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Wow!!! What a great club to support. Im privileged to support LFC. YNWA
8th Apr 2014 10:11
8th Apr 2014 10:14
"wow...i am looking forward to seein this match"
8th Apr 2014 10:14
"carra ?"
jungle boys
8th Apr 2014 10:24
"will b a great day.lets win the le 4 gerrard captain fantastic and our 96 brothers and sisters who r looking down on our great club and loving what they r seeing,may yee r.i.p.never forgotten.what a year 2 win the le for everone.YNWA."
8th Apr 2014 10:56
"Some great names and personalities on both teams, perhaps two games at a time in each half of the pitch. Play with free rotating subs and let the ref try and keep them even, would be great craic and get the crowd involved."
8th Apr 2014 11:24
"getting old must suck"
8th Apr 2014 11:38
"carra cant attend due to mnf commitments"
8th Apr 2014 12:10
"Should be plenty of goals - don't see a single keeper at either team ... unless big Joe is going to play !"
8th Apr 2014 12:17
8th Apr 2014 12:34
"Simonh74...well David James is there for UK and should let Brad Jones get a game. the poor say it could be his farewell match too.. Who else do we wanna see? Dudek for sure. Kewell maybe now hes retired. "
8th Apr 2014 12:37
"Fantastic turn out fellas , Legends all , well done. One sided game though I reckon seen as the ROW have no goalie !! We'll be there, can't wait. JTF 96 YNWA."
8th Apr 2014 14:18
"Great to see so many ex reds donate their time,just goes to show the many class players that have put the red shirt on over the years.well done guys"
8th Apr 2014 14:27
"Surprised Jamie Carragher isnt on the UK team.... what gives Carra?"
8th Apr 2014 15:38
"Why no Stevie Heighway???"
8th Apr 2014 16:43
"rest of the world team lesser people? "
8th Apr 2014 16:44
"Great! We can do this Charity game now and the other one in August!!! YNWA!"
8th Apr 2014 17:16
"Youll be suprised how big and slow Molby have become :) "
8th Apr 2014 20:33
"Some big names and huge personalities, should be good craic... Hats off to ye lads, roll back the years (maybe those good old days aren't so far off ð"