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Pls be good player..! Kila la heri jembe
5th Jun 2014 11:04
5th Jun 2014 11:04
"Very exciting signing, BR has an eye for spotting good young players. Hopefully he can help us with games where our top players are rested."
Natural Poolie
5th Jun 2014 11:06
"Oh goodie, the usual high standard of transfer. Just the quality we need NOT......."
Top 4 for sure
5th Jun 2014 11:08
"Welcome can !!! Looks a great player. Lambert 4 million, can 10 million, moreno 16 million, kono/shaqiri 12 million and lallana/markovic 25 million. Total cost is 67 million which is in our budget and that will be a very good bit of busibess this summer."
Top 4 for sure
5th Jun 2014 11:11
"All 5 of them are capable of starting and will massively boost our squad size (providing we dont sell anyone). By adding them players i feel we could challenge for the league and champions league next season."
5th Jun 2014 11:11
"Havntseen this guy gonna have to look at the german league in football manager like some of the guys here do based on some of the comments anyway."
5th Jun 2014 11:13
"What an astute signing. Welcome to lfc Emre. YNWA"
5th Jun 2014 11:13
"Killer signing! This is a signing with long term benefits. Just get his signature and do the physical. We'll done Ayre!"
5th Jun 2014 11:14
"Yes good buy and worth the outlay !!!! "
Bojan H
5th Jun 2014 11:14
"Very versatile player. Welcome to the best club in the world. =)"
5th Jun 2014 11:14
"Natural Poolie, you are a fool, he is a top class player. Do a little research before you start slamming the player. He is also experienced in CL football, so he is exactly what we need."
5th Jun 2014 11:17
"Welcome to Liverpool Can. I'm liking the job being done by our transfer committee. Talks for Moreno are in progress. If it wasn't for greedy Saints, Lallana would have been a LFC player by now. And its just the beginning."
5th Jun 2014 11:19
"Did we get him instead og Lallana?"
5th Jun 2014 11:22
"I think this is a really good signing, hopefully he will be a great player for us for many years!"
5th Jun 2014 11:23
"good early business, well done B.R./AYRE. more of the same over next few weeks and i'll be happy. YNWA JFT96. "
5th Jun 2014 11:23
"In BR we trust. Now to wrap up Moreno, Lallana and another winger, Firmino maybe? Mtoto-Coutinho hilo ni jembe la ukweli!!!"
5th Jun 2014 11:27
"WElcome Emre youll help bring this club back to greatness :-D lovely player :-D "
5th Jun 2014 11:27
"Yes finally!! we have got another energetic player like Henderson!! This guy is a beast of power and pace...We have the possibility to bully teams in midfield now!!"
Papa Syed
5th Jun 2014 11:27
"Top notch!"
5th Jun 2014 11:27
"Brendan getting the players he wants, good to see. YNWA. "
5th Jun 2014 11:28
"Just hope he settles quick and shows us he's a good player, cause utd wont be waiting around they will sign some top players and try to knock us out the top 4! "
Natural Poolie
5th Jun 2014 11:30
"Wippet - I watch the Bundesliga week in, week out mate. You do your research! Have a look who was CDM while they were shipping goals in quicker than us, have a look who was CDM when they couldn't buy a point. Who was CDM when they were that poor it cost Hyppia his job. At least I know what I'm commenting on mate."
5th Jun 2014 11:31
"Great let's move onto moreno!!!"
5th Jun 2014 11:34
"very good BR"
5th Jun 2014 11:38
"Young talented all-round midfielder who with BR guidance can become a star player!"
5th Jun 2014 11:38
"Natural foolie - coutinho and sturridge didn't get in their respective squads before we signed them nor did they shine as future stars. How about support the team? Who would you rather? Fabregas who would cripple us with wages?"
