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Karibu tena jeshi Lambert...
2nd Jun 2014 11:06
Norfolk in Chance
2nd Jun 2014 11:13
"I think Ricky can make the difference for us next season. He'll mainly play in the cups, but away from home he will be really useful too. Shrewd signing. Those saying it doesn't matter that he's a LFC fan are totally wrong. He'll die for the shirt, just like Carra, just like Stevie."
2nd Jun 2014 11:16
"Welcome Home RL !! . Exciting times ahead !. "
2nd Jun 2014 11:16
"Hope he doesnt be another morientes carrol or cisse..all the best lad n welcome onboard"
2nd Jun 2014 11:31
"He reminds me of fowler in the way he talks of the club. He is so much in love with the club. I hope you score the winning goal to clinch us the title next year Rickie! YNWA!!"
2nd Jun 2014 11:34
"Great signing - great lad! welcome to the family Rickie - ynwa"
2nd Jun 2014 11:35
"welcome home son.may God bless your return and made you a better signing to LFC"
2nd Jun 2014 11:36
"I have just watched the RL interview and cannot believe that any true Red could question the signing . This man has talent and he will give the last ounce of his being for LFC"
2nd Jun 2014 11:38
"I was never so excited to read The First Interview of a new Liverpool player as today. This Cinderella man's dream came true and it's so great to see him in a Liverpool shirt. I wish him all the best and I'm sure we'll enjoy his contribution to the team. Good luck RL!"
2nd Jun 2014 11:45
"Delighted for him. Not since God resigned have I seen a player more elated to be here. Cannot wait to see his first goal in front of us on the Kop. He will explode! "
2nd Jun 2014 11:45
"He is so chuffed. I'm overjoyed for the guy. This is the type of player we should be signing. People that want to be here for real. May you and LFC win many trophies, Lambert-san!"
2nd Jun 2014 11:57
"Ricky's emotions give me emotions! I do have one concern going forward next season... Ricky might usurp Gerrard as my favorite player! Really excited for next season, and it will be interesting to see who else we can bring in this summer!"
2nd Jun 2014 12:23
"Brilliant signing,great guy, accomplished player and a perfect fit for the team.Rickie brings just what we needed and missed at times last season.Well done Brendan and the club for bringing Rickie home.Welcome home Rickie!"
2nd Jun 2014 12:28
"Welcome back Rickie YNWA"
2nd Jun 2014 12:30
2nd Jun 2014 12:32
"The best interview ever! Can't wait to see you pull on that red shirt! Welcome home, son!"
2nd Jun 2014 12:40
"Welcome home Rickie. Cant wait to see you banging em in against the likes of Chelsea and United. Once a Red, always a Red. YNWA"
2nd Jun 2014 12:44
"Fantastic signing. "
Liverpool NY
2nd Jun 2014 12:49
"brilliant story , brilliant to have him back at LFC"
2nd Jun 2014 13:08
"Going from 5 to 6 LFC lads, the Three Lions just got better! :-)"
2nd Jun 2014 13:10
"Lethal. Good for everone involved..."
2nd Jun 2014 13:15
"I love your smile. I am sure we will be proud of you."
2nd Jun 2014 13:22
"this kid is soooooooo happy :D good to see that. he will put his heart into every single game "
2nd Jun 2014 13:22
"this kid is soooooooo happy :D good to see that. he will put his heart into every single game "
2nd Jun 2014 13:24
"A player thats going to give 100% in every game he plays because hes a red welcome home"
2nd Jun 2014 13:28
"All hearts. And all pride. I'm sure Rickie will carry Liverpool like the Liver Bird on his shoulders. Got very good vibes from this first interview. Welcome home Rickie. YNWA.."
2nd Jun 2014 13:31
"welcome home ricky!!! looking forward to you gettin stuck in next season! all the best."
2nd Jun 2014 13:35
"Wow ! Never seen a player so happy to join the Reds. Living the dream indeed Rickie (or is it Roy?). Guessing the title's nailed on with the year you're having. Welcome home fellah."
