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Rest him up this weekend...we need him for Chelsea. The lads can handle Norwich. 4 to go...need all 12 points. This is our year.
17th Apr 2014 14:00
17th Apr 2014 14:02
"This is why we need more world-class depth at the forward and defensive positions. The recovery time available when playing Champions League midweek will require that we rotate players and make choices on a regular basis. It won't be simply playing the subs and a few U21s in an early cup tie. "
17th Apr 2014 14:05
"Not that Norwich will be easy because it won't but please keep him for the chelsea game..."
17th Apr 2014 14:32
"If he can play 15 min, then put Daniel on the bench for emergency, otherwise rest him for the Chelsea match which we all know he wants to play and score."
17th Apr 2014 14:35
"It is not easy to loose two of the best starting regulars though. This is why we really need two or 4 new quality signings in the coming summer so that we don't panic during injuries. But I know BR will get it right. city and Chelsea were lucky in December when we were without Steve, Sturridge, Aggar and Enrique . We're could have ripped the tittle up already because we could have beaten them. "
17th Apr 2014 14:41
"Delegator you are damn right. Norwich are a formidable side they can upset anybody any time. Each of the remaining games are a game like against City or any of the top sides. "
17th Apr 2014 14:54
"mignolet- johno, skrtel, sakho, flnno - gerard - lucas, allen - sterling, suarez, countinho.... control game and score two goals. "
17th Apr 2014 14:58
"Delegator - Do we really need a large squad this season when we are not competing in Europe ?. I believe BR will address the depth issue next season . For now , I'm happy with the current squad as we have able replacements in line aka Lucas and Allen for Sturridge and Henderson . "
17th Apr 2014 15:15
17th Apr 2014 15:21
"don't rush him back save him for the Chelsea game its a bigger game then we will win the league YNWA"
17th Apr 2014 15:21
"Thank god! Hope to see you vs chelsea! Suarez and co should be fine against Norwich, our fight for wins right now is every bit as strong as a relegation team's fight for survival, we're just better!!"
17th Apr 2014 15:31
"Lfc viper. I have never ever ever looked at it like that but you couldn't be more right. Good shout. YNWA"
17th Apr 2014 15:33
"Norwich are fighting for their Premiership lives. There are no "easy" games. Look what has just happened to Man City [v Sunderland] and Everton [v Crystal Palace]. Best have him on the bench in case of emergencies."
17th Apr 2014 15:36
"dont take chances with him he will be needed for chelski game and run in ,hendo will be missed badly enough ,but will give lucas and allen a chance ,lets do it redmen "
17th Apr 2014 15:50
"Definitely rest him for the game against Norwich........Mignolet,Johnson,Skrtel,Sakho/Agger,Flanaghan, Gerrard,Allen,Lucas,Suarez,Sterling,Coutinho............and give Aspas the opportunity as a sub."
17th Apr 2014 16:20
"Throw in Jack Dunn. I think this guy will be ready. As for Henderson, I will play Teixiera. Let Lucas and Gerrard to play as holding midfielders. Both Teixiera and Dunn can score goals."
17th Apr 2014 16:28
"in nigeria after the city match with sunderland a lot of chelsea were saying its in their favour to win the league they have never allowed me to listen one bit well I wanna remind them that our frontliners are more deadly than I.c.b.m"
17th Apr 2014 16:59
"We should take Norwich seriously and win the game. However, I saw Nowich playing and losing the last two games at home against WBA and away at Fulham. They were pathetic and they even would not surive the Championship if they go down."
17th Apr 2014 17:07
"We prepare for Norwich, just focus on Norwich, doesn't matter how well we've done against them in the past, this is now, they've got a new manager at the moment who might do anything to win points for survival, park the bus, waste time etc. Got to win these 3 points. Forget our previous wins they mean nothing, they are gone now. "
17th Apr 2014 17:09
"Need Chelsea to drop points against Sunderland and we must win against Norwich."
17th Apr 2014 17:34
"SAS has not been working too well lately. I reckon a diamond of Suarez, Coutinho and Sterling will more than compensate for the loss of Sturridge. As for Henderson, it's a toss up between Allen and Lucas. Allen for me though."