5th Jun 2014 11:41
klawnson Kopite YNWA
5th Jun 2014 11:46
"Good signing, hope he walk into the team straight like coutinho did. Can't wait for next season to see all these guy gel together. YNWA Emre"
5th Jun 2014 11:47
"amazing so glad, instead of rubbish english talent"
shabiki wa kweli
5th Jun 2014 11:49
"Big up BR!Great signing to fire Reds to the top.Plz get going with others."
5th Jun 2014 11:51
"I don't mind us signing & unearthing gems not all marquee signings last any way...YNWA!!!"
5th Jun 2014 11:51
"Very good news. I have followed Can for a couple of years now and he is a truly great talent, held in very high regard by Leverkusen fans. His touch is excellent, he is great with both feet and he is very good at getting the fall forward quickly and launching counter attacks, so all in all I'd say we have done very well to get him!"
5th Jun 2014 11:53
"Natural, as if the defensive frailties of a team depends only on the cdm. He's only part of the mechanism and the whole mechanism himself. The team has to perform as a unit which has not been the case for leverkusen..."
JAL 58
5th Jun 2014 11:58
"Wow fantastic DM , pace , enerrgy good passing ability , strong & powerful . Everything Lucas isnt ...bye bye Lucas "
JAL 58
5th Jun 2014 12:01
"Wippet Well said poolie is afool , infact he is one of the Lucas lovers on here . Screaming at me last season about how i shouldnt be slating Lucas , telling me he was a Brazillian international . Well he is not at the WC and wont be in our team anymore either . "
5th Jun 2014 12:03
"am happy we r making early signings.Can,u r welcome to LFC "
5th Jun 2014 12:04
"When no one can, Emre Can!!!"
5th Jun 2014 12:05
"AMAZING, what a coupe, this lad is going to be a surperstar! "
5th Jun 2014 12:06
"Welcome to our Liverpool family a family with many diverse members myself from New Zealand working in Tanzania. YNWA "
JAL 58
5th Jun 2014 12:06
"Emre Can ...i welcome you to LFC , do me a favour when you walk onto the training ground at Melwood ....push Lucas s nose out please ."
5th Jun 2014 12:07
"Halleljua! Praise the lord. Really crossed fingers that we get this player. "
5th Jun 2014 12:09
"I'm delighted. Seen and heard enough of this guy to know the potential he has. Look what BR turned Henderson into, I feel he'll have the same type of impact. I rather see us building a team in this manner rather than the way Chelsea and City do it. "
5th Jun 2014 12:10
"Good signing! "
5th Jun 2014 12:15
"Liverpool need fighting and hard players. it's not suit to BR system but he has to go for the kind of hards players like this lad "
5th Jun 2014 12:20
"Good Business !! Welcome to LFC Emre Can #YNWA"
Natural Poolie
5th Jun 2014 12:22
"JAL58 - know what your talking about mate. I cant stand Lucas. If you actually followed any of the debate on this guy yesterday you would know I said he was possibly better than Lucas. Back yourself up with facts not idiotic comments. Most are congratulating lfc buying a player they've never seen."
5th Jun 2014 12:23
"da da dada dada can can da da dada can can da da dada dada dada can can To the tune of the can can dance What else"
5th Jun 2014 12:23
"Deutschland über alles"
5th Jun 2014 12:23
"welcome to anfield can!! like this player alot!"
5th Jun 2014 12:24
"now get moreno, lallana, lovern and sanchez/shaqiri and a keeper"
5th Jun 2014 12:26
"Mtoto-Coutinho, Shabiki wa kwely and Mwana-Kop, the only song Liverpool will be singing next season and beyond is "fimbo ina chapa" by DNA and grandpa family... translated"Liverpool's cane will be BEATING them opponents" check it out here:"
5th Jun 2014 12:29
"Welcome Emre! YNWA"
5th Jun 2014 12:31
"Well that's a great upgrade I must say! Welcome, Can!"