2nd Jun 2014 13:36
"welcome rickie ynwa have a great goalscoring season mate "
2nd Jun 2014 13:36
"after seeing how much it means to him I'm actually really happy with this signing, when given the chance we know he will give everything he has for the team"
One of 533
2nd Jun 2014 13:52
"What a great story. Can't wait for your first goal"
2nd Jun 2014 13:57
"Wonderful interview, this guy could be anyone of us pulling on the red shirt, absolutely buzzin for him, YNWA Rickie"
2nd Jun 2014 14:03
"Welcome to the Liverpool family Rickie !! You will now get to experience playing for the greatest club in England, and more importantly having the best supporters in world football behind you every time you pull on the famous red shirt...YNWA "
2nd Jun 2014 14:11
"Rickie,just be yourself,dont try too hard..And you will be just fine..Welcome home...YNWA!!"
Reds 96
2nd Jun 2014 14:11
"What a fabulous interview, absolutely top class. I've never seen a LFC signing so proud, he was close to tears. Get in there Rickie lad, you have everyone on your side. Brilliant signing. Welcome home Rickie lad, welcome home! "
2nd Jun 2014 14:18
"somebody stop me!!!!!!!"
2nd Jun 2014 14:23
""I've loved this club all my life... I have always dreamt of playing for Liverpool." Instant cult hero."
2nd Jun 2014 14:42
"He looks very very happy :) Welcome home lad. Now we should have a solution for small clubs like Chelsea Borinhio."
2nd Jun 2014 14:43
"Welcome Rickie Lambert to the club of your dreams and ass a Kopite i along with the rest of the Kop im sure wish you all the best of luck now that your living your dream please make all our dreams come true with you well deserved Rickie mate Y.N.W.A.===J.F.T.96"
2nd Jun 2014 14:46
"Welcome home Rickie."
2nd Jun 2014 14:48
"Welcome Home Rickie hold up high your heart YNWA"
2nd Jun 2014 14:52
"Great signing and what a story for this guy! Incredible boyhood stuff. Great to have you Ricky. YNWA"
2nd Jun 2014 14:59
"An exceptional interview with a man who has walked a long way to Never Walk Alone! All the best for Brazil, may next season be your best ever."
2nd Jun 2014 15:03
"Welcome Rickie Lambert to the club of your dreams and ass a Kopite i along with the rest of the Kop im sure wish you all the best of luck now that your living your dream please make all our dreams come true with you well deserved Rickie mate Y.N.W.A.===J.F.T.96"
2nd Jun 2014 15:06
"He's come with a good record from Southampton. Last season bagged 13 goals and 10 assists. Offers similar strengths to how we play but can offer something else as well. £4m for a 32 year old might sound like much, but I'm sure he'll be a shrewd buy."
2nd Jun 2014 15:07
"The story of Rickie Lambert is so great I might get his name on my 2014/15 top! "
2nd Jun 2014 15:36
"Delighted, and despite the fact that Hester91 called me an "idiot" for welcoming Ricky, glad to see he has an appetite for humble pie"
2nd Jun 2014 15:43
"Oh let the new season start already!!!!!!"
2nd Jun 2014 16:02
"Welcome back Home, Rickie! I hope you will enjoynyour time with us! YNWA LAD!"
2nd Jun 2014 16:03
"every single comment on here about ricky lambert has been positive,just shows what a good signing he is,the interview sounds just like any of us signing for our beloved reds.#true fan. now lets get his mate lallana "
2nd Jun 2014 16:03
"He is 32!!! with ONE good season. Nothing against the lad but, are we not supposed to be buying players that improve the first team. Not somebody whom we are going to pay to sit on the bench. LUIS/DANIEL/RICKIE. Sorry cant see him win that battle."
2nd Jun 2014 16:19
"he maybe 32, but anyone remember gary mcallister? absolute masterstroke signing by houllier(and older than lambert), would we have won the 2000-01 treble without him? could be a special season next year"
2nd Jun 2014 16:21
"Makes a change for us to sign a player who says he has supported the club all his life and actually mean it, unlike some recently. good back up man for Suarez and maybe more if Real splash the cash. Little disappointed that our main targets whoever they may be have not yet signed though."
2nd Jun 2014 16:53
"PC1892: I wasn't happy with the first rumours out that it was a 9million deal for a 32 year old ... but I still do think your an idiot anyways. :D he will be a decent backup I just didn't expect it, thought we would another striker that was abit younger etc but proven"
2nd Jun 2014 17:20
"Could prove to be a bargain but he'll have to work very closely with the physio and fitness staff to make sure he gives us 2 good years. If I were an opposition I'd hate to see him coming off the bench because he makes things happen. Whenever he pulls on the shirt he'll give everything. What you want from a striker. Transfer committee has made a good start. Now Lallana and Cole/Moreno, please."
