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Welcome! Bag us some goals mate!
2nd Jun 2014 11:03
2nd Jun 2014 11:04
"Welcome home Rickie! This is so great. Haters.. Dont comment. "
2nd Jun 2014 11:05
"Welcome home Rickie! You'll Never Walk Alone"
Reds 96
2nd Jun 2014 11:06
"Welcome back to LFC, Rickie. It will be great to see you in the red shirt. You have my support 100% ... get in there lad, score lots of goals! YNWA "
2nd Jun 2014 11:06
"welcome home rickie ynwa"
Gordon Ottershaw
2nd Jun 2014 11:06
"Wow, great to see Rickie at our club. Let's go again and get some more players. First one in the bag."
2nd Jun 2014 11:07
Norfolk in Chance
2nd Jun 2014 11:07
"Very astute signing. Won't be popular with the FIFA14 kids, but we're trying to shake them off anyway.."
2nd Jun 2014 11:07
"Welcome home rickie#Ynwa"
2nd Jun 2014 11:08
"Welcome Rickie!! Strangely enough I saw that picture yesterday!!! Have you signed twice????"
2nd Jun 2014 11:09
"Just put the ball in the net,lad"
2nd Jun 2014 11:09
"Welcome rickie lambert.ynwa"
2nd Jun 2014 11:09
"Welcome home Rickie! Hope you will bag tons of goals for us! Now time to sign Shaqiri, Moreno, Lovren and Emre Can!"
2nd Jun 2014 11:10
"Welcome Home Rickie! "
2nd Jun 2014 11:10
"rickie ...."
2nd Jun 2014 11:10
"So proud."
2nd Jun 2014 11:11
"Welcome lad :) Made up for him :) YNWA"
2nd Jun 2014 11:13
"welcome home mr rickie lambert.. ynwa"
2nd Jun 2014 11:15
"Welcome home, Rickie!"
2nd Jun 2014 11:18
2nd Jun 2014 11:18
"Welcome home RL ! . Great times ahead !. "
2nd Jun 2014 11:19
"Welcome home Rickie! YNWA!"
2nd Jun 2014 11:19
"Welcome to Liverpool Rickie. I hope you will enjoy yourself."
2nd Jun 2014 11:19
"welcome home rickie"
2nd Jun 2014 11:20
"Welcome to lLiverpool AGAIN rRicky. made up for you. Enjoy your football at your boyhood club"
2nd Jun 2014 11:24
"Welcome Rickie, made up for him & his family. Wise piece of business by BR, I wonder what other surprises he has lined up for us? Y.N.W.A."
2nd Jun 2014 11:30
"Happy for you mate. Imagine playing for a club you love. YNWA from Singapore."
2nd Jun 2014 11:32
"Rickie Lambert!!! Welcome to the greatest club in the world, i am absolutely sure that you will fit in perfectly.. Now go get us some goals;)YNWA"
2nd Jun 2014 11:33
"Welcome! What a fairytale. I'm sure you'll score lots of goals and win a bunch of trophies with your home town team. YNWA!"
2nd Jun 2014 11:37
"Great to have not only a new player, but a fan and a Scouser on board. Can be sure that he'll give 110% every single match, which is exactly what we need. Great to see him back at the club where he belongs. Welcome home Ricky! Best of luck mate, and you'll never walk alone."
2nd Jun 2014 11:37
"Rickie will be excellent next season. Very astute move. He loves the club, he's an accurate finisher from free kicks, penalties and in the box, and will fight for every bit of game time! Great way to improve our squad options..."
2nd Jun 2014 11:38
"Welcome Rickie! Good bit of business this."
2nd Jun 2014 11:38
"Welcome Ricky. YNWA"
2nd Jun 2014 11:42
"This is a fine signing. The doubters said the same about BR. I ignore idiocy. Now we can finally hold the ball up away from home, something the naysayers seem to ignore (or don;t have the tactical know-how to understand this problem). "
Bojan H
2nd Jun 2014 11:43
"Welcome back home Rickie. =)"
2nd Jun 2014 11:44
"Norfolk in Chance - Your the king of the Fifa 14 kids. I still remember your nonsense about BR. Your a pathetic imbecile. Do you still rate BR as a mid-table nobody? LOL absolute ."
2nd Jun 2014 11:45
"Get Back, Get Back, Get Back to where you once belonged. Get Back Rickie.This song sounds very familiar to me. Welcome to LFC and I surely believe that he will score some goals against the Stokes, WBA, and especially the Parked Bus of Chelsea teams. "
2nd Jun 2014 11:46
"If i can honestly say i was disappointed when i heard about this first. We got rid of carroll who i liked and bringing in similar type for another option? Although Listening to him speak and learning more about this guy tells me he has something money experience or quality can't give you. Thats the love for Lfc we all feel. Can tell he's going to be a hit really excited now!"
2nd Jun 2014 11:48
"Welcome home Rickie!! So glad for this signing, YNWA Rickie "
2nd Jun 2014 11:49
"Welcome home Rickie! Great player, always been a fan of your's. Now lets Get Lallana,Lovren,Moreno,Can, Vorm and Konoplyanka!"
