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Get him. He can help strengthen our team right away...
6th May 2014 13:25
Sandy Red
6th May 2014 13:31
"As long as the price is right!We need to strenthen in all departments so no need to blow the budget on one player. "
6th May 2014 13:52
"please god no"
6th May 2014 14:05
"We need another winger as it looks like Moses is going back to Chelski. Clearly we need better defensive players. Certainly in the full back areas. And a real dominant centre back!"
6th May 2014 14:25
"Bring back reina if he will take a paycut! Sign hummels! Get cole for free! Then get bring in lallana, kono, shaw remy and richards! Use Shaw as LB in the prem and cole for champions league games!"
6th May 2014 14:28
"a lot of players but truth is our bench is shocking and really needs improved!"
6th May 2014 14:38
"No green light is given to Liverpool. These papers are exaggerate things. They use terms which make people believe something is taking place and raise tension on things which has no basis. Anoying."
6th May 2014 14:41
"I trust BR will not just buy for the sac of, buthe will go for the best this time and tactical buying. We are not limitted by the Eufa FFP rules so plz BR strengthen the Difence and Midfield"
6th May 2014 14:46
"I saw the other day that we are linked with Stephane Mbia, Rakitic, Rodrigo and Markovic all these are quality players i think they can do good you never know. But Mbia would be a good signing because he has a PL experience too. He has been scoring cruicial goals for Savilla in the Euefa competition."
6th May 2014 14:49
"Stephane Mbia is a fullhause and a complete of everything a worldclass player needs. He is a good midfielder. "
6th May 2014 15:23
"I will be so mad if man utd without champions league next season gets the better players than us."
6th May 2014 15:37
"Good if that is the case with this media scout..."
6th May 2014 15:49
"He would be a hell of a lot better than moses.aspas cissoko sako and a couple more I could mention"
6th May 2014 15:49
"chelsea will go get him before we can set foot in spain..story of our summer transfer window"
6th May 2014 16:10
"I would prefer better players than Tello. Is Tello any better than Assaidi? We need to aim higher. Yarmolenko or Konoplyanka please, signing both and I'm dreaming. "
LFC 433
6th May 2014 17:32
"iv watched this guy play for 3 yrs.i wudn pay much 4 him.get wats his name(everton winger)much better player.tello is fast.not much else"
6th May 2014 17:34
"A bargin at 8m, but cant believe its true."
6th May 2014 19:09
"Buy him now, 8millions is really cheap as compare to those english flop what are you waiting for?"
6th May 2014 19:51
"We must get, at all costs, Eriksen, Lallana, Shaw, Vertonghen, Remy and Wickham. Also 2 good German central defenders and maybe sign Lloris to strenghten goalie spot, underperforming players MUST be dropped to maintain sharpness and discipline. "
6th May 2014 19:56
"Wonder if we could get Barkley from across the Park? He does look real quality, would be a very useful asset. Feel he would eclipse Allen, miles better."
6th May 2014 20:07
"Moses from Chelsea has been a total waste of space, why do we get these players who can't even get into their parent club's first team?"
6th May 2014 21:18
"Another midget , we need a big strong midfielder like yaya t, "
6th May 2014 22:36
"We are shopping in M&S again instead of Harrods. World class players are what we need."
7th May 2014 0:27
"Don't let this one get away... A good signing. YNWA Redmen a great season.. A great achievement by the players and manager.. Two years in and things are looking good... "
7th May 2014 10:19
"Hope this happens "
7th May 2014 15:05
"Get him"
7th May 2014 17:16
"Will be a great addition to the team can play anywhere up front as well as wings."
8th May 2014 10:49
"First and foremost....get a solid, ball playing CB. Enter - Vertonghen!! After that sign whoever you want...our attack will win us games on their own. Just make sure the defense can hold their own. We need to aim to concede atleast 12 goals lesser next season compared to this season. I dont think we can improve attacking wise than 100 goals."