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May b Jonny Barnes can chip in with the difference in the price i.e. 5-10 millions and make us get our overpriced target :-) .On a serious note though we should look somewhere else if Southampton don't want to come to the table. We are LFC and they can't hold us for ransom. YNWA
8th Jun 2014 10:07
8th Jun 2014 10:13
"Yes John but not for £30m, £25m absolute tops - How much does he want it though? He needs to put in a transfer request and then we'll get him for the right price. He hasn't done much in these England warm up games and it's probably down to not sorting out his future! No time for sentiments towards Soton now make your mind up!"
8th Jun 2014 10:17
"wouldnt pay more than 25 mill we can get grizeman or sanchz pedro and are better options get morna loveren,morena, or toby alterweld to sort defence out job done "
8th Jun 2014 10:30
"redmanisthebest..lolol thats thing southampton must realise is no one else is going to offer 25mil for lallana.if they do not sell to us they might end up selling him for cheap the following season as i do not think an unhappy lallana will play to his best next season as the saints halts his dream move to liverpool for CL football"
8th Jun 2014 10:45
"20m max we have enough English plays lets raid Europe oh for rakatic knopliyanka not sure if emre yet again we have gone down the route of the unproven missed opportunity we needed proven quality not more squad players need a holding mid a right back as Johnson is finished and a centre back so in all need a cb,rb,dm,am,winger n striker I'd go clyne, loveren,Diame,rakatic,knop, remy"
8th Jun 2014 10:48
"My team Reina Clyne skrtel loveren Moreno Gerrard rakatic knop Stirling Surez sturridge Diame flanno Sakho remy cautionio Hendo "
8th Jun 2014 10:50
"After the SAS the others will be the bench players sorry plus we have Allen borrini Enrique mignolet Johnson agger so depth in numbers "
8th Jun 2014 10:56
"John Barnes what a legend"
8th Jun 2014 10:57
"I wouldn't be surprised if Southampton end up accepting less than 25mil. Neither them nor us have said anything about a bid. But if we have made 1...Southampton wont accept it when they are trying to attract a decent manager. Would send out a bad message that they wouldn't have full control"
Natural Poolie
8th Jun 2014 11:05
"We would all like Lallana and I'm all for spending a little more to get your preferred target but £30mill is a lot. Once you enter the £25-30mill bracket there are much better players available and mighty close to world class prices."
8th Jun 2014 11:08
"There are other very good players who would cost less ."
8th Jun 2014 11:13
"He is not worth anywhere near 30m, even at 25m the whole thing has a feel of potential disaster about it (think Carroll). But some people who are only concerned with perceived rep and price tag is all that matters.... So why not bid 45m and be done with it! "
8th Jun 2014 11:14
"So the mighty Southampton FC want to hold, ransom and blackmail the best football club in the world LIVERPOOL FC. Well they should back down as I would offer 20 Sterling, cash not our player Raheem. On the business of the basis of take it or leave it. YNWA JFT96 "
8th Jun 2014 11:17
"To JohnBarnesesq. . Lol"
8th Jun 2014 11:47
"Think we're better off spending the money elsewhere!! And I hope sturridge hasn't gone too big headed cause he's had a good season!!! Trying chips last night when he could have just smashed it at goal"
LFC since 1975
8th Jun 2014 11:50
"i still dont see any better players for that central role behind the strikers than lallana (in our price range). but agree with other comments £25m max. forget fabregas as we cant afford his wages, rakitic will join barca. shaqiri, kono etc are better on the wings"
8th Jun 2014 11:56
"I keep hearing the expression over-priced, if he's the difference between us winning the league and doing well in the CL, is he then a luxury?"
8th Jun 2014 12:11
"We offered 20 then upped it to 25. Thats enough for me but I fear if he goes somewhere else he might come back to haunt us. Just get him and reveal to everyone we mean business next season."
8th Jun 2014 12:19
"Yes fatcracker. If he is the difference then pay them when we win the league. But let that be an add on for when it happens not up top as a fee. £20m is more than enough for him and pay another 6 if we win league with Lallana playing more than half the games."
LFC since 1975
8th Jun 2014 12:28
"the main thing everyone needs to realise is that saints dont want to sell so its not just a case of how much he's worth. as the old saying goes 'a product is worth what the buyers prepared to pay' if BR see lallana as the key to moving up to the next level then he might have to pay over the odds."