2nd Jun 2014 11:50
"Welcome home! YNWA"
2nd Jun 2014 11:51
"Welcome to the Family Rickie - great lad - great signing! YNWA"
Reds 96
2nd Jun 2014 11:58
"As a home town lad I can't wait to see Rickie score his first goal at Anfield. The roof will come off! Get in there Rickie lad. "
2nd Jun 2014 11:59
"Welcome back to the family. Clever bit of business from the boss. No negative comments from the usual offenders either, great stuff! "
2nd Jun 2014 12:02
"Welcome to the lfc family! YNWA Rickie"
2nd Jun 2014 12:05
"You won't see a happier signing than that. Welcome Rickie. Such a great clever addition to the team."
2nd Jun 2014 12:06
"Welcome back Rickie!!"
Reds 96
2nd Jun 2014 12:07
"LFCLJ - with respect mate, Rickie is a much different player to Andy Carroll. He has two good feet, good heading ability, he is excellent at free kicks and penalties. He's a very good all around player. Personally I think Rickie is a better player than Andy Carroll by quite some margin, and he'll play his heart out every single game for the red shirt. Great bit of business. "
2nd Jun 2014 12:08
"Home is all that matters, son. Welcome home."
Liverpool NY
2nd Jun 2014 12:09
"such a great guy to have in and around the dressing room and a proven scorer as well he has gone over the nerves of first playing in the EPL vas his experience subs determination will help us quite a bit such a great story "
2nd Jun 2014 12:15
"welcome home took along time so get us plenty of goals rick"
2nd Jun 2014 12:22
"Welcome rickie I know yyou wont need 3 seasons to settle,lol,"
2nd Jun 2014 12:22
"this man will be willing to run through walls just watch the new stand ynwa onwards and upwards"
2nd Jun 2014 12:22
"red 96 i agree. wasn't comparing them just liked big Andy (wife is a geordie) Lambert will be loved by the fans i can't wait to see him play for us. Honestly didn't see Southampton much last year so didn't see that much but looked good for England and heard nothing but good things."
klawnson Kopite YNWA
2nd Jun 2014 12:23
"Welcome to Lfc. You'll Never Walk Alone RL"
2nd Jun 2014 12:33
2nd Jun 2014 12:34
"he may be 32 but for 4 million is pretty good business not to mention he'll play a lot of cup games to rest SAS he could be a major part if we win league cup or FA cup"
2nd Jun 2014 12:35
"Welcome to the LFC Family Rickie good to see you returning home... Help us achieve yours and our dreams... so we go again.. YNWA Redmen."
2nd Jun 2014 12:38
"Good squad player and well earned by him,What's going on with konplyanko and Can plus alallana Pedro or is this more paper .hope it all goes well for rickie at Lfc as in return we will benefit.."
2nd Jun 2014 12:38
"Welcome to LFC Rickie! YNWA!"
2nd Jun 2014 12:52
"60 goals in three seasons? 4 million pound sounds a good bargain....... Its the bargain that bothets me tho.but good luck.must be better than aspas"
2nd Jun 2014 12:53
"Bags of experience and fighting spirit !! And he loves Liverpool FC !! Welcome Rickie #YNWA "
2nd Jun 2014 12:56
"Some may see this not as what they want but what else can u expect from a fan-player? Rickie, give me 15 goals at least en route to d premier league and FA win. I won't mind d champions league too. Who says its too much to ask for more?"
2nd Jun 2014 12:57
"At last someone to back up sas who an score goals now lets get other signi gs "
2nd Jun 2014 12:59
"This is a very good deal. I hope he can bag us more than 10 goals. YNWA"
2nd Jun 2014 12:59
"Welcome Big Guy. Great first signing to kick off an exciting summer. YNWA Lambo Lad ð"
2nd Jun 2014 12:59
"Delighted for you Rickie ... you worked hard to get here... I hope you get some silver ware now. It is your destiny.. Enjoy"
2nd Jun 2014 13:03
"why are people mentioning aspas.... the lad diery good dnt get a chance to play and hit any form due the the sas and sterlings form, he is a good footballer just not right for the prem so why have a go at him.. give the lad a break and wish him well when he moves on.... "
2nd Jun 2014 13:04
"Fans, don't Criricize Lambert. I am sure he will shine. We are waiting for our RB, CB, LB and wingers."
2nd Jun 2014 13:06
"Welcome home Rickie! Another fan among the chosen group, Happy days! Please give him that precious number: #9!"
