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Paez , Dunn , Peterson impress me a lot . The most outstanding player from the group of youngsters was Ibe . I can see he's another Sterling in the making . Just needs to work on his decision making and his passing .
14th May 2014 22:05
14th May 2014 22:47
"Yes we did but it won't laSt long if we don't sort out defence, every 2 goals we score we concede 1, our defence has regressed since Clarke left,imagine playing real in CL,please sort it before next season or CL nights will turn into Europa night's,"
14th May 2014 23:12
"I am sure they will remember,in bright yellow kits.. YNWA"
14th May 2014 23:47
"Ibe - all the traits of Bale and Ronaldo starting to show"
15th May 2014 3:39
"Offense wise we are set. With Borini and Aspas,and most likely Lallana. We need a experienced defensive midfield pressence and a defender or two. I like Illori and Thiago, maybe Ashley Cole as an experienced pressence."
Dede 7
15th May 2014 5:35
"I watched Aspas against Shamrock and i must say am suprised he has not been given ENOUGH game time. He is a good attacking player. Glad to see Borini,Ibe and others back. Liverpool has a good promising future as long as BR is with us. YNWA."
15th May 2014 10:52
"Lets retain LUIS SUAREZ at all costs and make our defense tite that even flowing water can be stopped. Come on REDS in yellow. YNWA"
15th May 2014 11:20
"Dede 7 - Agree with ya . Aspas is certainly not a bad player . I guess a loan spell next season might help just the same way it helped Borini. "
15th May 2014 12:13
"Have always felt Ibe had the football brain. Now needs to grow mental strength like Sterling and he will be fine. Can fit into team without problems"
15th May 2014 14:02
"Billy Bowgun - Well Moses is what 23?.What has he contributed to the team this season?.I say give Aspas a break and give him a chance to prove to us that he's no dud. He's one of the lads and give him your support so long he wears the jersey."