5th Jun 2014 12:31
"I'm so happy and we know you ''CAN'' do it, YNWA"
5th Jun 2014 12:35
"We said the same about Alberto aspas Allen borrini n they havnt worked out brilliant answer that he is ridgers transfer dealings to date have been poor "
5th Jun 2014 12:37
"looks pretty good on youtube but so did luis alberto though he was in the lower leagues in spain with barca b wasnt he? anyways looks good! go br you good thing u!"
5th Jun 2014 12:40
"good player. hope he helps us win the league "
5th Jun 2014 12:43
"why are we buying mediocre players? he didnt cut it at munich. sorry but we were leaking goals this season and all im hearing is which forwards we should be going for. wake up we scored over 100 goals we let 50 odd in shouldnt we be looking to plug the holes?"
5th Jun 2014 12:44
"Can Can, sure Can. forget a song for this fella. we need a dance.oh there already is one. hope he doesnt do the can can when he scores. take to long. welcome son im sure you Can and will shine. ynwa."
5th Jun 2014 12:46
"Apart from Stevie , Our last decent holding midfielder was Mascherano . So I hope Can is the real deal . I also hope it is now goodbye to Lucas Leiva . "
5th Jun 2014 12:52
5th Jun 2014 12:53
"Good job."
5th Jun 2014 12:53
"naturalpoolie:Leverkusen have been shipping in goals all season..They shipped 5 against a poor United side..didnt even feature Can then..Why not blame Lars Bender since he was the actual CDM..Can played as full back when Hypia was in charge..The new manager played him in CM ahead of some research dude.."
5th Jun 2014 13:03
"BTW, I really hope we can sign Sanchez, Shaqiri and Lallana. 5S will make all other teams scare..... "
5th Jun 2014 13:07
"i hate lamella, sign barkley instead"
5th Jun 2014 13:08
"Awesooooooome! :D We are on fire this transfer window. Brilliant stuff! Well played so far, Transfer Committee. "
5th Jun 2014 13:12
"Yet again Rodgers is buying bit part players May or not come off that's his way it's also most like he us afraid of buying world class ready made players for fear of managing there big wife or it could be he likes hungry young players who he can mould whichever way we need proven players to slot in no More mistakes as lets face it only 2 of his signings have worked "
5th Jun 2014 13:14
"And the resident anti-FSG propagandist, mushroom, shows up under the new ID of "Venetian Conspiracy", as pathetically desperate as ever to hurl fabricated aspersions at the owners. So they're only buying players to sell at a profit later? You mean like how they sold Suarez last summer?"
King G
5th Jun 2014 13:17
"Lambert and can arent bad deals but i dont think they can improve our first eleven!! and if we dont aim at improving our first eleven that means we dont aim at winning trophies!!!! we need players to improve our first eleven.... "
Natural Poolie
5th Jun 2014 13:17
"Kophero - I know all about where he was playing, the facts are he was still part of a defence that shipped in goals all season. We are trying to plug gaps not create them. Can made his CL debut against Utd mate, guess what? They let in 4 goals. I don't need to research mate I watch the Bundesliga."
5th Jun 2014 13:17
"Mushroom, I thought you said that the Red Sox losing streak was preventing FSG from bothering to be ready for the transfer window. Wow, you really had that one nailed.[/sarcasm]"
5th Jun 2014 13:21
"Fantastic news. If anyone can live up to the Liverpool Shirt, Emre Can!!!"
Natural Poolie
5th Jun 2014 13:22
"Bayer had almost an identical season to us in that they were excellent going forward but horrendous defending. It would make sense then to me to buy their attacking threats, but their defensive players? Sam, Son, a couple of Bayer players that stood out. I may be proved wrong, in fact I hope I do."
5th Jun 2014 13:22
"From what I've seen he looks a fantastic prospect and will replace Lucas. We now need to tie up Moreno and get this Lallana deal sorted. Would also like to see us make a move for Richards who, like Sturridge was at Glamford, is deteriorating at City - the lad's got talent! These Glamour clubs are destroying players careers!"
