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Seen a little of him looks a good player hopefully if we buy him he resolves our problems in that position. I would like to see us get Konopolanka and lallana/isco also.
6th Jun 2014 9:21
LFC since 1975
6th Jun 2014 9:28
"seem to be getting deals done pretty quickly so far. i think the rumors about spuds being in for him were false but still got our man. aurier next then we can see what 'marquee' signing will be sought YNWA"
6th Jun 2014 9:30
"Its good news if the reports are true , Lambert , Can , Moreno ,let the signings keep coming into Anfield. LFC still need to buy a centreback, attacking midfielder and another winger ."
6th Jun 2014 9:36
"Spuds tried but got knocked back Ha Ha Ha !!!!!!"
The Greek Red
6th Jun 2014 9:59
"morning to all from sunny greece.i'd like to sign aurier for right wing also.if its done we'll be very strong at both flanks next seasons."
6th Jun 2014 10:00
"kono kono"
The Greek Red
6th Jun 2014 10:11
"latest reports from switzerland:LFC is very close to sign Shaqiri from munchen.Lets see if its true"
6th Jun 2014 10:18
"If true, we have done some fantastic business. This week. Looks like we've learned some lessons and what a difference having CL footy makes!"
6th Jun 2014 10:24
"were doing our business early with relatively unknown players aspas sakho alberto all early buys poor signings id prefer quality chelesea got costa philpe luis fabergas we need quality now"
6th Jun 2014 10:28
"If moreno comes we just need one of lallana,shaqiri or konyoplanka. Then a centreback and a better backup goalie. I dont think we need to build too quickly. Next year we can add with yet another and winger if needed."
6th Jun 2014 10:51
"Spurs is idiot..... We need Lallan and 2 more wingers. Shaqiri is good. Please get Shaqiri deal done ASAP."
6th Jun 2014 11:22
"my favourite signing so far if its true! good to see were getting everything done early, will be interesting to see who else we bring in :)!"
6th Jun 2014 11:33
"in Brendan we trust ,has identified the soft spots and is filling them with quality,great work Brendan keep it up right back please "
shabiki wa kweli
6th Jun 2014 11:34
"Hurry up BR,get those players now remember the english saying 'early birth catches the worm!"
6th Jun 2014 11:44
"I hope we will get Rakitic and Hummels after Lambert, Can, Moreno and Shaqiri. Then we will have a complete team to compete for EPL."
LFC since 1975
6th Jun 2014 11:57
"this is a rubbish signing. never heard of the guy :P hahaha only kidding but someone will say that soon... quality signing and in there nice and early. Aurier, Kono and Lallana to follow then its been a massive transfer window for us"
6th Jun 2014 12:09
"My My, only 5 days ago almost everyone was calling for IA's head, I hear the local baker has sold out of humble pie."
6th Jun 2014 12:11
" Natural Poolie 30th May 2014 17:06 u r rite.Sikhred has already said we r buying unknown players.This definitely is a great buy.A 14 PL goals striker on our bench,one of German's highly rated midfielder nd now Moreno,with the style of footie we play,I bet other clubs must be shivering now.YNWA."
6th Jun 2014 12:14
"at last we are looking like we getting things sorted quicker and better than previous ,maybe brendan now as more say on transferes ,so far so good , "
6th Jun 2014 12:15
6th Jun 2014 12:17
" LFC since 1975 6th Jun 2014 11:57.u r rite.Sikhred has already said we r buying unknown players.This definitely is a great buy.A 14 PL goals striker on our bench,one of German's highly rated midfielder nd now Moreno,with the style of footie we play,I bet other clubs must be shivering now.YNWA." "
6th Jun 2014 12:20
"it is funny everyone blaming the centrebacks for our poor defensive record last season. it was our full backs being out of position (playing poorly basically) that pulled the centre backs out of position creating defensive pressure...agger/skert/sakho/are all international centre halves. but most fans ball watch...."
6th Jun 2014 12:23
"if johno was on top of his game, and we had had a quality left back it would have been a different story, what I did notice is none of our centrebacks stepped up and lead, that needs to be looked into....Carra was their for fifteen years leading... that was missed I think."
6th Jun 2014 12:31
"Lonewars totally agree mate - we have quality players at CB, but non of them are natural leaders like Carra or Sami before them. We need someone to grab a hold of the defence when the pressure is on."
