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I won't believe it until he is here. Looks like Acres is working his butt off this window
4th Jun 2014 23:22
4th Jun 2014 23:25
"looks like were getting this lad so hope he turns out good! just want us to wrap the Moreno deal up asap! "
5th Jun 2014 0:03
"4M for Lambert great shrewd business. 10M for Can - Only time will tell but I ain't excited about it. Hopefully we do sign Moreno and either Kono or Shaqiri. I'll be very happy then. "
5th Jun 2014 0:03
"rumours are that Pochettino wants Moreno as his first signing!! hope we don't miss out on him. looks a great player!!"
5th Jun 2014 0:24
"harley74: I think the press just find it funny to now link all our targets to spurs, but I'm sure Moreno would rather come to us than them given the chance!"
5th Jun 2014 0:33
"Hope so!!! Wouldn't be the first time they did it though. Hopefully just media talk but need to get this transfer done! "
5th Jun 2014 0:38
"yeah that's true and they desperately need a LB, but we are a much bigger club, we play better football and were in the champions league!"
5th Jun 2014 0:46
"Yeah, we are and always will be bigger than them. We also play much better football but still worry as it has happened to us frequently."
5th Jun 2014 5:40
"Only no brainer will join Spurs now. We are much better than spurs. Of course, I love Kroos instead of Can. However, I thrust BR."
King G
5th Jun 2014 8:58
"decent but not gr8 to take us to another level!! this kind os signings seem to get sorted very fast, but decent ones takes ages coz of 2 to 3 millions difference, i dont see us going forward with these kind of signings.. "