 18:57
"I thought moreno wasn't signing as he is happy in seville Tbh he wqs overpriced"
8th Jun 2014 18:57
" Hester & TheKop - there is no sign whatever that we have any interest in this player. The article says "could join Newcastle", that's all, so the writer has no information to suggest whether we will or not - probably not. He wrote the article on the basis of that quote the guy did a while back."
8th Jun 2014 19:30
"please come out of this race.this is an unnecessary race to be true.please enter the race to sign shaqiri.moreno,lallana and lovren.if you win that race than its as much as we would have won the epl title."
8th Jun 2014 20:15
"Man United use to dominate the league and they always played the 442 with two pacy wingers and 2 good strikers. It worked for them so why not us I say? Forget Lallana and bring in Shaqiri! Cuadrado would be amazing but looks unlikely. "
8th Jun 2014 21:12
" Moreno is on his way. Never denied coming."
8th Jun 2014 21:15
"Ayew is a good player but I don't think our interest is concrete. We can keep an eye on these kind of developments but our main targets lie elsewhere. Konoplyanka? That deal is dead and buried. Anybody know what happened to the Tello deal?"
8th Jun 2014 21:24
"Some of you need to read what you write, our success last season was built on BR's philosophy. We haven't came so close to winning the league in ages so how can you question the signings he's made. He isn't spending your money so give the players he's bought some time and signings he's going to make time. I hear some people already saying we should sell Alberto. Really? Based on what exactly?"
8th Jun 2014 21:27
"Coutinho10/11, it won't work for us because we don't play like man united, we work the ball into the box down the centre or in behind, we don't cross the ball from wide areas as this would just be a waste of suarez's talents. "
8th Jun 2014 21:28
"Spot on WouzerLFC. I've read people ging off Ilori recently, though he helped Granada keep a clean sheet against Barca. He's a real talent for the future. Alberto has a great first touch and technique, possibly hasn't settled that well, but you need a big squad these days. "
LFC since 1975
8th Jun 2014 21:50
"coutinho - leave 442 where it belongs, in the 90's. thats why managers like moyes will never win anything because they are stuck in the past. football has evolved but british managers havent, with the exception of rodgers, but name another succesful british manager in the modern game"
8th Jun 2014 22:08
"We had the same story all winter window."
8th Jun 2014 22:27
"I'm sure rasher head is British, lol "
8th Jun 2014 22:35
"Once heard us described as the most intelligent fans, but reading the comments EVERY TW decidedly puts that to shame. This is a speculation page where the media do their utmost to dupe the gullible & to generate interest in players; but year on year posters keep posting cr4p on here asking 'why him', 'we don't need him','are we serious', etc. Its the bl00dy same every year!"
8th Jun 2014 22:49
"bolteyes: your logic is poor, you think just because we got sturridge and coutinho on the cheap means were gonna find the next bargain, doesn't always happen and its a risky strategy for a TOP team like Liverpool! and for your fellaini and soldado references I cant remember anyone wanting them so bore off"
8th Jun 2014 22:53
"people seem to think just because Henderson sterling etc have improved with the help of Rodgers, that Rodgers can just turn any old player into a world beater! if you settle for average then that's exactly what you get, so far our signings aren't exactly great! "
8th Jun 2014 22:56
"not saying the signings have to be 30 million players, but surely they have to be people good enough to actually get into the starting 11! you create competition by getting proper quality in to fight for places, not buy some players and think oh they will do for the bench"
8th Jun 2014 23:18
"Both moreno and shakiri say they want to stay at their teams, so they arent coming"
8th Jun 2014 23:25
"Konoplyanka and a centre back and we will be sorted. Please"
9th Jun 2014 0:02
"Thought we need help defensively!?!?! This would be like buying Victor Moses. : o no no no no no no no no no no"
9th Jun 2014 0:04
"KevinYu the only comment I've seen by Moreno saying he was happy where he was, it was something he said weeks ago when there was no firm offer. That's what players say in those circs so as not to hack their supporters off. I've seen it again recently but it was the same quote recycled."
9th Jun 2014 0:13
"really hope we do get Moreno or we will end up with Bertrand or sumet!"
9th Jun 2014 0:50
"I'm afraid this will be another disappointed transfer window. Everything's out of our plan, we plan to finish some signings before WC but look at now, we just signed an aged player, and WC is about to begin. After WC we will be even harder to sign players."
Natural Poolie
9th Jun 2014 0:57
"Latest news flying around Spanish papers say that lfc have agreed a £22M fee for Moreno, rather overpriced I feel but an extremely talented youngster that has already a Spanish international, not in the world cup squad but still no mean feat."
9th Jun 2014 0:59
Natural Poolie
9th Jun 2014 1:00
"Also according to sauces, lfc do have interest in Andre Ayew! If this one is true I completely give in on this window lol"
9th Jun 2014 1:28
"We probably do have an interest in Ayew but only a minor one, a back up if we don't get about 20 other wingers we are looking at. "
9th Jun 2014 1:29
"Moreno has never denied wanting to move to Liverpool. The fee is 22m euros, which is 17.9m pounds. This was agreed last week."