6th Jun 2014 12:33
"LFCsince1975- Pretty spot on as usual. Those players are exactly who we need. A replacement RB is a must and Aurier would be a cheap option, presuming GJ is departing. Kono, Lallana and Cole I think we should get next. Then who can stop us? Nobody. Still waiting for the negative numpties though."
LFC since 1975
6th Jun 2014 12:34
"lonewars i think youre right about the CB not being at fault but its the full backs role to create the width and are porobably the most important part of out play as they have to overlap the attackers and get back to defend. but whe nthey attack the def mid is supposed to act as a 3rd CB"
LFC since 1975
6th Jun 2014 12:35
"on a slightly different note, we do english teams persist with playing CBs at full back? even at international level we have smalling and jones as cover for GJ. at liverpool we had kelly and wisdom as rb. it only seems to be in england they dont realise full back is a specialised position"
LFC since 1975
6th Jun 2014 12:37
"sco77lfc, thanx mate - not sure about cole now we have this guy. with moreno and enrique that should give us enough at LB. flanno can even play there so would seem a waste of wages to get cole aswell. plus i think he would want more games"
6th Jun 2014 12:39
"Hhaha. I just read that Real must offer what they paid for Bale last year to get Suarez. What a joke. As good as Bale is, Suarez is at least £100m better and even if they were to stump up £180m I still think it would be a mistake to sell him at any cost. We are a club that should have big players. And he is the best ST I've ever seen, well him and Zlatan."
6th Jun 2014 12:43
"Spurs haven't got the money, after all the signingzs last season only a couple have been a success they need to offload before any come in, we are flying this transfer window let's hope they push ud on that last bit,"
6th Jun 2014 12:43
"If this is true then that's half the reported 60 million transfer kitty gone already with 3 signings, Can't see the rest going on Lallana alone. Not unless we have a lot more to spend than 60 mill. "
6th Jun 2014 12:45
"1975- I would want rid of Enrique, but it doesn't matter anyway, just read that Mou is going to have talk with Cole and he will probably be at Chelsea next season. So Jose will have to do I guess. Still positive signs so far. Curious as to why we haven't made a move for Kono yet though."
6th Jun 2014 12:46
"thanks LFC since 1975 and sco77lfc, and you right about the rb/lb position being specialised, the full backs need to be so energetic to play our style,so youth and quality is the way to go, and I think keep saurez, money cant replace his unique talent."
6th Jun 2014 12:48
"to redsarge, I am expecting a few players to leave and we will raise a bit of cash that way, "
LFC since 1975
6th Jun 2014 12:48
"sco77 - i think we all want kono. thats the 1 thing that everyone seems to agree on lol. i was always a big fan of enrique, quick, very strong and a decent shot but BR seemed to give him a tough time which affected his game then his injury. i hope he can come back like he was"
6th Jun 2014 12:51
"Redsarge- How is that £60m spent already? By my calculations its around £33m. Kono £15m and I think we will be selling a few players so whatever comes from that will also go toward squad improvements. So Lallana could still be a possibility. SHaqiri would be a good alternative, but Calhanoglu would be my choice for Coutinho back up."
6th Jun 2014 12:53
"Lonewars...Would be nice to think we had more but don't want to inflate prices by admitting it. But if we get Lallana or someone similar with the rest of the money then have a one out one in type thing with the surplus players but keeping most of our top youngsters we'd be doing very well."
6th Jun 2014 12:55
"sco77lfc.... Read what isaid before commenting. I said HALF gone already. So can't see us spending the rest just on Lallana unless we had more. Or as Lonewars says..we sell some players to raise extra."
6th Jun 2014 12:57
"Well it sounds like Enrique will be our rotational LB, one bonus he speaks the same language as Moreno. I do hope he comes back from this Injury in good fashion, if not, like you said, we have Flanno, who did a remarkable job last season imo. Kono and Lallana/Calhanoglu for me and we will continue to roll teams over."
6th Jun 2014 12:59
"I have said many times, the one player I want most is Kono!!!!!!"
6th Jun 2014 13:04
"flanno did surprise me and did do well, but for all his good work again fans dont notice when is is 5 yards out of position, (very often) which splits the CBs trying to cover the extra bit of space and then leaving space and we got exploited, a leader needed.."
