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hat is the ultimate praise Young Flanno. Now, go and don't disappoint the great CAFU.
Afrika Kop
17th May 2014 13:05
17th May 2014 15:09
"Last year I thought Flanagan would be sold,now look at always surprises me."
17th May 2014 16:56
"That's the ultimate praise Flanno could get this season. Well done. I will admit I thought he was thrown into the team a bit prematurely but he done well and coped. However, I firmly believe if we had an adequate specialist LB things may have been defensively. But for some one so young to excel in an alien position was impressive."
17th May 2014 18:32
"Flanno still has a lot to learn and his potential is clear to see. He has come on leaps and bounds since being coached by Rodgers. But we need a quality left back for next season. Hope we get moreno. "
17th May 2014 18:41
17th May 2014 19:23
"Flanu and Skertl been our best two defenders, a shame our defence gets exposed with allen and Lucas in midfield so much hopefully we will get replacements this window,"
17th May 2014 19:34
17th May 2014 19:45
"Flanno deserves to start at right back next season excellent debut season "
17th May 2014 21:27
"OMG people blaming Allen for our defensive frailties. You would really have to gave a childish spiteful vendetta against Allen to say something like that. Allen is an outstanding hard working midfielder who helps the defense. As well as Lucas. Two great pros."
17th May 2014 21:31
"Flanno is not ready to be our right back just yet. But on present form he is better than Johno. So interesting summer shuffling awaits to be seen."
17th May 2014 21:43
"Anyone can see allen ain't good enough just look at our last game once he went off we looked a different team and came from behind to win, especially when playing with Lucas, no point praising mediocre players and wondering why we fell short at last hurdle, squad player but imagine v Real Madrid,"
18th May 2014 7:42
"Absolutly gutted, Love flanno but love Kelly also and if Kelly didn't get injured Flanno wouldn't of got a chance, so pleased for him just hope we can have Kelly and Flanno together next year think that would bring the passion Carra brought!"