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I know a lot of you armchair commentators will be ranting about our transfer policy and telling Ayre to just go get him at any price, but realistically this is the business model to follow, make an offer, if they want too much then move on. We are not desperate.
4th Jun 2014 9:01
4th Jun 2014 9:02
"I know a lot of you armchair commentators will be ranting about our transfer policy and telling Ayre to just go get him at any price, but realistically this is the business model to follow, make an offer, if they want too much then move on. We are not desperate."
4th Jun 2014 9:05
"By the way, what's the latest on Coates? Still injured? I was really starting to rate him before he got injured. I think he could be the answer to our cover at CB, more savings in the transfer market."
4th Jun 2014 9:11
"Just finalize this deal now else let's shop elsewhere . Rojo , Uchida, Nagatomo , Rodriquez , Sequeira are available."
4th Jun 2014 9:15
"Moreno is good friends with players already at the club. Hopefully they will swing this deal our way. fingers crossed"
4th Jun 2014 9:18
"I agree with not overpaying, maybe a little bit more to pry him away, but if we stand firm consistently clubs will know they cant rip up us off, but I would like this lad at the club."
4th Jun 2014 9:33
"I think the best business model to follow is Elle Macpherson...."
4th Jun 2014 9:34
"Yes we musnt be held to we aint man city chelski barca psg or monaco"
4th Jun 2014 9:39
"MARS429 - Coates has been named in the Uruguay World Cup squad. So definately over his injury. I agree with bit shaky at the beginning but before injury was showing real promise. "
LFC since 1975
4th Jun 2014 9:40
"sometimes if a player is in high demand you have to pay a little more than you originally wanted. but like the lallana deal they should give a take it or leave it price then look elsewhere if they dont accept. we cant get into a bidding war with clubs like chelsea "
4th Jun 2014 9:41
"wats the difference between moreno and lallana ?we give in to soton but not others it just dont add up "
4th Jun 2014 9:47
"hoping - we didn't give in to soton, we've allegedly upped our offer to 25M, that's called haggling, they're holding out for 30M, we'd be foolish to pay that much, not only is it double what Lallana is worth it would also set a bad precedent for future dealings with other clubs."
4th Jun 2014 9:58
"No mars429 totally agree, we nearly won the title last year we don't need a LB desperate as Flanno was break out of the season with raheem, and we got enrique to come back who i rate highly. If any a CB better than Kolo as back up for other 3, Cos if injury free our defence would of been good last year was only the 4 different pairings that hurt our flow."
4th Jun 2014 10:00
"surely is it not worth paying a little extra to get your number 1 target, that you have idenified with the character and skills you require, or settle for 2nd choice again. just a thought, ynwa"
4th Jun 2014 10:04
"Deffo the way to be MARS429 they should be clawing at the door to join us not waiting for more money. I don't think Brendan will have any of that anyway. YNWA"
4th Jun 2014 10:09
"Totally agree Mars429... Sick of coming on here and skysports and reading comments from so called fans saying sack Ayres. Offer what we are willing to pay and if they don't accept or want more move on. "
4th Jun 2014 10:21
"Coates went back to the club we bought him from on loan in jan, back fully fit and playing well,any chance we could offer Aspas plus cash for Moreno,"
4th Jun 2014 10:28
"We should offer 18M and say take it or leave it. We should not be bullied in paying over the odds for ANY player. "
4th Jun 2014 10:32
"This is something LFC should have done 7 years ago; fork out top coin for a top FB. Okay, he's still a prospect but from what I've seen he can come in and take that stop immediately. He has devastating pace, we need this raw pace back there. The way we go about transfers is the right way, this money ain't growing on trees."
4th Jun 2014 10:49
"Very shrewd words MARS429. Given the increasing number of clubs paying over the top prices, I'm 100% behind the transfer committee's strategy and approach. Both Lallana and Moreno are being auctioned for ridiculous prices based on purely subjective evaluations. Never again will this club have its pants pulled down over another transfer as they were when the club signed Carroll and Downing"
4th Jun 2014 10:59
"Why is Everyone so concerned about money. Are you forgetting the owners are billionaires? We're not man city but our owners spent over 80 Mil on a baseball players. Losing an awesome wing back for the sake of 200k is ridiculous. Sometimes you just need to pay the price it seems fair for a player of morenos quality in the current market "
4th Jun 2014 11:22
4th Jun 2014 11:25
"Example; Dortmund have just bought top striker from Serie A for £15 million no hassle. If that was an English club then that price would be double with all the hassle that goes with it. Euro clubs look after their own in my opinion. Let's hope Sevilla prove me wrong."
LFC since 1975
4th Jun 2014 11:29
"coolerthankewell - we have to start thinking about FFP. dont forget we missed out on europe last season so revenue was down and our last accounts reported a £5om loss so that has to be made up or we will be fined like City"
4th Jun 2014 11:30
"Coutinho10?11 - I would not negotiate like that. You tempt them in bud, take your time, there is no hurry. It's clear Sevilla are a selling club, the Spurs of Spain. So why go in there all aggressive and all guns blazing? We take our time, tease them, draw the player in. Ayre gets stick but people forget some of the good deals he has done, Luis for £22m seems a bargain."
4th Jun 2014 11:54
"coolerthankewell - FFP. Baseball doesn't have this. #Doh"
4th Jun 2014 11:55
"Kingwillis - I understand what you say about tempting in and taking our time, but we have been burned in the past using that way. Other clubs come in and pay a couple of grand more than what we offer and get the player from under our noses. My biggest frustration with our transfer team, is that are just too slow!"