2nd Jun 2014 13:09
"Welcome home. Another piece in the jigsaw complete. Now prove all the numpties who said you are too old wrong.Passion for the Red shirt alone is good enough for me.YNWA"
2nd Jun 2014 13:11
"Welcome Rickie. Great signing. For teams like Stoke, West Ham and Newcastle your style of play will be invaluable. Great signing. YNWA"
Reds 96
2nd Jun 2014 13:17
"LFCLJ, I would love to see Rickie get a hatrick, Anfield would go mental. Roy of the Rovers stuff this, great to see Rickie back home where he belongs. Get in there Rickie lad! "
2nd Jun 2014 13:24
"welcome back ricky !!! we're happy for you and all THE RED ARMY are behind you !! YNWA "
2nd Jun 2014 14:00
"Lets get one thing straight...i dont dislike aspas,hes just not good enough-end of "
2nd Jun 2014 14:21
"wow thanks"
2nd Jun 2014 14:32
"Norfolk in Chance: what's your name about, anyway? "
No 7
2nd Jun 2014 14:59
"well said lonewars i think fans need to get off aspas's back i think he is a good player but never got a run in the team and maybe not suited for the prem. so happy to see rickie here,well done br.ynwa"
2nd Jun 2014 15:05
"He's come with a good record from Southampton. Last season bagged 13 goals and 10 assists. Offers similar strengths to how we play but can offer something else as well. £4m for a 32 year old might sound like much, but I'm sure he'll be a shrewd buy."
2nd Jun 2014 15:07
"Welcome back Rickie YNWA!"
2nd Jun 2014 15:16
"4 million is a good deal for someone who can bag 10+ goals a season, great back up for SAS, great option to use when bus is parked and we need some strength in the box while crosses are whipped in ... Good in dead ball situations too. Great signing "
One of 533
2nd Jun 2014 15:19
"To put into context the singing. A. we need more players. B. He loves the club this will improve the mood C. only 4 million. D. physical presence on the pitch we don't have important in this league. E. its impossible to keep 3rd choice strikers happy. F. He is a good player. G. I honestly can't see any strikers wanting to join us to compete with sas"
Norfolk in Chance
2nd Jun 2014 15:22
"Kingwillis10: Grow up and run along. Buddha you're just a sad tool. Joey: it rhymes in a northern accent. "
2nd Jun 2014 15:24
"red 96 yeah us liverpool fans love the players that love the club i.e. KK god stevie Carra and more, Not like the passionless mancs and Chelski money driven limelight seeking fame hoggers. TRUE passion is priceless. Theres not enough oil in the world!"
2nd Jun 2014 15:50
"Welcome !!! "
2nd Jun 2014 15:51
"At that money he is a great addition to our squad and offers something none of the other strikers have. I'm sure being local he'll give his all just don't try to hard, play your own game and I'm sure the Kop will love you."
2nd Jun 2014 16:21
"You would think we could afford better than a bic pen to let players sign with!!!"
2nd Jun 2014 16:43
"Excellent comments.. Rickie is one of us and we have one more of us in the squad.. Get back with the Beatles is a.good idea for a song for him.since he did get back.. he has had an astonishing fight back career and we can be proud of this signing.. "
2nd Jun 2014 16:46
"Welcome home Ricks! YNWA"
Monument Mark
2nd Jun 2014 16:57
"A really clever good value signing. Well done Brendan and FSG. I'm very happy for Rickie, you can see how much it means to him. The club will always benefit from talented players who give their all for the shirt."
2nd Jun 2014 17:28
""I am absolutely made up for Lambert so happy for him and us as a club. It can only be a win win situation in my eyes. Great player, seems like a really great guy too. Fantastic price, cant help but wish he'd been a Liverpool player before now. Really hope he does well and wish him and rest of players best of luck in world cup, and hope it can spur us on for next season ... ""
2nd Jun 2014 17:28
""Had a lump in throat watching that interview can only imagine how he feels right now as im sure most of us supporters have had dreams like him of playing for LFC, wearing shirt on pitch and touching the sign etc. Very happy man im sure and i am also a very proud and happy supporter. Ynwa forever ! " "
2nd Jun 2014 18:42
"Welcome back Rickie. I would have signed him too if I was br. I've never heard Norfolk say anything bad towards the club....Buddha is a different story though:)"
2nd Jun 2014 19:22
"welcome Rickie. Very good signing. YNWA!"
2nd Jun 2014 20:24
"Good on you Rickie. You've worked hard to get where you are and you deserve the England call ups and a taste of Champions League. Regards from Canada!"
2nd Jun 2014 20:36
"Welcome to Liverpool FC Rickie Lambert. True scouse heart. Look forward to seeing you in action"
2nd Jun 2014 20:41
"Ha ha, this signing appears to have given some unity to this forum - a wonderful signing & just look, he can't stop smiling...delighted for him & delighted for the club!"
2nd Jun 2014 21:15
"Welcome back Rickie, and congrats. You are living proof that dreams can come true."
2nd Jun 2014 21:34
3rd Jun 2014 4:47
" Rickie Lambert 4 mill Andy Carroll 35 mill unbelievable . "
3rd Jun 2014 7:35
"A fantastic signing & welcome home mate.give him the number 9 shirt and get rid of that useless Aspas. All The Best YNWA & welcome to The LFC Family."
3rd Jun 2014 7:37
"Now we have a plan B if the SAS mis-fires. "
3rd Jun 2014 7:39
"Now get GODIN!!"
Norfolk in Chance
3rd Jun 2014 9:27
"Buddha: you're pathetic. I can't be bothered with your tired, boring BS. But along with most LFC fans I'd give you a smack if I ever met you. "