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good news!
5th Jun 2014 22:30
5th Jun 2014 22:38
"18m?? that's too much!"
5th Jun 2014 23:05
"I hope this is true. It's showing that Ian Ayre is finally getting the players BR has identified. "
5th Jun 2014 23:11
"Good news 18 million for this guy its Good now I see we mean business pls my fellow liverpool fans I don't know if am right but I think we should put out of adam lalana deal 30 million will be to much on him PSG want to sell javier pastore I think is far better than lalana and we can offer 18 million to PSG for javier pastore dey will accept he have more exprience than adam lalana "
5th Jun 2014 23:13
"really hope this is true!! osakpolor: pastore is not better than lallana, he's got a good rating on fifa so people just assume he's good! wouldn't want us paying that sort of money for him"
5th Jun 2014 23:13
"Hope this is our next signing :)...LFC_01 it really isnt, would be lucky if its only 18. Shaw apparently 25-30 mil and Moreno is much better"
red dragon
5th Jun 2014 23:14
"Very good news lets keep it going Brendan you will never walk alone"
5th Jun 2014 23:15
"From what I have seen elsewhere and that includes the Metros sourse the price agreed is about 20m euros. Thats about £16.25m. Metro could do with a new calculator. Supposed to have agreed terms and will be over to be presented next week. My spanish is not great but I'm pretty sure thats what it says. So I think it does count as good news like Redinky says. Be nice now people."
5th Jun 2014 23:15
"Good news so Flano can go back to RB and bench Johnson. Well done Rodgers. "
5th Jun 2014 23:22
"well to be fair to Ayre, he is doing the business! this is a stellar signing, he is better than shaw in my opinion, he could be our left back for the next 10 years."
5th Jun 2014 23:23
"Great signing this kids a real talent!! Glad to see most of our business getting completed early. Now just need a top class center back get the lallana deal sorted or move on to Markovic/ rakitic who are both outstanding. Then maybe kono and we will have a fantastic squad for next season"
5th Jun 2014 23:26
"Now for a creative mid winger n centre back I'd go konopliysbka fabregas loveren n any change left over a right back like the look of clyne "
5th Jun 2014 23:26
"if true im very happy"
5th Jun 2014 23:27
"This is the only good business we have done yet. Welcome Moreno."
5th Jun 2014 23:29
"My team for nex season Reina Clyne skrtel loveren Moreno Gerard knopliyanka fabregas Stirling Surez n sturridge Subs Flanno Hendo Emre cautionio lambert borrini suso mignolet "
5th Jun 2014 23:30
"great signing . "
5th Jun 2014 23:30
"great signing . "
5th Jun 2014 23:31
"Our main problem have been solved....Now BR. Jxt look at the Midfield...we need a Bully ..."
5th Jun 2014 23:33
"Rakatic would slsopers be an alternative Mascherano Diame for the holding mids but Lalana way to expensive "
5th Jun 2014 23:33
"to syde, can is that bully your after, or as I like to call it, tactically aggressive!"
5th Jun 2014 23:44
"Great News Lambert , Can and now Hopefully Moreno , that covers another strike option, addition to the defensive midfield and leftback now covered . All that is needed is the centreback and attacking midfield positions ( wingers/centre midfield)"
5th Jun 2014 23:46
"RiffRaff500 - Various media outlets are reporting the price to be 22m euros which is 17.9m pounds. That's being rounded up to 18m pounds. "
5th Jun 2014 23:56
"Robbie Fowler is right, we should signal our intentions by making a real bid for Fabregas, he's right, Fabregas would us our style of play perfectly, we could afford him no problem, he'd be brilliant for us."
6th Jun 2014 0:02
"loz99, actually we cant afford him, he wants 200000 per week wages, it would destroy our wage structure, and I want players coming to play for the club, not the cash, chelsea/psg/city type clubs can take the mercenaries... if he came to us to play and he lowered his demands then all is good!"
6th Jun 2014 0:03
"Fabregas and Rakitic, top players is what we want. We won't get them! We need to show some extra ambition! Moreno is going to be a top player guaranteed and Can has potential. But we need a player who'll break into our first 11 no problem (other than Moreno), even a top defender like Hummels will take us to a new level."
