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The style is good. The problem is the defence. :(
9th Jun 2014 8:47
9th Jun 2014 8:56
"Quiet confidence and humility please; keep the hubris for others, it should not be our way. It was once, when we thought we were invincible. But then came 1989 and the world changed. "
Fitorez Muzz
9th Jun 2014 9:38
"we need Carra as new defensive coach"
9th Jun 2014 10:26
"Keep tinkering boss, the final and most important piece is teach the players not to concede and to keep our foot on the throat of our opponent when we are wining not like what happened against Crystal Palace. I have no doubt in my mind you are working on that too.In BR we trust"
9th Jun 2014 10:54
"As our players get more and more used to the playing style, I can see the defensive aspect improving without too many drastic changes- got a feeling the 3-5-2 system might be seen a lot in the CL ties especially away from home... Come on you reds!!"
9th Jun 2014 11:08
"Hope you do some good business this summer Mr BR not like the last one, I'm hearing that Liverpool are trying to sell Suso probably and as usual on the cheap, if you sell him at least insert a buy back clause or a sell on clause cause Porto in 2 years will sell him for 40Million"
9th Jun 2014 11:10
"In Brendan Rodgers We Trust YNWA"
9th Jun 2014 12:27
"two players we should not sell are agger and suso. agger makes our team click and suso could become on of our greatest players, just give him a chance. we have half a dozen players we could sell without weakening team"
9th Jun 2014 12:38
"it will beinteresting to see how coates goes in wc. if he plays against england he will have something to prove. i believe we have enough cbsto win the prem. if we want to concede as few goals as chelsea we could play like them and utd ie 11 players behind ball"
9th Jun 2014 12:39
"You said quality over quantity so please stick to your word and do that, cause so far we havent brought in the quality needed! Yet were letting go suso who is a quality player and then our vice captain agger. "
9th Jun 2014 12:55
"we still need another striker cos sturridge will miss many games and either bony or remy would fit bill, still need a physical midfielder like diame and a creative player such as kono,a lb and a gk like begovic who is better than mig at crosses and corners, drop aspas allen assaidi borini, toure,lucas, one cb"
9th Jun 2014 13:03
"Good job..hope u get your priorities signed up by end of da transfer window.and we the liverpool fans hope you are doing as much in your control to come up with tactics to beef up our shaky defence for next up all the defenders early who are not involved in da WC to get thier tactics right"
9th Jun 2014 13:16
"Rodgers should aim to win every game at an average of 4-5 goals next season. No more holding the ball after 2 goals lead. Strengthen defence and aim for clean sheet - every game."
9th Jun 2014 13:21
"I am so proud of Liverpool FC. At last we can walk with pride. Thanks to BR and all the players."
9th Jun 2014 14:42
"This interview shows how clever Brendan is,the guy knows his football and knows what he's doing.In Brendan we trust "
9th Jun 2014 14:52
"I think the only thing lacking in our game is the ability to kill games of... we will need to learn to do that if we want to win the league and do well in CL next season. "
9th Jun 2014 15:23
"4/5 goals a game = 152/190 goals a season for 38 games. ARE YOU MAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!"
9th Jun 2014 15:36
"The defence does need work - Agger (sicknote) & Johnson (daydreamer) OUT! Lovren and Moreno IN! Plus Richards from City! and another Keeper for competition - Vorm?"
9th Jun 2014 16:40
"only problem is that Richards is a sicknote aswell! I'd love to see us sell Johnson and get someone new in but unsure who "
9th Jun 2014 17:03
"I think a bit of the issue is that sometimes there appears to be poor distribution from Mignolet and a gulf between defence and midfield. The balance needs tweaking, but there is no leadership at back. Don't like criticising players but Skrtel (for all his strengths at attacking set pieces) can't mark effectively. "
9th Jun 2014 17:05
"Johnson likes bombarding forward but is prone to getting caught out and not closing down the wings effectively (exacerbated when you play a gameplan designed to chuck players forward), and Gerrard (I know he wants to play with freedom and attack, needs to perhaps shepherd the defence a bit more and sit back. I want to see Gerrard score his trademark screamers but he's getting past that stage)"
9th Jun 2014 17:06
"Unfortunately I think Enrique's injuries this season has taken their toll on his place in the squad. He started out well, but with Moreno, reported to come in and Flanagan finding his feat again, I can't see Enrique being part of BRs plans next season."
9th Jun 2014 17:07
"Sakho is intimidating and not scared to put himself about but he seems brash with his tackling. He dives in too often for my liking and makes me think he's a risk. Agger would've been at the top 5 if he had better luck with injuries, personally unsure why BR doesn't play him more."
9th Jun 2014 17:08
"But it's alright criticising players like that, but there does seem to be communication break downs and the lack of leadership being the main issue. I don't like to criticise players constantly like that, and want to see them given time to prove themselves but that's the impression I got with them. Still, BR is the manager not me so I'll trust him, stick by him and support the team he puts out. "
9th Jun 2014 17:09
"Bit of a shame Hyypia went to Brighton for us though. Would've loved to see him as a defensive coach alongside Carragher, but fair enough to Hyypia, he wants to be a manager. Will give him best of luck."
9th Jun 2014 17:13
"KINGOFCLUBS Personally I'd rather not sign Richards. 1 match played for City, due to injury. We're not buying a fresh RB. If we replace Johnson, I'd rather use Flanagan or sign a more experienced, pacing, marauding wingback, albeit for a bit more. Johnson is inconsistent with his defending but Micah Richards won't be an improvement."
9th Jun 2014 17:15
"Last comment now though, but we do tend to still miss some easy chances and fail to kill matches off properly. Crystal Palace being one, we couldn't find our way through Chelsea. Sturridge and Suarez did great, but I do think we need a few more goals from deep (Henderson, Coutinho, Sterling, etc). We scored 101 in the league, yet even that pales in comparison to how many we could've had. "
9th Jun 2014 17:58
"our remaining recrutes: croos, reus, lovren, moreno, lalana (max 100 mil). Try to sell sakho, GJ, allen + 60 mill. Good luck"
9th Jun 2014 19:35
"Please BR KEEP LUIS !!!!"
9th Jun 2014 19:56
"People need to learn about football, when we attack like we do we are gonna concede goals, I don't care who we have in defense. Look at Barcelona, they always are questioned for their defense but because there attack was so good 2-3 years ago nobody got near their defense."
9th Jun 2014 21:38
"We need to improve our defence. Play Skrtel and Agger.Let Sakho out.He's not defensive minded at all."
9th Jun 2014 23:05
"wouzer you are right. any team that attacks like we do will always concede more goals. think of the top barcelona and brazil teams.what makes it worse for us is that we have no good defensive midfielder and we have more light ball players like sterling, coutinho, sturridge. we can balance the team up with one robust midfielder and still attack. who wants to be like chelsea"
10th Jun 2014 3:03
"We need a physical hold mid-fielder who could shield the back four, not gerard nor lucas or allen who get bully oFf the ball easily Player like wayama, onazi, song, khedira e.t.c is what we need "
10th Jun 2014 4:58
"We certainly had heaps of style and flair going forward but to concede 50 goals shows a drastic defence and poor goal keeping , need to resolve that for next season , definitely get rid of Cisshoko and Toure urgently Will be good to get Jose Enriche back"