2nd Jun 2014 17:26
"I am absolutely made up for Lambert so happy for him and us as a club. It can only be a win win situation in my eyes. Great player, seems like a really great guy too. Fantastic price, cant help but wish he'd been a Liverpool player before now. Really hope he does well and wish him and rest of players best of luck in world cup, and hope it can spur us on for next season ... "
2nd Jun 2014 17:26
"Had a lump in throat watching that interview can only imagine how he feels right now as im sure most of us supporters have had dreams like him of playing for LFC, wearing shirt on pitch and touching the sign etc. Very happy man im sure and i am also a very proud and happy supporter. Ynwa forever ! "
2nd Jun 2014 17:44
"Welcome home Ricky."
2nd Jun 2014 18:25
"So glad for you and your family that your dream move finally came through Im sure youll do a great job and always give it all you got and wear your heart out on the shirt. YNWA."
2nd Jun 2014 18:35
"Welcome to Liverpool, Rickie! You'll contribute a lot to the team and, as you said, we'll fight for the title next year ;-)"
2nd Jun 2014 18:41
"Hester91:- Ok, as long as you are a red I forgive you, if we get Moreno (LB) and a decent CB, plus some genuine quality like Emre, Kono, Pedro, and Vorm to fight Simon (Swans have bought Fabianski), I trust Brendan and will be sat in the centenary singing my head off. YNWA"
2nd Jun 2014 19:19
"Rickie you won our hearts with this interveiw,my only fear is,you talked so well you maybe after brendans job ? lol please feel at home(again)you are most welcome ,YNWA"
2nd Jun 2014 19:26
"Welcome to the Liverpool family Rickie.YNWA"
2nd Jun 2014 20:04
"This is a Greek man. Or just the grandmother."
2nd Jun 2014 20:08
"Rickiagos. :)"
2nd Jun 2014 20:10
" RedsRise 2nd Jun 2014 why not 32 goals?? :)"
2nd Jun 2014 20:14
"PC1892: good attitude to have, cheers and sorry for the idiot we all have different opinions tbh that's what this kinda site is for, if we all had the same opinion it would be boring"
2nd Jun 2014 20:59
"Lambert's signing has given the players & fans such a massive boost, a boost better than any other signing we'll make this window. No one else will come in & react like that, it's just so infectious; what a player to have in your dressing room & on the pitch. So chuffed today, I feel like a kid again :-)"
2nd Jun 2014 22:13
"Welcome home, Ricky! You will be playing with real quality here - Gerrard, Suarez, Sturridge,, Coutinho, Skrtel etc........Nice piece of business by BR. I have a feeling you will get some very important goals for us next season. You have joined a club with great tradition, enthusiasm and a wealth of experience. Do the business on the pitch and you will be loved forever."
2nd Jun 2014 22:24
"I think this was a genius choice. He's got a great physique so can mix it up with the lower level more physical teams. Plus, he knows a lot of his old team - They're a tough nut to crack. If Brendan gets him playing at maximum level he'll be great. Good in the air too, and penalty taking will give Stevie a challenge. You beauty BR I remember hearing Ricki's passion for the club and hoped. YNWA!"
2nd Jun 2014 22:31
"Fantastic interview. Was moved by the passion Rickie has for the Reds. Part one of the summer of hope done and dusted. Need to move fast on Kono and Lovren. Lallana has to make his mind up and say to the saints he wants to go. If not lets start to look elsewhere. We can't be held to ransom just cause we have shown we are in for quality players."
2nd Jun 2014 23:08
"Made up for him personally and as a signing for the club, perfect fit. YNWA Rickie"
3rd Jun 2014 1:29
"So there you go... everyone agrees that Liverpool have the best attacking force in the Premiership and probably the worst defence. So the first signing of the summer is an ageing striker.Excuse me while I DON'T join in the celebrations."
3rd Jun 2014 2:14
"A fantastic signing for LFC All The Best YNWA Welcome Back Home"
3rd Jun 2014 4:15
"look at that smile,,,welcome home Ricky lad,,,,YNWA"
3rd Jun 2014 4:25
"Welcome Ricky and Happy Birthday to LFC .."
3rd Jun 2014 4:41
"Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back. Now the work begins. So stay healthy and show us that quality!!"
3rd Jun 2014 11:09
"Welcome Home Rikie, Mtoto-Coutinho u remind me of Tanzania"