6th Jun 2014 13:05
"Johnson was just terrible last season by his standards!"
6th Jun 2014 13:05
"Redsarge- Yep, my bad. Many apologies. Yes a few players will have to be sold, Lucas etc. Lallana is looking like £30m so we should look elsewhere for an AM. I really want AL here but unless he puts in a transfer request to force the move then I cant see us getting him."
6th Jun 2014 13:07
""I want never gets lol" seems like we aren't in for kono anymore because of what happened in January, shame really cause he seems a good player! "
6th Jun 2014 13:08
"to simonH74 at 12;31, thats exactly what we need, some to teach the young ones where to be and when to go up field, that can only happen spontaneously during the game and we need that leader or someone needs to take that role."
6th Jun 2014 13:09
"Lonewars- Full backs are always going to leave space though, so like you said we need better cover. Henderson was doing a brilliant job covering Flanno last season and Gerrard dropped back into CB often, but now with Can in the side, I believe that will provide us with more cover with Hendo and Can tracking back."
6th Jun 2014 13:11
"agree about Flanagan, he deserves praise for this season but he is out of position a lot and the most dribbled past defender aswell, he will be a great backup though till he's properly ready to make the RB his own! hope Johnson is sold, and sakho is a leader I think he will be a monster next season"
6th Jun 2014 13:12
"to hester, your right, lol, it looks like we burnt our bridge with them, but their MD said we will definitely be back for him... so that is an odd one. I hope he comes, but maybe the way sterling stepped up and young ibe shining, he thinks we are ok for attacking talent.."
6th Jun 2014 13:15
"I hope Ibe is given the chance to show us what he can do this season, but I think we will bring in another attacking option whether it be a CAM or winger I don't know"
6th Jun 2014 13:15
"oh and your right about Flanno, a good appraisal, Sakho is a leader maybe the language barrier will be less this season, and more unity at the back, I really do think it is time to get some cash back for johnson and look for alternatives too, but on his day he is superb... but I think his heads gone!"
6th Jun 2014 13:20
"but I really think our squad this year will be very rounded and more balanced than it has been for a long time, with genuine options of youth and experience from the bench. I just want that extra bit of sparkling talent like Kono, Shaqiri. Lallana is almost a safe purchase, pl tested, has quality, but plays a very specific role, Coutinho's role, so will PC be a winger next season?"
6th Jun 2014 13:24
"Nice to see us getting transfers done early. So far so good. Be nice to see 1 or 2 top players to add to these. Not bad considering window only been open a week. Dont think we need a right back though. Surely Flanagan, Kelly and Johnson are enough!!!"
6th Jun 2014 13:25
"Lonewars- I think BR wants him for direct competition for Coutinho. Although i really like Couts so i hope he still get plenty of minutes. Presuming of course that we buy AL or any CAM for that matter."
6th Jun 2014 13:29
"harley, I dont think Kelly will make it in the RB role after his injuries, I actually think it maybe be best for him to look for a career elsewhere, I like him he is a talent, Johno is just not right, and flanno just not ready (yet), sooo..."
6th Jun 2014 13:32
"to sco77lfc, I am sure your right, but sterling is starting to blossom on that role too, but it nice if we get AL, we have so many options to set up the team, opposition will genuinely not be able to pick our first 11... very valuable."
6th Jun 2014 13:41
"Lonewars,i honestly think Flanagan is ready and will only get better if getting regular footy. Johnson got exposed due to our attack minded tactics although i agree that it wasnt his best season!! Pity about Kelly with the injuries hes had."
6th Jun 2014 13:43
"now get shaqiri that guys a quality and hard working and he is thriving for games.he has CL experience plus he will get wc experience as well.he would cost us lesser than lallana who is much older than has the capabilities to turn this forgotten stars into superstars"
6th Jun 2014 13:46
"hey harley, it is a shame about kelly, but flanno is showing promise just tactically naive at times and it puts the CBs under pressure, but I do think he has deserve a crack at it for his passion and the promise he showed last year."
6th Jun 2014 13:51
"Yeah Lonewars, would love to see him given the chance. Deserves it more than most. Money saved on rb can go elsewhere. Like you, id like to see Kono but looks unlikely. Also think our CB's will be better next season. Had to play in a system they werent too familiar with last season!"