6th Jun 2014 0:15
"Great deal. Next is to get Glen's replacement"
6th Jun 2014 0:15
"Great deal. Next is to get Glen's replacement"
6th Jun 2014 0:49
"We are signing no top players this summer. Lambert, Moreno, Can... none of them is top player."
6th Jun 2014 0:53
"Agree with lonewars I wouldn't want fabregas and he doesnt work hard enough for the team either! Moreno is a top player and im sure we will bring in some more quality josLFC"
6th Jun 2014 1:02
"Lambert is good but old, Moreno is on the rise, he's got potential but if he's a top player then A.Cole is a god. You guys are always overjoyed and overrate every players potentially to join us."
6th Jun 2014 1:03
"^ Moreno is a top player. Hopefully after the World Cup we'll go for a world class winger/midfielder and defender. Ones who work hard enough too!"
6th Jun 2014 1:07
"Wohooo! Exactly what I was hoping and waiting for. We are showing the Mancs how to do it in this transfer window by already snapping up 3 players and paying under £20m for a top class LB with bag loads of potential where as they go and pay £30m+ for an unaccomplished player with one good season in the PL to his name. Ouch bet this would hurt them!"
6th Jun 2014 1:07
"Wohooo! Exactly what I was hoping and waiting for. We are showing the Mancs how to do it in this transfer window by already snapping up 3 players and paying under £20m for a top class LB with bag loads of potential where as they go and pay £30m+ for an unaccomplished player with one good season in the PL to his name. Ouch bet this would hurt them!"
6th Jun 2014 1:24
"JosLFC4ever - Any player that has caps for Spain is a top player! Enrique struggles to get even one!"
6th Jun 2014 2:01
"JosLFC4ever Moreno is a top player because we have seen him, if he was English he would be at the world cup with England thinking he is the next Bale. Lambert is quality no matter what age, Gerrard is much older but iv no doubt he will be one of best mids at WC still. "
6th Jun 2014 2:21
"Good news indeed. Looks like we are heading in the right direction and getting the job done. Keep it up."
6th Jun 2014 2:41
"All the player we signed are excellent. Just hope we can sign 1 top play maker or winger like Kroos or Sanchez."
6th Jun 2014 3:02
"A 14 goal 3rd striker. A powerful box to box Midfielder. A fast skilled Left back. Great start. Now get Konoplyanka and Loren and we will be solid. Anyone else (Lallana, Shaqiri) will be icing on the cake. Very exciting to have legitimate competition from within on the side that finished 2nd. "
6th Jun 2014 3:45
"Only Moreno will break into 1st 11. Lambert n Can to imrpove the squad. We r building more of the future n its sounds ok to me. Would like another plyer to break into immediate 1st 11. Rakitic, Kono or Shaqiri YNWA.."
6th Jun 2014 3:52
"i wanted to know whether this site is an official liverpool website, as it always talk about rumours, and indicates what others says. please stop rumours and be original."
6th Jun 2014 3:57
"i would like to see ross barkley at liverpool, anyone agree with me? "
6th Jun 2014 5:04
"Great news!!!!!"
6th Jun 2014 5:17
"Excellent! "
6th Jun 2014 6:51
"great news!!now get markovic or rakitic as midfielder and xhakiri or t.hazard. Xhakiri would fix better, cause he made a superb saison and scored at every game he played!!!!"
6th Jun 2014 6:57
"I really hope this works for us - i was never for short defenders but any man in a LFC shirt gets my support for all times."
6th Jun 2014 7:01
"This year teams at the bottom of the league have earned more than what the champions earned last year from tv rights because of the new deal. Every player is going to be inflated. I believe 18 mil is a good deal for Moreno."
6th Jun 2014 7:15
"Ashleydjbroker...yes its the clubs official site and a brilliant one at that. They have plenty of original articles and news its all over the main page. You comment is on a page from the little MEDIA section, As in a section for stories other media outlets are writing about the club."
