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does he think he is vc - he must focus on commanding his area of the pitch better - being a good shot stopper isn't everything - look at reina - at least he had amazing distribution.
7th Apr 2014 13:47
Reds 96
7th Apr 2014 13:50
"Keep up the good work Simon, we're all behind you every step of the way. YNWA."
7th Apr 2014 14:10
"well lets get another 3 points Sunday. then I can dream about the le, really hard game on Sunday not looking forward to this one, they can score goals, we need to be tight at that back."
7th Apr 2014 14:34
"Mignolet was fouled, but he should still not have dropped it like that. "
7th Apr 2014 15:30
"bud a strong keeper never lets go of the ball no matter what - life or limb on the line - you give everything for the team. thats the liverpool way - passion with performance ynwa"
7th Apr 2014 15:52
"mignolet has done his best this season same as the rest of the team. you can sit there allday and pick out negatives about all our players but i bet i could sit there even longer picking out the positives 1st in the table proves my point too #just saying.. :D"
7th Apr 2014 15:59
"be_real_lfc wheres your passion for the club.? no matter what the league posiion or score you always find something or someone to moan about.. just like you criticised every player we loaned out this season on your other comments on the loan watch thread.."
7th Apr 2014 16:15
"be_real_lfc - get off the posts. can you even play football. The man got hit in his face and then hit hard on the hand. The man is human not a robot and even robots can break down... What is the matter with you? Simon had a brilliant game and would have had a clean sheet as well. His punches especially in the 2nd half was excellent. Just simply shut up man and support the team."
7th Apr 2014 16:16
"I think be_real_lfc is really a Manu supporter posing as a LFC Leave the comments to true fans & supporters"
7th Apr 2014 16:34
"if it's still reina, we might still be at mid table! BR made that unbelievable by replacing that clown! So glad he's gone, had to put up his act for the past 8 seasons! "
7th Apr 2014 19:01
"I'm not ging any one off but minolet normally punches he caught it got hit but I sort of agree he should never have dropped it after catching it he had it under controll yes he was fouled but he had it under control but just after the break he went and collected one with to west ham players at him so he proved a point then "
7th Apr 2014 19:06
"And in this day an age 99% of keepers have or will drop the ball retina had his fair share even Bruce grobbelar did at times lol "
7th Apr 2014 19:10
"SM did all he could against a bruising team yesterday; he's developing very nicely & needed to get a good season under his belt before he can really take command of the back line. Some think its easy coming to a new club & shouting the odds at players; it takes time & more importantly the players you're shouting at need to respect you first. Can't fault Migs at all this season - keep it up."
7th Apr 2014 19:14
"Be_real_lfc is so annoying.. i ussually read posts and just mot comment.. how do people tolerate you in real life.. get off slating our players.. Go check reina clips and see several time he made mistake... We are untop of the league.. lets enjoy our moment.."
7th Apr 2014 19:37
"We've become a nation of thinking we know better and blaming every one for one mistake keepers make mistakes every day like out field players but they get away with it but keepers on error per game hammered for it strikes miss goals not hit target midfielders miss passes defenders make errors but that's all that gets criticised that's the media bull again damned if u do and damned if u do "
7th Apr 2014 19:42
"I'm ready to go of on one about the whole of the prem league England sky bull they'll have us believe :-( so many things wrong "
7th Apr 2014 19:49
"Be real lfc why are u so negative we are on top of the league the boys is doing more than we all xpected so sit back n enjoy .Command u reds YNWA "
7th Apr 2014 21:10
"Negative comments when we lose, negative ones when we win!! Common red army!!! YNWA from France..."
7th Apr 2014 23:33
"Well said S.M great response in the second half after disappointing end to the first i don't no why all the bad talk is about. Are team is playing the best football we've seen in 25 years it all looks good from were I'm standing keep the good wk up and bring that le home come on the pool #YNWA "
8th Apr 2014 0:30
8th Apr 2014 5:26
"Simon needs to b more agressive"
8th Apr 2014 6:03
"Simon it's your first have great potential.. keep improving!!"