5th Jun 2014 13:23
"poolie might as well support him, he is part of the team now"
whacko jacko
5th Jun 2014 13:24
"VERY GOOD ICELANDLFC (11.41) Good footballer from what i have seen n very versatile which is what Brendan likes. He'll b a superstar in next few years"
5th Jun 2014 13:26
"Rather buy pedro then kono and shaqiri. How can we guarantee kono is going to do well in a much harder league"
5th Jun 2014 13:27
"Welcome Can, good young player! Think Hypia had something to do with this one as he played under him last season! Looking forward to seeing him grow under BR... YNWA"
whacko jacko
5th Jun 2014 13:30
"Kono or shaquiri would do nicely along with good strong quick centre half. A big Sammi Hyppia or Hansen type centre half. N bring in celtic's keeper think he cud be good for us in champions league."
5th Jun 2014 13:34
"Don't know much about this guy, but hope he's a good one, I bet utd chelski arsenal and city are getting worried by our latest two additions,"
5th Jun 2014 13:35
"Natural Poolie, what an idiot you are, do some homework and keep your negative mouth shut. I think you should be called Natural Foolie. What a "
whacko jacko
5th Jun 2014 13:39
"Just saw a tweeted pic of Moreno with Luis Alberto and Deulofue on caught On holiday tgetha. Hopefully they are giving him good advice about LFC. ynwa"
5th Jun 2014 13:43
"Africa cant wait for 1st Title in 20 something daymares of last man"
JAL 58
5th Jun 2014 13:44
"Teene20 Well said , we have struggled for 7 years by having Lucas in the team . People have glossed over it saying " oh Lucas is wonderful " well he isnt ...and by getting this lad in it will prove beyond doubt what we have put up with all these years ."
5th Jun 2014 13:44
"JAL 58 5th Jun 2014 12:01 lucas as been a brilliant servant for us ,dont forget he as had 2 serious injuries to contend with as well and stil come back and done a job ,a lot of hes work goes unnoticed,i werent a fan of hes in early days but thankfully he proved me and many more wrong ,he bleeds liverpool "
5th Jun 2014 14:04
"Good news, another target secured. Need 2 or 3 more to set us up nicely for next season."
5th Jun 2014 14:22
"adarsh481. You can't call Saints greedy. If they feel our valuation is too low, that is their right. As he is English the price was always going to be overinflated. We will be wise to go elsewhere."
5th Jun 2014 14:30
"Natural Poolie, have you seen anything of this player? I have & im excited, or are you focusing on his price tag? For the squad he is a fantastic player who has more than held his own in both the german & champions league, who would you have preferred? Im on the edge of my seat now.. 25m for Lallana? 30+ on Fabregas (wouldnt fit our style but hey he has a big rep and price tag!)"
5th Jun 2014 14:32
"Don't know anything about this guy. Never watch German football. But welcome to Liverpool FC Emre Can. And best of luck! "
5th Jun 2014 14:40
"Poolie- If you properly watched the Budelsiga you would know that Can is a talent. Sure he is a bit raw at the moment and has a tendency to roam forward, but put him in our midfield and we will see what a player he becomes. "
5th Jun 2014 14:40
"cont- Sidney Sam is now a Schalke player btw and has been since Jan. Sam being their best player and missing so many games was the reason they didn't score as many goals at the latter stages of last season."
pato red
5th Jun 2014 14:48
"This is the perfect Gerrard replacement I've I can settle after this major coup"
5th Jun 2014 14:52
"He can't be no mug if Bayern wanted him to stay put to activate their buy back clause. I won't be judging Can based on the views of someone who has supposedly watched him play last season. Afterall the same judgement was probably made about Coutinho prior to his arrival as someone who couldn't even get in the Inter side."