6th Jun 2014 7:22
"AshleyDJBroker: all signings will be confirmed here as soon as the facts come in. I understand your frustration though, i laways wanted to get an official list of ours bids as they happen right here as well - from the manager's"
6th Jun 2014 7:23
"Overpriced tbh. 15mil at most. But glad we have sorted a priority position. We have to be conservative with our money, and pay the right price"
6th Jun 2014 7:25
"We should try to buy fernando from porto, or types of players like him A winger would be nice too"
LFC since 1975
6th Jun 2014 7:53
"this would be great. 3 deals aready ties up. lets get Aurier secured then work on the main signing lallana/rakitic/shaqiri/Kono/Markovic then all our dealings are done with plaenty of time to work on the training ground with them all"
6th Jun 2014 8:02
"Fabregas would not be right for us as he would slow the game down, and he is approaching his "sell by" date. Br is getting players who will only get better and can play the Liverpool way. I have watched Ilori a bit and this guy should be given games this year. He is like Hansen on speed, and shone when they took on and beat Barca "
6th Jun 2014 8:05
"He can become our main LB for years to come. Just what we need and didn't go too much over the asking price, Good work Ayre, he desrves praise if this goes through and the Emre Can swoop."
6th Jun 2014 8:08
"I agree about Fabregas. Does nobody question the man's desire? Why would someone want to leaveBarca when it appears Xavi is finally on his way to being "past it"? I mean, being 27 with a new manager, surely it is his chance yo become a Barca regular in CM? He would want £200k p/w, I just don;t want to break our wage bill for such a player. Should he come in earning more than Stevie? "
6th Jun 2014 8:12
"Reports says that the deal has not been agreed yet."
6th Jun 2014 8:13
"Yeah. Moreno and Aurier would be superb. I still like Johnson, though. Don't forget that the reason he got injured was that he put his body on the line to stop Evra and Ghana I respect that. Until then he had been superb"
Dat igbo boi
6th Jun 2014 8:21
"Brrrrring him BR.....Just wat we need...Champs league qualification gettig us d rite players...Welcome Moreno.."
6th Jun 2014 8:22
LFC since 1975
6th Jun 2014 8:28
"i guess BR feels that the CB situation will be ok next season and maybe the weakness in defense was from the full backs. we do have a good mix of youth and experience in the centre so with agger/skrtl/sakho/illori/kelly/wisdom/coates maybe he feels this will be ok next season"
6th Jun 2014 8:51
"Guys , don't hope that we will sign Rakitic or Fabregas as it's unrealistic. We're more likely to sign Aurier , Markovic , Konoplyanka , Shaqiri , Lallana . These type of players . I'm happy if we sign Aurier as it's shows our intention to improve our defense as it's our weakest link right now."
6th Jun 2014 9:03
"Wow it is getting exciting. Some great deals being done. Happy with the transfer window so far. "
6th Jun 2014 9:08
"yes!!!!!!!!!!! way better than shaw"
LFC since 1975
6th Jun 2014 9:14
"JMF83 youre right about fabr and rakitic. Fabregas is rumored to go to chelsea for £30m + £200k per week. we cant match those wages. Rakitic has reportedly agreed to join Barca for just £20m. so its down to lallana/kono/shaqiri/markovic or whoever else might pop up lol "
6th Jun 2014 9:25
"I wish and pray so"
6th Jun 2014 9:28
"I don't want Fabregas either. "
klawnson Kopite YNWA
6th Jun 2014 10:02
"Is this true, if yes torms up for Rodgers and his recruitment team"
6th Jun 2014 12:53
"I dont think anyone is unrealistic as a target...well messi Ronaldo and bale maybe. If a player is worth 30-40 mil and right for the club we will pay that. Thing is very few are. Agree with all about Fabregas, still decent but he has been pretty average for club and country since he left arsenal"
6th Jun 2014 12:55
"great news.hope he makes instant impact and doesnt struggle with the demand of the premier league.even scored against the mighty barca team last season"
6th Jun 2014 13:46
"Bid for Barkley. £30m+. I can see him operate LW,AM,RW. He's also a Liverpool fan and would give us so much energy in midfield, both footed and can certainly score goals from distance."
6th Jun 2014 15:56
"koponlads and gneil. thanks.. but dont you think that there is a lack of informations. indeed lfc z best "
6th Jun 2014 20:49
"Not going to believe this until I hear it on Sky Sports. The Metro also said that Willian had agreed to join us and that Salahs best mate is 99% sure he's going to Liverpool lol! "
6th Jun 2014 23:02
"Konoplyanka,Moreno,Barkley, Eriksen and keep all the players returning from loan who did so well and i would be very very happy.We would have a great balance of youth and experience.And a squad ready to challenge on all fronts!!!!"
7th Jun 2014 17:47
"18M too expensive"