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can we also fight for a world class defender with a leadership quality??
6th May 2014 15:48
6th May 2014 15:53
"I think Parejo is one of those types of midfielder to progress the normal way of open play for a massive club like us. We should have midfield that are strong enough to hold and pass smoothly without attackers tracking back always, also can win the ball back effectively."
LFC since 1975
6th May 2014 15:54
"I think we need to find a Yaya Toure type player, strong in midfield, can help defend and scores goals. along with a new LB, Kono, Rakitic and a defensive coach should do us alright for next season YNWA"
6th May 2014 17:49
"top player but he's not what we need!!!"
6th May 2014 18:25
"You have him already..."
6th May 2014 19:05
"Sofiane Feghouli more skillful and better than Parejo, sign Illaramendi as holding midfielder"
6th May 2014 20:08
"Sign Olsen from West Brom as cover defender, he is a fighter."
6th May 2014 22:55
"If we sign all the players we are supposedly linked with we will have a squad of about fifty players at least."
6th May 2014 23:30
"we need a bully type midfielder, cause its something we lack at times!"
7th May 2014 3:02
"true enufff guys....why not fight for world class defenders and goal keeper instead? Is there something wrong with BR? Is he blind? Mignolet is wayyyyy off the mark as world class GK...same as DAgger, GJohnson, MSkrtel ,Flanno, MSakho and KToure..."
JAL 58
7th May 2014 9:14
"Mats Hummels is the guy i said this 6 months ago with Stephen Caulker alongside him . Get rid of Skrtel & Sakho , Skrtel is a liability and Sakho just cannot cut the PL"
7th May 2014 10:02
"We need world class DM, CB and LB/RB. Imagine we have Hummel, Fernando and Contraoe instead of Lucas,Sakho and Johnson. "
7th May 2014 10:42
7th May 2014 15:07
"Get him "
8th May 2014 6:30
"Hearing a lot about strikers and midfielders, would love to hear some rumors about great defenders..."
8th May 2014 9:08
"Try and get Javi Martinez." "
8th May 2014 14:46
"All I ask is that Ian Ayre does not wait until 11.55pm on transfer deadline day to cut a must know by now who BR wants so get out and get those players. PLEASE !!!. lets not go back to being 7th because BR doesn't get his targets. "
9th May 2014 6:48
"thekopsuarez, Diego Gordin fits the bill. And he is a mate of Suarez."