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welcome MR lambert
2nd Jun 2014 11:06
2nd Jun 2014 11:08
"#RickieComesHome :)"
2nd Jun 2014 11:10
"Welcome ynwa."
2nd Jun 2014 11:20
"welcome Rickie, you will make Liverpool red hot..."
2nd Jun 2014 11:20
"Hope he can stay injury free and give his very best for the reds..Ynwa Rickie"
2nd Jun 2014 11:23
Row 33
2nd Jun 2014 11:26
"Good luck to him. We all hope he'll fit in with our quick attacking syle and be a great success. "
2nd Jun 2014 11:36
2nd Jun 2014 11:40
"get griezeman rakatic shaquiri sanchez we will be a force again"
2nd Jun 2014 11:54
"A good signing hope he brings the difference"
King G
2nd Jun 2014 12:13
"i was worried and now i am even more worried abt Rodgers when it comes to signings, his signings will always let him down!!!! Why Lambert?? i fail to get the answer really.... yes he loves the club, is that a good reason really?? i can see the same mistakes done by houlier and rafa after 2002 and 2009 resp.. :("
2nd Jun 2014 12:37
klawnson Kopite YNWA
2nd Jun 2014 12:50
"RL deal is done. Now Roger get us a very good and young DM to help gerard"
2nd Jun 2014 13:36
"hope the next will be shaqiri!!"
2nd Jun 2014 13:41
"hopefully turn out to be capture of the season! may be the difference in tight games for us"
2nd Jun 2014 13:54
"King G that was same way you were worried last season for not getting Marquee signing and BR prove of you wrong and we finish 2nd, you will continue to get worried and BR will continue to prove you wrong"
2nd Jun 2014 13:55
"King G why are you worried. Lambert for 4 million is a fantastic signing. Has exceptional power to provide a different approach for when teams park the bus. Passionate and has a rocket of a freekick. I am pleased Mr BR"
2nd Jun 2014 14:12
"top draw"
2nd Jun 2014 14:16
"What a great interview he will bleed red for lfc thats what you want I was surprised at first but undertsand why B.R bought as another option so all doubters need to lay off good buy for price welcome ricky good luck for season ahead"
2nd Jun 2014 17:16
"Welcome back RL. I am sensing another Gary Mac.....wouldn't that be awesome."
2nd Jun 2014 18:14
"I also wasn't keen on this at first but for 4 million it could turn out to be a very good bit of business, he's signed now so we have to support him and hope he bangs in some goals."
2nd Jun 2014 18:52
"We did have a marquee signing last year allegedly 18m sakho,hope rickie will in those games where we run out of ideas,"
Natural Poolie
2nd Jun 2014 18:56
"I am warming to the guy, nobody could fault his commitment or love for lfc. His passion for the game and for lfc is there for all to see. To call him one of the most accomplished is pushing it. Suarez is accomplished, Messi is accomplished, Lambert just isn't anywhere close. 14 goals a season in the PL isn't accomplished."
2nd Jun 2014 20:44
"Cant complain as he's a huge upgrade from aspas as the third stringer. Good start to the spending, really want to see Alberto at lb and rakitic would be nice"
King G
2nd Jun 2014 21:52
"nkem03 - yes he proved us wrong but with the same players he inherited from kenny excluding sturridge and coutinho.. almost all of his summer signings were flop. Imagine if he had sign quality!!!! "
2nd Jun 2014 22:14
"King G who among his summer signing was a flop? Sakho? Alberto didn't get to play? He sent Ilori on loan, Borini rescued Sunderland from relegation,Moses and Cissoko came on Loan? Aspas as far as i am concern didn't get enough time to prove himself, so what is your point? "
Buckie LFC Supporter
2nd Jun 2014 23:09
"Still slightly confused by this signing. I understand we needed another striker to make the 4, but 12 months ago he sold a striker who "wasn't the right type" for 20mil loss to then now spend 4mil on a player 7 years older but the same type he got rid off?????"
Natural Poolie
3rd Jun 2014 0:33
"Nkem03 - Sakho only improved towards the latter end of the season (I do think he'll be huge for us this season). Aspas couldn't hit a barn door with a tractor despite many chances. Alberto would of had chances if BR thought him worthy, the only thing he did get was a driving ban. Cont'd "
Natural Poolie
3rd Jun 2014 0:36
"Kolo died a death after the first half dozen games. The least said about the two loaners the better so am sorry all BR summer signings last year flopped."
3rd Jun 2014 2:22
"Good bit of business. Might prove to be a bit of a masterstroke by BR. He may not have a Spanish name and demand high wages and to play every week but he's more than competent and quite obviously a team player. "
3rd Jun 2014 2:24
"That face shows how much it means to play for this club!!!! Welcome back Rickie !! YNWA..."
3rd Jun 2014 3:35
"Fantastic! What a journey, welcome back striker. I'm sure Brendan's got great plans for you :) "
3rd Jun 2014 3:45
"welcome Ricky ...from now on You will never walk alone ..ever.."
3rd Jun 2014 7:02
"It's hard to know if sakho or kolo cost 18m and which was free both equally poor and made our defence much worse, but sakho will be a beast lol,"