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Moreno would be a great addition to the squad and strenghtening the left back position , although Luke Shaw would be a better option ,however his price tag would be out of reach for LFC.
15th May 2014 11:02
15th May 2014 11:11
"Would be a good signing."
15th May 2014 11:16
"Could be a good signing. "
15th May 2014 11:22
"I would actually prefer Moreno ahead of Shaw as this kid is the real deal.He has all the right attributes for a LB . 15 million for him would be a steal. Apparently RM and Barca are tracking him as well . "
15th May 2014 11:41
"I'd like to see Brad Smith and Robinson given a chance before we sign new LB. We've Enrique and Flanno also can do a job at Lb when required. A run in the cup games or a loan to a PL side. They deserve a chance to prove themselves like Flanno and Sterling."
15th May 2014 11:47
"Moreno and Rakitic , please make a double . Those two would be good also with their experience in Europa league would be merits . I can't hear anything about Enrique though, how is he doing? "
15th May 2014 11:52
"I think our shopping list is very long and widely spread. We have so many young talents from our Academy, why still looking at the under 18 s during this time. I thought the option is to strengthen the A team now as a priority and prim target? Who is this kid Alli who is rumored now again? "
15th May 2014 11:59
"Is Enrique no longer in LFC's future plans? Think we need more CB's as we sorely missed Carraghers commanding presence in DEE this season. Him & Stevie would have certainly raised that EPL trophy together this season!"
15th May 2014 12:01
"Bring Moreno, the price is good and he is already matured with experience at all levels. I still say make a double at Savilla, Moreno and Rakitic please! I hope and trust the recruitment team is poised this time. I am happy to see development rumors on Adam Lallana 's bid. And the Boss saying he want 2 world class players deals completed before the WC. "
15th May 2014 12:27
"Yes! Would be perfect for our LB role. And why do people still say give Robinson a chance hes rubbish, im from Blackpool I see him week in week out he will be sold this summer! "
LFC since 1975
15th May 2014 12:43
"we need a new LB as we dont know whether Enrique will return as good as before his injury. Flanno should be able to cement the RB spot next season with GJ as cover. Moreno is a better option than Shaw as he has more experience at top level and is only slightly older. With Robinson from our academy and Moreno competing for LB will make us stronger"
15th May 2014 13:07
"moreno is a top left back! as good as shaw and half the price"
15th May 2014 16:09
15th May 2014 16:15
"He is great. Hope we can get it done with Lallana asap. Please also sign Coleman from Everton. "
15th May 2014 19:25
"We are Liverpool FC, the best family in the world and to build for the future and get us back to where we deserve, topping the PL and CL this is the kind of player we want. At 21 and proving himself at Seville we must get him now and prove to other teams we mean business. LFC YNWA JFT96"
15th May 2014 19:35
"Hope we're not heading for overpriced mediocre madness in transfer window. If we make a mess of this the season could be a complete disaster."
15th May 2014 22:17
"I like the sound of this. Once again please don't underbid and miss out if he's the right player. We need the best to be the best. Hope we start flanno in front of glen next season.."
16th May 2014 12:18
"(Yawn)....5 days after the season ended in a World Cup year, no confirmed signings. More dithering, derisory bids and giving other clubs the opportunity to slide tackle top priority targets away from us....again. If we're not prepared to pay what the player's worth to the selling club to get the deals tied up quickly we should not target those players. Salah and Mkhitayran ring any bells anybody?"
16th May 2014 20:21
"With Enrique having two long term injuries in the space of so many years, honestly wouldn't be surprised to see BR looking to replace him. Seems to be a good LB, though unsure if he is worth £15m since I've not seen him. Cheaper than Shaw without the requirement of being HG."
16th May 2014 20:23
"Success-Is-A-Habit Calm down, transfer window isn't open yet, and I can't think of any other Prem club that has signed anyone yet."
16th May 2014 20:30
"This would be a cheaper option than shaw..he has european experience and was just named in the spanish WC squad"