6th Jun 2014 13:57
"to Harley, yep I think this year our defence will have more unity, I would be very happy with Shaqiri, no doubt a talented lad, similar to sterling though, AL is a playmaker, and Konoplyanka for me has everything. The AL deal is becoming very silly now. "
6th Jun 2014 13:59
"No disrespect to saints, but they really cant afford to turn down 25 million for a 26 year old who wants to leave. if we walk away, they will have an unhappy player... and what if nobody else comes in for him..."
6th Jun 2014 14:10
"Moreno is an established European player who will hopefully make the left back position his for the forseeable future. I personally think this (and bringing in Can) solves all of our defensive problems, as we can play Johnson/Flanagan on the right and Moreno/Enrique. "
6th Jun 2014 14:13
"Lonewars,as much as i like Lallana as soon as our initial £20m bid was rebuffed we should have walked away.Not worth £25m in my opinion. I agree with the players you have mentioned. Id love to see Rakitic but again its unlikely!"
LFC since 1975
6th Jun 2014 14:17
"harley - you have to realise aswell that an initial bid is likely to be lower than what your prepared to pay. its part of the negotiating. Saints didnt put a price on him until we offered £20m and they dont want to sell him so BR must feel that the player is worth the £25m that followed the initial offer. "
6th Jun 2014 14:22
"LFCsince1975,your right what your saying and i wouldnt slate BR over the players he wants. I just think that anything over £20m is overpriced.At the right price he would be a good addition."
6th Jun 2014 14:27
"yep, 20 mil is right Lallana, no doubt, so we are already overpaying to get him... its not our fault saints allowed a release clause...if they dont take the 25, buy Shaqiri and Kono for the same price as Lallana, that actually sounds soooo much better to me."
6th Jun 2014 14:35
"Seems to be plenty of options out there so think we should exploit it instead of being ripped-off! Be interesting to see who goes this summer. Think at the end of this window we will be pleasantly suprised....hopefully anyway"
LFC since 1975
6th Jun 2014 15:22
"i agree his real value is more like £20m thats why im surprised that players like shaqiri are his alternative. at that price he must value him higher and his best position is central and shaqiri's best pos is on the wing. as long as we dont go over the £25m i'll be happy"
6th Jun 2014 15:29
"Lallana would be a good addition,just hope we dont pay too much as we have a modest budget this window. "
LFC since 1975
6th Jun 2014 15:44
"if BR is looking for a winger then i think Lallana is the wrong choice at that price. shaqiri/kono to name just 2 are better suited to the wings and cost around £12m. i dont see many better options than lallana for the central role which is why i think BR is valuing him at £25m "
6th Jun 2014 15:44
"Emre can already signed for liverpool?"
6th Jun 2014 16:02
"LFCsince1975,all 3 are good attacking players and BR seems to like his attacking players to be flexible. My thoughts are that all 3 players offer that. Gonna be interesting to see what happens. Out of those 3 id like to see Kono but other 2 are decent also."
LFC since 1975
6th Jun 2014 16:29
"harley - i agree, id like to see kono and lallana and that RB Auriel then id be happy we got a very good transfer window"
6th Jun 2014 16:37
"LFCsince1975,i agree.looks like its gonna be a decent window for us. Only thing i differ from you is that id like Flanagan to be given the chance at right back. Also think Johnson will be better next year. Hope so anyway!!!"
LFC since 1975
6th Jun 2014 17:02
"i agree but i feel flanno and auriel should be our RBs and whoever gets in the team has to perform to stay there. same as LB with moreno and enrique"
6th Jun 2014 17:08
"I feel that we look good at full back when this signing is completed. Dont know too much about Auriel to argue either way,just hope Flanagan is given the chance. If so im sure he wont let us down."
LFC since 1975
6th Jun 2014 17:14
"harley - there are rumors around that QPR are after Johnson so that would leave us short at RB and BR wants 2 quality players for each position. Auriel is wanted by Arsenal and wenger is no mug when it comes to spotting quality talent so i assume from that he is worth getting "
6th Jun 2014 17:28
"Agree we need 2 players for each position. Heard that rumour,not sure what to make of it though. Wenger is no mug, agree with that. Hes an international full back aswell so not worried about that."