Natural Poolie
5th Jun 2014 14:53
"Sco77lfc - If you read my comments mate you will see that on more than one occasion I have said that he may well come good in 2-3yrs time. He has got raw talent. I actually said yesterday that he could be better than Lucas. BUT raw talent isn't gonna help us next season. We already have our own raw talent coming through. Suso, Texiera, Ibe, Dunn etc cont'd "
5th Jun 2014 14:53
"Panzer is coming! Hope he will excel like hamann, babbel, ziege etc.. Welcome to our family. YNWA"
Natural Poolie
5th Jun 2014 14:57
"My beef is that we need players for the here and now, players that are ready to make a difference NOW. "
5th Jun 2014 15:00
"Welcome to LFC Can!"
5th Jun 2014 15:09
"Natural Poolie what players would meet your approval?!"
5th Jun 2014 15:10
"Natural Poolie - You're comparing an established player who has CL experience and played top tier football in Budnesliga with your youth academy graduates. Are you a reincarnated donkey?. Why do you think he's got a buyback clause attached in his contract ?. Clearly BM rates him highly and rightly so coz he's one of German's top talent. "
5th Jun 2014 15:19
"now that we have buy Can, we have to bring Moreno at the earliest before tottenham bid on moreno "
5th Jun 2014 15:27
"Poolie- Oh i read your asinine comments. I think he could walk straight into the starting 11 depending on what formation was needed. Partner him with Hendo and Gerarrd next season in CM and see the improvement. And why exactly will raw talent not help us in 14/15? Look at Sterling and Coutinho, both still raw in some respects and they performed admirably."
5th Jun 2014 15:28
"I'm surprised we've announced this when theres been no contracts signed, it's only verbal. What if Bayern came in and stole him? slightly risky in my opinion... "
5th Jun 2014 15:31
"'Natural poolie' What do you expect? This player is excellent and young. If you want un realistic, Cavani sort of standard signings go support Man city, Chelsea, PSG or Real Madrid, we've NEVER bought A list players we've always bought young and turned them a list... who was Alonso before Liverpool? EXACTLY... fake supporter, an actual embarrassment "
5th Jun 2014 15:34
"Matt1966- Well said. And i was thinking that earlier, what if Bayern decide to add Can to their already packed midfield to stop them losing a potential asset. Good to hear the Spuds-Moreno link was a farce though."
5th Jun 2014 15:36
"Natural poolie. He's hardly at the same stage of development as any of the names you've just mentioned, most of them are being loaned out in the championship... He was the first choice midfielder of a top 4 team in Germany playing in the CL... ok considering he's 20 don't you think? your a typical fake supporter, moan moan moan."
5th Jun 2014 15:38
"Spuds only have £30m to spend this window so they wouldn't dream of attempting Lallana or Moreno... well to expensive for them this summer... Never thought we'd be well out of there league a year ago. "
5th Jun 2014 15:38
"In BR I trust,(after all he's from my part of the world) fingers X, but our problem last year was our defence, we seriously need a really good experienced centre half or 2. "
5th Jun 2014 15:43
"Pretty sure I've read that Bayern can't buy him back until 2015, hence why they wanted him to stay a further season at Bayer L."
5th Jun 2014 15:43
"I wouldn't worry about Moreno people... why would he move from a Europa winning squad who's now in the Champions league to a team with no European football, the only positive he would have from moving to Tottenham is the big city... and i doubt he'd move from his home town purely to move to London... Plus Spurs can't afford him. haha"
5th Jun 2014 16:22
"Brendan will bring out the best in Emre. Good signing."
5th Jun 2014 16:25
"Nomsy - I believe Lucas does not need to be sold as he clearly does add depth to our squad.He can play majority of the cup games and also be cover for Gerrard . The only question is if he's willing to play that role as he still has the desire to play for the Brazil NT. My guess is he's gonna leave to get 1st team football. "
5th Jun 2014 16:26
"So Natural Poolie I genuinely want to know who you think we should be bringing in to play this position... Please provide me with 3 such targets"
5th Jun 2014 16:35
"mpango some CL experience compared to most of our young players..hopefully will prove to be a massive signing for many years to come..LFC DAIMA!!"