LFC since 1975
8th Jun 2014 12:29
"cont. and its not like the andy carroll where we were screwed because we lost torres on the last day of the TW. apparently we have said "25m take it or leave it and with lallana stating he wants to come to us that should get it sorted"
8th Jun 2014 12:36
"As long as we now buy players that are gonna enough to actually get into our starting 11 I'll be happy"
8th Jun 2014 12:51
"i think we shoud forget lallana and go all out for fabregas!!! and why do england play lallana on the wing he's not very good there"
8th Jun 2014 13:42
"Different positions but Costa will end up at the Bridge for 32 mil. Is Lallana in the same value window? No! We do need someone to challenge Coutinho for minutes though. "
8th Jun 2014 13:45
"At 26 Lallana needs to move on if he is to realize his CL dream. Will Soton hold him back? Offer 40 for Lallana & Lovren, 20 each so they give less to Bournemouth. 2 needs sorted!"
8th Jun 2014 13:46
"Sorry but Lallana isnt worth that kinda money. Kono and Shaqiri and as good as Lallana,and we could have them both for same price. "
LFC since 1975
8th Jun 2014 13:47
"Gator - i think lallana is in the same quality window as costa. but like you said different positions and £7m cheaper. there arent many players equal to lallana for the central position and there are even less who are available. smithy - we couldnt afford his wages, only chelsea and UTD are interested in him"
8th Jun 2014 13:55
"True, 7 mil cheaper if he comes for 25. I absolutely want him as he fills a very precise need. I also like when 2 guys battling at a position are of different styles, it makes substitutions more effective. Very different than what Coutinho brings, plus some size and strength. "
8th Jun 2014 14:08
"Forget this guy. 25 mil is too much already for him... Kono and Shaqiri much better than him at cheaper price."
8th Jun 2014 14:22
"Give 'em 18m plus Johnson. He was awful last night and the errors in his defensive game are happening too often now! If they're going to lose Shaw they would welcome Johnson. We should then rescue Richards from City, like we did with Sturridge, as he can play anywhere across the back line..."
8th Jun 2014 14:22
"I also would ship out Agger (sicknote) and replace him with Lovren. We'd then have Skrtel, Flanagan, Enrique, Richards, Sakho, Lovren, Kelly and Moreno? with Illori, Wisdom and Robinson still on loan."
8th Jun 2014 14:35
"why do people say forget lallan get kono or shaqiri!! kono and shaqiri are wingers, lallana is an attacking midfielder/number 10! as u can c for england lallana is rubbish on the wing!!"
8th Jun 2014 14:57
"I hope we move on from this one season wonder player. 30M is ridiculous. AL has played in the EPL for 2 years now, what exactly did he do during his first season? He was an unknown player. He hasn't done much in England's last few friendlies either. He looks like a 15M player. "
Natural Poolie
8th Jun 2014 15:01
"I know Sterling was suspended but for the Italy game I would rather have Sterling where Lallana was last night, play Lallana instead of Rooney. I don't know why Rooney is in the squad, he's been the most overrated England player ever, he's just never done it."
Giuseppe Rossi
8th Jun 2014 15:03
"£30m ? Why has John W Henry not come out with a What are they smoking over there at St Mary's quote yet ?"
Natural Poolie
8th Jun 2014 15:04
"I also think that attacking pace will be key against Italy because of the age and staticness of their defence. Pirlo is their holding midfielder, Lallana and Sterling should have no fear of taking him on."
8th Jun 2014 15:05
"Suso and Coutinho are great attacking midfielders. Kono and Shaqiri can play anywhere in that final third. Even Wijnaldum is better than Lallana and is worth half the price!"
8th Jun 2014 15:11
"Poolie I agree Rooney is way over rated it's shocking he's fat and slow and seems not bothered which I like cause he is a man utd s lallana would be far better the only reason I watch England is for the Liverpool players and rep of Ireland aren't in the World Cup I'm not one of those back against England just cause I'm Irish, but Rooney should be benched,"
Giuseppe Rossi
8th Jun 2014 15:13
"In all seriousness though, £30m would be much better spent elsewhere. Reports (which we all know means actual truth is unlikely) coming out today that Real Madrid are willing to sell Angel Di Maria for £40m. an extra £10m for an absolute world class star that can play cm, cam or either wing. That's the sort of signing that makes a statement we should be making."