6th Jun 2014 19:37
"Thal Lalanna deal is a robbery! Get Shaqiri instead and hopefully Emre Can too "
6th Jun 2014 19:51
6th Jun 2014 19:59
"Congratulations to Sami Hyypia on getting the Brighton job!! "
6th Jun 2014 21:10
"Get Cavalho in holding mid, CB, Lallana and Konoplaynka , what is left is no worries because we have so many talent who are already a fit in the system, e.g. The likes of Wisdom Texiaras will take shirts from their senior mentor player. "
6th Jun 2014 21:26
"Liverpool is a big Club as Real Madrid. Why should we sell our best to them while we also want what they want to achieve? They are in CL , we are competing in the CL too. Why these medias not writing anything about any of the big teams in Europe wanting to sign Ronaldo or Messi? "
6th Jun 2014 21:33
"I so yesterday on BBC Sport that Ancelotti, had given a green light to sign Luis , like as if he has the right to Luis, unbelievable stories. I fully agree with Alex Figgie when he attacked the Sapanish media of trying to unsettle players. It is really bad what they are doing. Lice is a Liverpool player and he will be with us in the coming season."
6th Jun 2014 21:44
"Adam should be a must. I know he will hand in a transfer letter request. It is enough to get him and a centre back from the remaining and sells from D Aggar Lucas, Aspas, Allan and Suso. And I thought BR was promised a 70m plus what ever comes from the sells? "
6th Jun 2014 21:45
"A quality centre back please is of vital importance and a good Goal Keeper to compete with Simon. "
6th Jun 2014 22:10
"Think Lallanas gone, too much money. "
6th Jun 2014 22:41
"Bundesliga TV pundit Jan Aage Fjortoft has said emre can is an average player and will not add anything to our team! I haven't seen him play but this doesn't sound promising, sounds like another average buy that we will loan out and sell for cheaper a year later!!!"
Natural Poolie
6th Jun 2014 23:09
"Moreno has come out today and said that he hasn't agreed anything yet. Young, quality, will improve and unfortunate not to be in the Spanish world cup squad. I do hope this comes off."
Natural Poolie
6th Jun 2014 23:34
"Chamaboy - I am a huge Carvalho, one of only a few midfielders that could rival Rakitic as being the most consistent BUT he's valued at £40mill not counting wages, signing on fee etc which kind of rules us out. Sven Bender has been superb for a couple of seasons and would be a cheaper option."
7th Jun 2014 8:04
"Brendan is going to have a field day devloping this guy. Especially with the amount of ability he already has. Ridiculously skilful going forward and intelligent defensively. I think next season Brendan should put his his faith in Flano and develop him and Moreno as our long term full backs. "
7th Jun 2014 13:17
"Great signing if true. Kono/Shaqiri next and I'll be very happy. "
7th Jun 2014 13:31
"I noticed a few of you lads talking about having a leader at the back. I personally don't think it's a major issue since we have Agger, Skrtel and Toure who are all very much experienced players at all levels. Why not just have Reina back who is a leader in goal. Also please don't mention wages, he deserves what hes on! "
7th Jun 2014 20:55
"Just get lallana deal done now. The rest will follow. Does anyone here not rate martin kelly? I think he could slot in at centre half very easilly as part of a three. No need to spend fortunes in my opinion. The problem I see is our goalie doesn't talk to the back four. "
Deadly Reds
8th Jun 2014 0:51
"stevieg8 i think kelly is better at right back,better if johnson takes a step back and lets give a guy who is attacking n fast but still can get back and DEFEND::"
8th Jun 2014 10:27
"We need a decent and hungry full back to wak up Johnson. Hes been under performing towards the end of last season and now in Brazil. Flanno at RB and hopefully Johnson will wake up. We have all seens Kelly at CB and RB, and one of his prob is that he cannot cross, nor cross over to centre box like Johnson. LFC plays Johnson more like a wing-back."
8th Jun 2014 21:20
"why nearly everyone is saying we need this we need that player the club as not been so well 4 a long time liverpool has a core team of great players and we are hopeing to add too an already great squad so just trust in the club and let them get on with there buissness in liverpool we trust ynwa"