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YESSS BOSS. oohk lets start buying good but hardworking players, so that we can be able to compete in all tournaments but i actually can't wait to see our guys in the champions league. #ynwa #thekop
26th May 2014 15:08
26th May 2014 15:10
"This is fantastic news for every supporter. He has been excellent this year and fully deserves the long term contract. Hopefully next on the agenda is to give Flanno and Ibe new contracts too. "
26th May 2014 15:11
"Congs BR long live and win all that there's to win!"
26th May 2014 15:12
"Great news for everyone at the club. Congratulations Brendan, many thanks for giving us such an exciting season. I am looking forward to next season with great anticipation, with a young squad, hopefully well strengthened to support our new European opportunities and further refinement of the wonderful attacking football we have enjoyed this year. BR-YNWA!"
A d red
26th May 2014 15:12
"I can see a bright red future now the boss is sticking around, we go again next season #ynwa #buckstheboss"
26th May 2014 15:14
"Great man. Did not forget to thank the supporters. We supporters never forget to praise you. Exciting days ahead!! Best first signing in the entire league. "
A d red
26th May 2014 15:15
"I can see a bright red future now that buck is here for the long haul #ynwa #buckstheboss "
26th May 2014 15:19
"Well done FSG, come on Brendan YNWA"
26th May 2014 15:20
"Regardless of which players we sign this summer, this signing will be the best of the lot. YNWA, In BR I trust"
26th May 2014 15:20
"Cannot get better news on a Bank Holiday than this. Thanks Brendan for all you have given us.Kenny put the Heart back into this club and you have brought the Soul. Ynwa"
26th May 2014 15:23
"Yes Boss."
26th May 2014 15:24
"Fantastic news! Keep making us hope and dream Brendan! YNWA!"
26th May 2014 15:26
"Great! Many more years of enjoying attacking football. Good luck and success to BR and Liverpool team and players."
26th May 2014 15:45
"Superb news for the club and the fans , i really do think Brendan will bring the league title back to Anfield and who knows maybe in a few years the European Cup again . A great day to be a Liverpool fan "
26th May 2014 16:09
"Great! At the game in dublin Brendan got the biggest cheers. And have to say as he walked by on lap of honor he def showed us fans the most love."
26th May 2014 16:10
"Many Congratulations Brendan, one of the most important signings of the summer ! Now let me work on the re-design of our Legendary Managers banner to add you to it after triumphing in the Prem or C L "
26th May 2014 16:17
"Many, Many Congratulations to Our Boss who Deserves a LONG term deal. Not before tim either. Please BR take us into the Future and Win us Everything out there to Win. YNWA REDS."
26th May 2014 16:27
"Good Brendan has signed but he needs help from Admin. management to get the players in. I'm not sure Ian Ayres is up to it. He dithered last summer and we missed out on players. Apparently he is dithering over Lallana now. We can get him for £25m according to reports. Pay up or negotiate close to that amount or he will be worth £30m after a good world cup."
26th May 2014 16:35
"Now give him players he needs stop trying to get them on the cheap , well done br well deserved ynwa"
26th May 2014 16:49
"Fantastic News. Now give him some money to spend and then next season we go again. Destiny awaits..."
26th May 2014 17:02
"Excellent!! Not that I thought he would quit Liverpool FC."
Reds 96
26th May 2014 17:03
"Congrats Brendan, well deserved. Now let's hope FSG move fast in this transfer window and get some good quality players. "
26th May 2014 17:37
"Excellent news and well deserved. Lets hope the magic continues. "
26th May 2014 17:44
26th May 2014 17:45
"Great News! We support you Brendan."
26th May 2014 17:48
"Yes! Now that we have got the manager tied down we should be thinking about getting very good talented players into the team to feel the gaps in defence, midfield and attack! YNWA!"
