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I agree he has so much to his game, should not look back but I believe we would have won title had he been there at the end, still that's gone look forward.
8th Jun 2014 9:36
8th Jun 2014 9:45
"Yes erned this with total hard work,200% effort has got to pay off sooner or later,stay cool in the summer your chances will come,ynwa"
8th Jun 2014 9:51
"Best player on pitch in an England shirt by a mile last night. Has great range of passing and is not given the credit he deserve for the intensity in his game even when playing a friendly. Speaking to several people in reference to him not be available at a vital time in the season feel it contributed to us not winning the title."
8th Jun 2014 9:53
"World Class"
8th Jun 2014 11:12
"He's proved the naysayers wrong,"
8th Jun 2014 11:42
"........and there are still "fans" saying he's not worth a carrot."
8th Jun 2014 12:21
"This was a great signing for kenny. I don't like it when Brendan gets a lot of credit for everything.even raheem was nurtured by kenny and it was obvious at an early age that he would break through into the seniors. Don't get me wrong guys I'm not dissing Brendan who has been great but next season is huge one for him and us and we will see his true credentials. "
8th Jun 2014 12:23
"This guy is just begining to show us what we all new when Kenny signd him. Brendan will guide him to exelance, starting next season. YNWA"
8th Jun 2014 14:07
"Great season I think he just found his feet hahaha (the pun ) I. Think he started to believe in himself after the move hope he's consistent now for next ten years that's the true measure of quality to many ppl live off one to seasons "
8th Jun 2014 16:17
"Agreed money Ron. He could have helped us win the title! Shame, but on to next year... good luck to any newbies trying to take his spot. He puts on the "off the ball pressure" better than anyone else on the team. Keep it up!"
8th Jun 2014 16:54
"Thank you King Kenny!"
shabiki wa kweli
8th Jun 2014 18:04
"He has been fantastic whole season and quick to learn. One would go further to say that his absence on the last but three games cost us EPL Trophy. "
8th Jun 2014 18:09
"Rodgers has developed him into the player he is today aswell as sterling n flanno well done gaffa YNWA"
9th Jun 2014 3:16
"Said it before, I'll say it again. He's the Makum Souness in the making and a future Reds and England captain. He's only 23 and at this rate of progress I'd be happy to see him spend his entire career at the club. Well done Jordan fellah!"
9th Jun 2014 7:01
"I agree money ron"
9th Jun 2014 8:03
"Well deserved! Our future captain! Im sure if it!! Bright time to come for our great great team! :D Loving it!!! YNWA"