4th Jun 2014 11:59
"Kopite1763 - Yes, other clubs came in and paid too much. Willian was never worth that much and still isn't. Lamela wasn't either. My premise was not going in rash with a bid that is a little over the valuation just to confirm the deal. These extra £2/3m add-on's add up. It might no seem like it but there is many players put there, not just Moreno. There is no hurry here."
4th Jun 2014 12:15
"Kingwillis - You make a fair point, but would you not agree, we are a bit slow off the mark when it comes to transfers? We always seem to hit a snag, or there are complications, whereas other clubs get the deal done and dusted, no problem."
LFC since 1975
4th Jun 2014 12:23
"kopite i think our biggest stumbling block is our wage structure. if you were offered £50k per week plus bonuses or another club offered £80k per week which would you choose?"
4th Jun 2014 12:25
"I remember we bid £12m for Downing which got rejected, then we bid £15m two hours later - then we bid £20. This is crazy. Camoli was to blame, but it is still an example of our idiocy in years. People say, "we won't do Carroll again" but we did 6 times after him. This needs to stop, If £16m-£18m isn't enough, move on, anything else is crazy. "
4th Jun 2014 12:41
"If the price is 16 .2 mil & LFC are rumoured to have made offer of 16 mil then they should up the offer to 16.2 mil and get on with the deal if BR has made Moreno a priority target"
4th Jun 2014 12:51
"Unfortunately we are a bit thin for cover, therefore a bit desperate. We need to close the deals and if it means paying a little bit more then so be it. Rather that than left with a small squad."
4th Jun 2014 12:51
"Business model or not we need to start closing deals a bit quicker..last season they talked and talked about salah for mts then Chelsea enter the race and with in a few days he was these the way are you not a armchair commentator you no different to the rest on this site,Mr MARS429"
4th Jun 2014 12:58
"I always rated Coates but the lad never got a good run in the team.He will be a star for some team as its clear he is not wanted at LFC."
4th Jun 2014 13:04
"I wonder what Suso is thinking about all this? and what way will other prospective young players at The Academy think? Just thinking,,,,,YNWA"
4th Jun 2014 13:14
"18 milion pounds and no SUSO. We keep Suso. He is gonna be back a whole new player and much improved with much more potential. He is one for the now and future. Come on Ian and BR "
4th Jun 2014 13:32
"$200k is nothing. Dunkin and garuda can pay for it. Ffp is a joke anyway it hasn't stopped psg from paying 50 Mil for Luiz. If they were serious they'd kick them out of Europe. I will be furious if we end up with Bertrand because we are too stingy to fork out 200k for a very good left back in Moreno. "
4th Jun 2014 13:34
"Offering Suso might be a big mistake. He's a promising youngster. "
4th Jun 2014 13:52
"LFCLJ Chelsea is going to get better so the defence could be needed to improve and definitely get better cover to one of the side back positions because we only have Johnson, Enrique and Flanagan. If we gonna battle in the CL we must improve the defence."
4th Jun 2014 14:19
"Kingmat. One Elle of a comment!!!"
4th Jun 2014 14:35
"Red Coutinho - I wouldn't consider myself a commentator, I have faith in the transfer team, and I have upmost faith in BR, so I don't go blagging my opinion on all this gossip merely open it up to wider debate....What makes u think Coates will be shipped out?"
4th Jun 2014 14:51
"MARS429, if you were in Ayre's position i would call for your head. We are in the CL and BR is away about that and he needs players he targeted otherwise it will frustrate him as a coach. CL needs a divers squad with great abilities."
4th Jun 2014 15:50
"Need to spend money to get these players in. Does anyone honestly believe that if we don't make these kind of purchases we'll 'compete' for the league ttitle and give it a go in the CL? We finished second with no Europe and a rather embarressing run in the cups. Get serious! Get these players!"
4th Jun 2014 17:13
"All I would add at this point is if Liverpool do decide to pull the plug and look elsewhere, you will need to move quickly to make up for the time lost with Moreno."
4th Jun 2014 17:22
"Not a bit happy about offering Suso, unless it's in loan only. He's great kid & one we should be aiming to keep . "
4th Jun 2014 17:31
"Just read a report that reads "Tottenham to offer £14m for Sevilla's Alberto Moreno with Roberto Soldado on loan as part of deal." Worth being concerned about? "
4th Jun 2014 17:44
"Why not give wisdom a chance ynwa"
5th Jun 2014 0:10
"Tottenham have hijacked Liverpool's move for Sevilla left-back Alberto Moreno, 21, by tabling a £14m offer plus Roberto Soldado on loan and throwing in midfielder Etienne Capoue. Daily Mail. The media are obsessed with Sours & LFC battles!"
5th Jun 2014 3:42
"Is Allen valued more than Suso? Tell me one thing Allen has over the young spanish lad. One thing. Can Allen displace Costa, the whole Barca mid give Real lots to think about. Never in young Allens wildest dreams. How many games has Allen been scolded by Gerrard, Suarez and others for lacking loins"
5th Jun 2014 16:33
"What happen to our interest in Ivan Rakitic. Oh, how I wish him to be our player. He will be much much better than all the other targeted midfielders LFC is looking for this summer. Let us sign him!!"