5th Jun 2014 16:43
"I don't think there's a need of calling each others out,Natural Poolie spoke his mind and has the right to feel how he feels about the boy..close the "case" and move on.MTATA WA NINI??!!!"
Natural Poolie
5th Jun 2014 17:01
"D88M - gladly mate. Sven Bender, Kovacic, Witsel (very versatile), Clasie. There's 4. That's the end of the debate for me."
5th Jun 2014 17:08
"great news whos next on the list ..."
5th Jun 2014 17:10
"Some of these felas got chicken brains. Put pepper on their toes they run away....welcome the boy mane"
5th Jun 2014 17:25
"I assume when we sign him his song will be the Can Can..."
5th Jun 2014 17:26
"Natural Poolie - point taken. We can agree on either of the Bender twins (even though they are both currently injured) and Witsel. As for the other two, they are just as untested and unproven as Emre Can."
5th Jun 2014 17:39
"extremely positive news.hope he becomes like henderson not aspas.fingers crossed.anyways welcome to liverpool fc.#ynwa"
5th Jun 2014 17:44
"Welcome Can . "
Natural Poolie
5th Jun 2014 17:48
"D88M - You say Kovacic and Clasie are unproven but both are full internationals for Croatia and Netherlands respectively, no mean feet. I have always been a huge Lars Bender fan but he very hit and miss last season, Sven was actually the most consistent."
5th Jun 2014 18:18
"Deja vu. 4.000.000 an 10.000.000 is already ours (congratulatios!) and will come 26.000.000 and 30.000.000 and 35.000.000, but when? At Christmas?"
5th Jun 2014 18:34
"Everbody stfu -- -- THAT.. and he's more about versatility, slotting in at LB or elsewhere, and also more like a Hendo IMO. He's an all-arounder who BR is getting ready to shape into something very useful.. tools, be silent.."
5th Jun 2014 18:47
"If BR gets the best out of this lad watch his value soar, good bit of business, well done LFC."
5th Jun 2014 18:51
"this really shows that we really mean business this season.and this could be a way to show luis that we are equally serious about next season as well.another great reason for him and the fans to look forward to an amazing season ahead.we need another attacking midfielder lallana/shaqiri/markitic/rakitic or etc to prove that we really mean business."
5th Jun 2014 18:54
"we too need moreno as a genuine threat from the left back as he not only could defend but can be an attacking threat going forward.probably we can also bring in another CB in the form of lovren/cuelker or if not bring back coates to contest with the rest of the CB.we need a good quality back up GK as well probably mark vorm from swansea"
5th Jun 2014 18:55
"Well poolie I remember a certain Mr Lucas and Henderson getting wrote off only to stand up to the mark when given time. Although Lucas hasn't been the same since his injuries.But lets give this kid Can a chance.YNWA"
5th Jun 2014 18:58
"Just a question for Natural Poolie and the other whingers on here HAVE ANY OF YOU ACTUALLY SEEN THIS GUY PLAY. Obviously not. Fortunately I have, he is strong, hard, quick and his only draw back a little wreckless with the odd challenge but I put that down to youth."
5th Jun 2014 18:59
"This guy is quality and has the capabilities of becoming a fantastic midfielder. He never looked out of place in Germany or the CL and I expect him to be a player commanding a fee in excess of 30million in the coming years. Well done LFC"
5th Jun 2014 19:06
"Good deal i hope he is going to hit the ground runnuing"
5th Jun 2014 19:28
"Hit the ground running and you will be adored like sturridge and coutinho, young man,"
5th Jun 2014 19:40
"Welcome Can YNWA"
5th Jun 2014 19:55
"Welcome to LFC family, Good luck,all the best for the future and may you go from strenght to strenght at our wonderful club."