9th Jun 2014 1:43
"Hope moreno story is true! Then shaqiri/lallana/griezmann .. one of them would be good for us! Lallana is expensive but he would improve what we have which is key"
9th Jun 2014 1:47
"sell Allen, Lucas and Aspas buy Konoplyanka/ Yarmolenkov, Shaqiri and give Alberto time as CAM/CM and let Suso and Joao Carlos trade time playing in Allen and Lucas CM role."
9th Jun 2014 1:48
"Suso has shown he can command on the field Joao needs more playing time and Alberto needs more playing time. "
9th Jun 2014 2:10
"He is no average player but a class one"
9th Jun 2014 2:25
"KevinYu...i wouldnt worry to much about what players say, unless it is an actual statement that they are committed to their club. Almost every player who is a transfer target say they are happy. Fact is he may well be but doesnt mean they wont move and be happy somewhere else. Hard to believe anything these days too, could be club or agent trying to get better deals "
9th Jun 2014 2:27
"Tbh, i'm not quite ecstatic with signing Can and Lambert. We could've easily use that money to up our bid for somebody more establish and young. And i hope Aspas & Alberto go."
9th Jun 2014 5:55
"How many players for same position ? i rate LFC academy kids more than ayew .. Better give them chance ... I think getting shaqiri should complete transfer stuff for us. Give chance to Suso and assiadi ..i rate them better than ayew. "
Vosta Lee
9th Jun 2014 5:56
"It doesn't matter how much a player costs. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't. You are better off gambling on three 10 million signings than one 30 million signing. There is also a better chance of salvaging most of your 10 million than 30 million if you have to part ways."
9th Jun 2014 6:00
"I Was hoping not to come across another Ayew transfer link article after reading the first one. Far better options out there then this dude."
9th Jun 2014 6:39
"Two solid players per position is the ultimate. I think Ibe is a huge potential and could(and should) get a good run this season."
9th Jun 2014 6:49
"MY DREAM >>> MY Eight attackers - only 4 to start from: (SAS)Suarez n Sturrige, Sterling, Coutinho, Lambert, Ibe, Shaqiri and get Barkley instead of Llalana. Four DM/tacklers - only two to start from: Gerrard, Henderson, Can and Mvila. "
9th Jun 2014 6:59
"As for the SORE point: The defense needs the LB and another solid CB to make it eight with 4 to start from: Moreno, Enrique, Sakho, Agger, Skrtel, Lovren, Johnson and Flanno. Kelly, Alberto, Toure, Allen and the upcoming stars that i'd buy like Fischer must play full part in the domestic cup competitions."
Natural Poolie
9th Jun 2014 8:07
"Ayew got only 4 assists lasts season and has had only 19 assists in his 177 game career at Marseille! How does stats like that warrant interest from lfc? How does it warrant a £10mill price tag come to that? Antoine Greizman got 10 assists and Kono 9"
Natural Poolie
9th Jun 2014 8:16
"Suso's has reportedly told Portuguese newspaper that he'll soon be playing in Portugal as he is close to agreeing a deal with Porto! Madness IF this happens. How can we even think of selling the brightest midfield starlet in years. Proved last year in a poor Spanish side that he has what it takes."
9th Jun 2014 8:38
"Ayew can only be a super sub for LFC, he can't bench Sterling. therefore is better LFC go for Konoplanka.. which will add more quality to the team. "
9th Jun 2014 9:13
9th Jun 2014 10:57
"Oh gullable fans! You read an article dreamt up by some football writer and you believe it was put out by LFC. If you believe all you read, you'll eat all you see! "
9th Jun 2014 11:22
"If the price is around the 10 mil mark it would be a good buy ,Ayew can play on either wing so that would be good."
9th Jun 2014 12:33
"If suso is sold and we buy untested player's for 10million I wont be happy! We have seen what suso can do and if played in the correct position he can be quality! I actually worry about our transfers here"
9th Jun 2014 12:38
"NO NO NO THANX !!!!!"
9th Jun 2014 13:02
"A friend/colleague who told me a few weeks ago about moreno.. which I shared with you first has said .... "
9th Jun 2014 15:23
"so are we getting Moreno or .... ?"
9th Jun 2014 16:57
"Hester... I told everyone two weeks ago, it is 90% done.. just normal contract issues to finalise. Unless his agent gets involved again and slows it down"
10th Jun 2014 8:59
"we dont need wingers simple as that. we need central midfield players and central defenders"
10th Jun 2014 12:54
"Out: Toure,Alberto, Aspas,Assaidi, Coates In : Shaqiri or Konoplyanka, Lallanna or Barkley, Luke Shaw or Moreno Promote: Wisdom, Robinson, LLori, Ibe, Smith, Rossiter, Teixeira"