26th May 2014 17:56
"I know this is about Bren but just a question...where did all the people who blame Ayre for missed transfers find out he was at fault. Liverpool have many people to do that job. Remember the transfer committee was set up. BR and the owners decide what to offer who. The kono deal In jan for example, was only one we were going for in end so BR and all would have been involved"
26th May 2014 18:01
"Now FSG need to show real support for BR and bring in the players he wants????? Time to put ya money where ya mouth is FSG!!!"
26th May 2014 18:11
"OK, now get the Lallana deal done if we really want him. Pochettino to Spurs ? Will probably want to take him, while we haggle."
26th May 2014 18:19
"Congrats BR bring us back where we belong YNWA"
26th May 2014 18:30
"He messed up at the end, and apart from 2 - his signings have been poor. His problem with Agger and Reina probably cost us title. But he's young and learning and his football style is great. Could be here a long time if he picks players on merit and not who he likes or has wasted £18million on."
26th May 2014 18:35
"he needs a song that catches the ears like rafas,suarez,stevie,torres, thers only 1 brendan rodgers is boring,studge needs 1 too"
26th May 2014 19:03
"Great news! And well deserved and to think when I said he will be our next manager nearly 4 years ago I was called mad and told I know nothing about football by the naysayers... I was equally chastised when i hailed couthino and sturridge as game changers for lfc. . And I am saying now fsg are fantastic owners. "
26th May 2014 19:05
"Excellent news. Onwards and upwards"
26th May 2014 19:06
"Yay! Time to spend....."
26th May 2014 19:09
"This is good news, it adds stability and continuity but hey! It's about time we actually won something and I don't mean a poxy League Cup, we need to land a big fish and that means a bit more (A lot more) ambition in the transfer market, quality, steel, the sort of players who refuse to lose. "
26th May 2014 19:09
"richly deserved brendon.this is fantastic news for all true liverpool fans.and credit to fsg for sorting it out.That said,now onto the signings/players the club sure ayres/fsg will complete the deals quickly....(.as i keep repeating) i wait with baited breath"
26th May 2014 19:09
"This will also show potential signings that they are coming to a club with complete stability. Who have a passionate, inspirational and outstanding coach here for the long term who is building methodically and not looking for quick fixes by signing big names."
26th May 2014 19:15
"I feel the only weak link at the club appears to be Ayre. None of us no for sure his failures but visually and through the media he looks a slow and an incompetent negotiator. So this summer he has too seriously step up and show once and for all he can do his job. If not He has to be internally moved."
26th May 2014 19:17
"Brendan's 1st season with us was finding his feet, making his mark, laying foundations. His 2nd season was building and fine tuning and twiddling a few knobs etc. This 3rd season must be a season where we start to really deliver, land some silverware and beef up the squad with real quality and steel, so come on, Liverpool FC was built to win trophies."
26th May 2014 19:19
"As a fellow irishman so proud brendan has signed a new contract!! Good times ahead!! "
26th May 2014 19:21
"The new era has well and truly started. Congrats BR and now for the rest of the signings for this summer. We will be untouchable next year. Sorry for Billy b girl who hasn't got their wish for Rafa to come back."
26th May 2014 19:32
"Lonewars-your bang on,except ayres should have gone already he is not the man for the job (just my opinion) tbh i hope im proved wrong.....,.."
26th May 2014 19:35
"Hey centre circle. This summer will tell.. The quality of the signings will tell us all if Ayre can do his job..."
Thomas B
26th May 2014 19:43
"Brilliant news! Congratulations Brendan! Well deserved. Really looking forward to see the team developing under Brendan coming seasons. A lot will happen to the team, some will leave, new will come in, even Captain fantastic will stop playing soon, BUT the future is bright for LFC!!! YNWA"
26th May 2014 19:57
"Great news, not that a long term deal is any guarantee of employment (david moyes on a 6yr deal lol) but it is a good vote of confidence for a great young manager and gives us a good stable platform to build the 'next phase' I hope we don't sign too many players as the squad has a great unity and togetherness atm, 2 first teamers, 2 prospects and our loanees back would satisfy me"
26th May 2014 20:00
"I have got a feeling if we buy two players from Southampton. We will pay 20 for Lallana and overpay for the second player. So the saints don't have as much to Lallana ' s former club. So if this happens people please do not judge too much."