17th Apr 2014 17:42
"I'd rather give him the extra time and be properly right for the Chelsea game. That said, no complacency at the wkend, ok normally Suarez scores a hat trick against Norwich, but this time they're fighting for their PL life"
17th Apr 2014 17:47
"Many comments made are quite right, keep "Dan the Man" on the bench if he"s ok, & carry out light training next week, then use him to destroy Chelsea defence, they are usually quite solid & hard to break down. YNWA."
17th Apr 2014 17:48
"If he isn't fit then don't play him let him sit this weekend out as we will need him firing on all cylinders 4 the Chelsea game "
17th Apr 2014 17:51
"Stay focused redmen treat Norwich like utd spurs etc, some fans think Suarez just has to turn up, but it's different they'll be working all week on how to stop him let's hope early goal comes and they have to attack us,YNWA ."
17th Apr 2014 18:09
"If he is fit, play him. The game against Chelsea is important but so are 3 points against norwich."
17th Apr 2014 18:27
"It is better to rest Sturridge and give Aspas an opportunity to prove his worth upfront with Suarez. Also, in the absence of Henderson, I wish the Manager will bring on Lucas. If we are winning convincingly, I suggest Gerrard be substituted with Joe Allen. "
17th Apr 2014 19:24
"I agree with E Linsey,rest him for the big game. Chris d'Andilly from Hull"
17th Apr 2014 19:26
"I agree with you/Winning the premier league will give us the funds to buy some players we need. Chris from Hull "
17th Apr 2014 19:54
"Dan needs a rest it is obvious he is tired. Not been himself last few games... He normally kills teams with his pace and finishing but it hasn't been there. Bring on Norwich! "
17th Apr 2014 20:04
"Just over run them in the midfield w/ Allen and Lucas and let Coutinho, Sterling and Suarez play in a triangle up top. We've got this w/ or w/out Danny! Really need him to be firing on all cylinders against Chelsea."
17th Apr 2014 20:23
"Shankly will help the boys. ;)"
17th Apr 2014 20:35
"Start him on the bench, bring him on if we're struggling for goals. Deffo need him against his former employees. Let's hope Sunderland do us a massive favour on Saturday evening. After last night, anything's possible."
17th Apr 2014 21:03
"Hope we beat Norwich I'm getting to the stage that I'm so nervous and don't want us to mess up at Norwich "
17th Apr 2014 21:16
"Cant wait for sunday,come on redmen !!!!!!!"
17th Apr 2014 21:28
"Seems to me the manager and the players are a lot calmer and focussed than the supporters! If it's a case of mind over matter, not under-estimating any opponent taking each match at a time and every man working for the team I would trust BR and his team over any other in the Premiership. If we lose any of the next 4 games it will because happens, not any failing on the part of the squad."
17th Apr 2014 21:30
"missing word s*** but I guess you all ready worked that out."
Dede 7
17th Apr 2014 21:58
"All in all Goodluck ahead of this unpredictable fixture. YNWA."
18th Apr 2014 0:00
"Just rest him for Chelsea game so he'll be fit to smash them alongside Suarez. As for Norwich, their defenders will we all over Suarez trying to stop him thereby giving room to Sterling to rip them apart."
18th Apr 2014 3:30
"Footballs coming home! YNWA! "
18th Apr 2014 7:11
"He's playing, you can tell. What a buy Daniel has been. He got doubted before he even set foot on the pitch by some but I think he's surprised everyone with his clinical edge. He is capable of the odd miss but for me, he is the most clinical in the league. He reminds me of Ian Wright"
18th Apr 2014 7:52
"Team vs.Norwich-Mignolet-Johnson Skrtel Sakho(Agger)Flano-Allen Lucas Stevie G.-Coutinho Sterling Suarez.YNWA>"
18th Apr 2014 8:23
"Get him ready for Chelsea!"
18th Apr 2014 8:30
"The reason Sturridge was doubted was because he is injury prone and some have alledged he has attitude issues...hence his price...whilst the latter has proved unfounded, the former can be understood...great player all the same, even if he wasn't BR's signing."
18th Apr 2014 9:48
"It is better to rest Sturridge not only physically but also mentally. His shooting got worse as Shooting on target are more important than show off yourself!"