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Raheem says he hasn't prepared a speech and then goes on longer than the rest of them haha love the way they're al giggling , also how proud BR looks when Raheem gets the award!! YNWA
6th May 2014 23:17
6th May 2014 23:38
"Great night. Makes me so proud to be a supporter of LFC. We are all honored to be called Liverpool supporters YNWA"
7th May 2014 0:12
"How amazing was that! What a wonderful bunch - all well deserved. I would have liked Henderson to have been awarded something for his contribution this season be sides a few nice introductory words!Well done to you all. Thanks for such a great season which may still be a 'miracle' season."
7th May 2014 0:32
"So pleased for Jordan Rossiter, he is one of the happiest players at Liverpool and the progress he has made in reaching the U21 team at 16 is remarkable. Well deserved award on the back of his firs pro contract, what a way to celebrate a great season. "
7th May 2014 0:45
"Thanks for the videos! Great celebration, nice words from Stevie, Luis and Raheem. Well done boys, what an incredible season! So glad to see Kenny again. "
7th May 2014 1:07
"Special mention to Lucas too, fantastic job sir!"
7th May 2014 1:09
"Might be a nice touch to have some sort of photo (or video, if possible) montage of the former players who have passed away. Other than that, nice job. Proud of everyone who's worked so hard at the club for a fantastic season."
7th May 2014 4:06
"They were missing a lot of great teamwork goals"
7th May 2014 6:34
"Luis Suarez deserved a better defense and midfield!"
7th May 2014 8:45
"the little magician! fantastic "
7th May 2014 14:44
"Why isn't the video of Mr RONNIE MORAN Collecting The LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD in this collection of video's? Surely that one could of been shown free too? He deserves it though. Lovely guy. YNWA."