8th Jun 2014 15:14
"And as for Diego Costa any one calling lallana a one season wonder so was Costa the year before he was until falco left and he also has some class players behind him "
8th Jun 2014 15:16
"Could get a better and younger player with £30m. £25m is already too much for Lallana. "
LFC since 1975
8th Jun 2014 15:31
"for all the people saying forget lallana - suggest who we can get instead rather than just saying forget him. and you need to take into account wages when suggesting another player too and the fact that he is competition for coutinho in the no10 role NOT a winger"
8th Jun 2014 15:36
"Irish&red83 - Hahahaha! Thanks for the laugh, Diego Costa is a world class striker. Not a one season wonder. What you been smoking lol! He scored 27 league goals this season and has hit double figures for 3 seasons running. Seriously dude do not comment like that again. "
8th Jun 2014 15:37
"Would be great t get Lallana but Barnes must aslo realise that LFC will not be held to ransom or auction for any player, there are many other players that can be bought that are just as good if not better and will cost less than 25 mil"
LFC since 1975
8th Jun 2014 15:40
"coutinho - costa is a very good striker but no way world class. he averages a goal every other game for the last 4 years, before that he spent 4 years on loan at various clubs scoring about 15 goals. people think because he's a big name he must be world class. he's no better than sturridge, lukaku, giroud, bony or anyone else like that. very good but NOT world class"
8th Jun 2014 15:40
"Irish&Red83..same here. Id actually like England to do well. I never hated them just because we are meant to. History is history and nothing to do with footy anyway. Just hated Terry Cole cause they are horrible people and maybe Neville cause idiot on pitch. All players seems sound now and grounded"
LFC since 1975
8th Jun 2014 15:42
"and why do people keep saying £30m is too much for lallana when we have given them a take it or leave offer of £25m. di maria would be too much wages too ans would fabregas "
LFC since 1975
8th Jun 2014 15:48
"and to put things into perspective its rumored UTD are looking to buy Pogba for £60m. he is 21 with 1 good season behind him so is £25m for lallana realy too much?"
8th Jun 2014 15:51
"Don't go 1p over 25m which imo is still too high if they leave it concentrate on getting shaqiri and maybe Pedro then sort defensive frailties out sell gj he's a liability get another rb to challenge flanno and a couple of cb "
Natural Poolie
8th Jun 2014 16:11
"1975 - Miralem Pjanic from Roma, Julian Draxler from Schalke, Marco Reus to name a few. All would be £30mill or abouts, anybody that commands that kind of price tag is going to have the inherent high wages. Someone slightly cheaper and worth a punt would be Alan Dzagoev from CSKA Moscow."
8th Jun 2014 16:25
"25M pounds!!! Should have offered nothing more the 20M pounds. Take and leave that!!!"
LFC since 1975
8th Jun 2014 16:27
"poolie - reus or draxler would be very good alternatives. i think he's after a more experienced player tho, draxler is only about 20 so bit of a gamble for the EPL. not sure you'd get reus for £30m? but would be a great signing."
Natural Poolie
8th Jun 2014 16:49
"1975 - Usually I would agree about experience over youth but both have played at international level for a while and both have CL experience. When you think about it they're probably more experienced than Lallana for what we need. Bundesliga is very similar to PL to so shouldn't be a major upheaval fitting in to the style of play."
8th Jun 2014 17:05
"I agree with John if Lallana would be a fantastic signing for LFC. But, £30million? It's too expensive dude. "
LFC since 1975
8th Jun 2014 17:10
"poolie - on this occasion i have to agree with you lol. would like to know how much either of those would cost"
Natural Poolie
8th Jun 2014 17:27
"1975 - my guess would be £30mill Draxler, Reus possibly a bit more."
Natural Poolie
8th Jun 2014 17:33
"1975 - one other added bonus is their age. You could have 6-7 very good years from them and they will just be getting to their peak and will have resale value. One thing you wont have with Lallana, what you spend on him is all going to be lost."
8th Jun 2014 19:48
"Coutinio 10.costa 32 mil is way over priced he not world class ye need to do it year in year out like Gerrard messi Suarez ibrahimovich"
8th Jun 2014 19:53
"Makes me laugh at all the players 'supposedly' linked to UTD - HELLOOOO! A big club Yes, but now not in the CL - WHAT ARE THE MEDIA SMOKING?"
8th Jun 2014 20:07
"Van Gaal has had his best managerial years and to get UTD back at the big boys again it's going to take a major project and upheaval. Can he do it again? Has he got the patience? and has the club? Anyway ***k them! back to us..."
8th Jun 2014 20:07
"There are some quality midfielders out there but Rodgers would like to get a nucleus of British talent to help us compete in the prem. They know what it's like to fight when the heat is on against the lower placed sides. So to say get him, him or him from here, there and everywhere, because he's class and cheaper isn't the answer..."
8th Jun 2014 20:07
"Not only that, it won't be long before UEFA cut the number of imports in a squad and the likes of City, Chelsea and Arsenal will be ****ED! Whereas we'll be unaffected and continue to march on! RODGERS IS A GENIUS!"
8th Jun 2014 20:21
"Any player that can score over 25 league goals in a single season is world class to me. Any player that can score over 20 league goals for a few seasons in a row is world class to me. This only applies in the top divisions. This is my opinion. Diego Costa is a world class striker and I can bet you lot that he will score over 15 league goals next season for Chelsea."
