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Didn't I read this yesterday?? Right backs in the squad - flanno, GJ, wisdom, kelly (CB), McLaughlin. Left back is the priority
4th Jun 2014 9:52
The Greek Red
4th Jun 2014 10:08
"get him now.for 7mil is a SUPER DEAL!!!"
4th Jun 2014 10:13
"£7mil ain't a bad deal. Get him and please sell glen johnsone."
4th Jun 2014 10:24
"suarez - you may not mean to be racist but you sure sound it! On foot of this I done a google search and actually you're damn right!"
ned the red
4th Jun 2014 10:37
"We need a RB as urgently as we need a LB.Flanno is too easily beated, even very average players can square him up and go past him. I always hoped Kelly would make it as a RB"
4th Jun 2014 10:40
"Thekopsuarez.what sort of comment is that to make?so because he's African he won't do well for us.maybe we bought the wrong Africans. Would yaya of done well for us?or drogba?or etoo?we bought poor quality africans,it doesn't mean Africans aren't good enough for us."
LFC since 1975
4th Jun 2014 10:49
"wisdom and kelly are too slow for the way we play now so would have to go to their preferred CB role. i can see this happening if the rumors about GJ going to QPR come off then we have Flanno & Aurier for RB and hopefully moreno & Enrique for LB and we still have wisdom and kelly in case of emergency"
4th Jun 2014 10:55
"Agree with 1975, Moreno and Enrique for LB, Aurier and Flanagan for RB. "
LFC since 1975
4th Jun 2014 11:13
"wow coutinho, whats going on? we agree again :P must be the right way to go if we both agree lol. shame you cant do a vote on here for players wanted would be interesting to see fans opinions on who they think should come in"
4th Jun 2014 11:33
"Just to let everyone know, Aurier can play any position at the back and CDM, so get this one done, would be a great addition."
4th Jun 2014 11:48
Natural Poolie
4th Jun 2014 11:49
"Pointless, Arsenal are already interested, we wont enter a bidding war for Aurier. Walk away and don't waste their time or ours."
4th Jun 2014 12:15
"Moreno and Cole for LB, Aurier and Flanno for RB. Sorted."
4th Jun 2014 12:37
"rumour mill is gathering pace fast."
4th Jun 2014 12:46
"Get him he is a top young player who will add to the strength of the team and squad.Players like Wisdom,Kelly can be used in central defence and Mclaughlin can go on loan."
4th Jun 2014 13:43
"We can compete with arsenal. Too clubs run correctly, they wont pay him wages he wouldn't deserve just to beat us. The Johnson situation is tough tho, iv always liked him, but no doubt he has gone downhill for some reason. The thing is tho can Rodgers revive him like he did Skrtel."
4th Jun 2014 13:56
"Hope we get him to replace Johnson cus he is starting to become a liability.Looses the ball too much.Out of position most of the time.He goes chasing the ball for no reason and everyone has to fill in for him which leaves gaps in our defence/midfield.Wastes opportunity's when in good attacking positions and mostly end product is zilch.BR please buy Serge Aurier.He will make us stronger defensively"
4th Jun 2014 14:14
"koponlads how can you always liked Johnson? He always been annoying. But had been little happier if he played higher up instead as defender. Now he should really get sold. "
4th Jun 2014 14:39
"Totally disagree with ned the red, you have probably been in coma since January untill now, mate. YNWA"
4th Jun 2014 15:22
"I keep wondering why there are no talks about Konoplyanka. May be Man u have beaten us to it."
4th Jun 2014 17:11
"Ok get him"
4th Jun 2014 17:46
"Ned the red maybe on fifa they can square him easily but in real he's been arguably our most solid defender. People seem to forget that heart and passion are incredibly valuable assets and he's got those and then some, aswell as defensive solidity"
4th Jun 2014 17:54
"Yes indeed, this is a racist comment. Your problem is that you see the race of the player as an indication of their ability to succeed in Liverpool. If you are a real Liverpool fan and you know the club's history and the performance of African players in the EPL, you will not be making such idiotic statements. "
4th Jun 2014 19:39
"Ned the red maybe on fifa they can square him easily but in real he's been arguably our most solid defender. People seem to forget that heart and passion are incredibly valuable assets and he's got those and then some, aswell as defensive solidity"