26th May 2014 20:03
"2 first teamers would be ratakic and vertonghen, 2 prospects would be can and carvalho and from the loanees I'd keep robinson borini suso wisdom ibe, for sale reina aspas lucas toure johnson "
26th May 2014 20:04
"To ourtime now.. at 1957. Comment of the day. We do need lots of signings. It would disrupt rather than strengthen. Two first teamers and two hot prospects will do nicely. "
26th May 2014 20:10
"Do not need lots of new signings... was what I meant to put.."
26th May 2014 20:19
"Made my day. Have to laugh at the silly comment that the Red Sox' current losing streak had anything to do with the timing of this, and that Red Sox fans are slamming the owners, who've brought THREE championships to Boston in the last 10 years. More desperate anti-FSG propaganda. Very lame."
26th May 2014 20:22
"Congratulations Brendan Rogers best of luck"
26th May 2014 20:23
"Regarding the comment that it's now time for FSG to "put their money where their mouth is", they just did. (rolls eyes)"
Natural Poolie
26th May 2014 20:25
"Excellent now back him in the transfer market. Prove you yanks mean business. All I've heard is words and promises. A team that's shown they are capable, we have CL in the upcoming season all thanks to BR. Give him some funds to bring back the stars to Anfield. There's no hiding and no excuses now anymore. "
26th May 2014 20:31
"Loanwars- correct we need quality not quantity,BR has already said this on this site.its a big summer for us.cant wait to see what happens...,,,"
Natural Poolie
26th May 2014 20:32
"Kono, Gaitan, Coentrao, Carvalho, Pedro, Sanchez, Cavani, Garay, Oscar, Bender. All stars, all quality, all are proven season after season. Can, Remy, who in the first team are they better, who are they gonna help us beat in CL. All our buys have to be capable of at lest one of these or offer something different like Kono. Back your man!"
26th May 2014 20:32
"Great news as it takes time and money to build a squad. Br has done a great job of creating a first 11 maybe 15 but now with cl he needs at least 4 or 5 players that can contribute in the first team. Borini might be one of those but others will have to wait."
26th May 2014 20:51
"I see mushroom is trying to dampen our high spirits again posting under new names... weirdo. Day by day that weirdo anti lfc Muppet is being proved wrong."
26th May 2014 21:08
"1Signed 6 ty players. 2Tactical naivety with no defense and planB 3Record high no contact injuries related to overtraining 4Almost 90% changes he made were bad timing or wrong player in or out"
26th May 2014 21:12
26th May 2014 21:21
"I so glad he has put pen 2 paper and signed a new contract so all that us left 2 do is 4 FSG 2 put there hands in there deep pockets and get the players that Brendan wants in and I hope Iain Ayre moves quickly in the window as well 2 get the players signed up "
26th May 2014 21:49
"Muppet above"
26th May 2014 22:07
"Stability, momentum, continuity & focus, that's what's been secured today. A year ahead of schedule was an amazing achievement in the most difficult league in the world; fully deserved contract. Next step is to raise the bar again & begin gracing those trophy cabinets with EPL & CL silverware."
26th May 2014 22:28
"Lonewars-ive always said some on here are unbelievable....."
26th May 2014 22:39
"Great! Now FSG must back our manager with the signings he needs to compete on multiple fronts next season. We need quality not just quantity. Onwards & upwards!"
26th May 2014 22:58
"Best signing of the summer! In BR we trust, through thick and thin YNWA!"
26th May 2014 23:40
"Congratulations mate nothing short of what you deserve,Good luck for next season and wish you all the best. YNWA"