8th Jun 2014 20:43
"Coutinho10?11 Costa is a very good striker but it depends what 'world class' is. He really has only had one top season. Did anyone know who he was last year. He is nowhere near the level of Suarez. Chelsea think they are basically buying another Suarez. They certainly are not and Costa will only shine if Chelsea completely change the way they play. "
8th Jun 2014 21:19
"Koponlads. My thoughts to ,costa May score 15-20 goals, lambert scored 14 this year and has hit double figures in every league he played still not world class but affective world class comes from the team your playing in..."
8th Jun 2014 21:20
"I agree with a lot of people saying Lallana is overpriced at 30m and if Shaqiri is really available for half the price then it makes sense. But talk of Reus or Di Maria is pointless, they don't offer the same versatility and are not available."
8th Jun 2014 21:22
"Cont.... Torres at Liverpool was world class - Torres to Chelsea average at best , Michael Owen at Liverpool world class then to Real Madrid average, world class only exists in certain players and thee ARNT that many ( we have two) Suarez and captain Gerard "
8th Jun 2014 21:24
"While Lallana is expensive he does want to come, and he can play in the flank midfield/attack positions in a 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 diamond formation. I think Shaqiri can do the same. Reus and Konoplyanka are not midfielders in my mind, as good as they are. Di Maria won't be leaving Real and I very much doubt Reus will leave Dortmund for Liverpool anyway."
LFC since 1975
8th Jun 2014 21:54
"costa's overall stats are far from impressive. take the last 2 seasons away and he's ordinary at best. dont forget Aspas scored ata around the same rate as costa for the 4 seasons before he joined us. costa is very good but deffo NOT world class"
8th Jun 2014 22:08
"It would appear Lallana will not be an LFC player next season. If Southampton think they can get 30 million for him, then best of luck with that. "
8th Jun 2014 22:47
"why don't we stop pussyfooting around. We are supposed to have a great academy. We have Enrico back and Flanno for left back. Now must be the time to blood Iliori. Either meet Soton' asking price for Lallana and be prepared to offer whatever it takes for Sanchez and have done. I believe Sanchez would have a Suarez type of effect on Liverpool FC."
8th Jun 2014 23:20
"if we get lallana for 25 then I would be happy, but much rather we paid the extra for reus, surely we can add another player on a decent wage to our team especially with a few leaving! so I don't buy all this "we cant get certain players cause of wages" its not like our team is full of high earners"
9th Jun 2014 1:33
"We can't get Reus because Dortmund don't want to sell unless it's a massive fee, one which would prevent Rodgers from covering all the positions he wants to, i.e. left back, centre back, and winger/forward. Remember, Dortmund pay good wages, have CL football and a stadium much bigger than Anfield."
9th Jun 2014 6:14
"Worth not a dime more than 22mil is what i say. Get Ross Barkley and Lovren instead and give them Assaidi and/or Borini. Sell Reina and Lucas now and bring in another DM to shine with Can as understudies to Gerrard and simply get another star keeper to compete with Mignolet. "
LFC since 1975
9th Jun 2014 7:32
"deplan - we cant afford lallana and sanchez, that is sanchez was even for sale - he's not - gneil - everton would not sell ross barkley to us 100% guaranteed, people need to be realistic and think about what they post and stop playing championship manager lol"
9th Jun 2014 7:59
"i don't think he's worth any more than 20mil... he's 27 and rarely puts in a full 90 minutes!!!!! come on guys lets go for someone else."
9th Jun 2014 8:04
"Just to remind everyone even though this thread is about Lallana and LFC, Diago Costa nearly joined us last summer as BR actually submitted an offer worth around 21 mils so he must be rated by our beloved BR"
JAL 58
9th Jun 2014 8:47
"Its obvious the Saints want 30m , which Lallana is not worth . The Mancs are baulking at paying 30m for Shaw too now and turned their attentions to Alba . Saints may have just shot themselves in the foot . "
9th Jun 2014 12:04
"Mr Barnes though I can see you sentiment but mind you we did the same with AC from Newcastle look at what happened. If we are going to need him let it be for what he will bring in not because of where he comes from. ALAYBIR - YNWA"
9th Jun 2014 16:23
"Adam Lallana for 30million? This is enough to get Cesc Fabregas which has more exeperience in Champion League and is proven world class player with his range of passing and goal scoring. "
10th Jun 2014 12:54
"Out: Toure,Alberto, Aspas,Assaidi, Coates In : Shaqiri or Konoplyanka, Lallanna or Barkley, Luke Shaw or Moreno Promote: Wisdom, Robinson, LLori, Ibe, Smith, Rossiter, Teixeira"