The Greek Red
5th Jun 2014 20:49
5th Jun 2014 21:00
"Do you know what lads, i have no phukin idea who he is .....maybe sami gave us a tip !!!! I wanted quality players who would come stright into starting 11.hes been brought into replace lucas.we need DEFENDERS .wish him good luck and welcome to LFC"
5th Jun 2014 21:01
"Welcome to LFC Emre Can, enjoy your stay! May it be long and successful! YNWA"
5th Jun 2014 21:09
5th Jun 2014 21:10
"soo happy, with us signing Can, personally i believe he can hav the same impact as coutinho & sturridge, Welcome Emre YNWA"
5th Jun 2014 21:16
"Id like to see caulker and lallana they will improve us.caulker at the back and lallana giving us better balance in the team-lets wait n see"
5th Jun 2014 21:57
"We mean business and we CAN do it ynwa"
5th Jun 2014 22:36
"Pronounced 'EM-RA CHAN' according to football commentators in Germany. His is in fact Turkish apparently (like Ozil) but can play for Germany, must be relatives or something. Could we call him 'The Turk'? would that be ok PC etc."
5th Jun 2014 22:51
"Seems to have a rising reputation though I can't say I've seen him play. Sounds to be a description of a classic midfield enforcer/box-to-box though. Hopefully what we need to hold out results when needs be. Nice to see our dealings been done sooner."
5th Jun 2014 22:54
"YNWALFC321 Careful there, we've not go some bad English talent ourselves, and about 6 English players helped us into 2nd, far more than City and Chelsea combined. Not to mention some youngsters like Rossiter and Ibe I'd love to see get some chances this season."
5th Jun 2014 23:03
"Natural Poolie: we should have signed Messi. Lol"
5th Jun 2014 23:08
"Emre Can seems to be a great acquisition ... but we still need to bolster the full backs. I hope Moreno can be brought in. "Through the wind and the rain ...""
5th Jun 2014 23:30
"If anyone can,EMRE CAN,can.KEEP THE FAITH.YNWA.Good signing. "
6th Jun 2014 0:46
"good news! keep winning and run to Europeancup,we need physical power. Next are Moreno and shaqiri. perfect! lallana?cesc?nonono...expensive"
6th Jun 2014 2:15
"BR keep buying players but eventually he did not use them like Aspas, Borini, Alberto, Illori, Assaidi and now he wants another group of player with young age. How bout our existing youth players; Suso,Wisdom,Robbo,Kelly,Coady & Ibe"
6th Jun 2014 5:03
"Great signing! welcome to a big club. In BR we trust - he will take us to the top. - I live in CA, USA and when I wear my LFC shirts in public, I'm amazed of the amount of Red fans I run into. Exciting times ahead and stay POSITIVE fellow supporters!"
6th Jun 2014 7:02
"This is a good buy people. Welcome Emre Can"
6th Jun 2014 7:38
"He is going to be a TOP player. The fans saying otherwise are ahouting for us to sign guys like Diame. Let BR sign the players, he knows more than any of you. Diame? LOL. "
6th Jun 2014 10:13
"Looks like a really good signing!"
6th Jun 2014 11:05
"'Natural poolie' you've massively contradicted yourself. Kovacic and Clasie have less experience then can... NO champions league experience, and there teams still haven't even qualified this year... Non of your points make sense. I also can't believe you mentioned witsel he was bought for 40million and he's SO SO over rated. Go support psg. Lol"
6th Jun 2014 13:43
"Not sure he's got the quality most of you hope for. I've seen him play this season a couple of times (live!) and I was far from convinced."
7th Jun 2014 14:26
"Great Signing! He is like a German version of Henderson. Them two playing infront of Gerrard would be a seriously strong midfield! So much power and drive. :)"