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7th Apr 2014 12:44
7th Apr 2014 16:14
"What a complete Donkey !! Referee Anthony Taylor is, for overrulling the assistant for a foul, on Mignolet, & also allowing an oide goal to stand, either FIFA, state exactly what is regarded as off side!! or sthe rule altogether. these mistakes can & have cost teams, with final positions, at the end of a season. Ynwa. "
8th Apr 2014 2:30
"League les are earnt - but I cannot think of a single player in my 40 odd years watching the Reds who deserves a le more than our skipper. Immense win. Immense player. Immense dream ! Come on you Red Men !!!!!!!"
8th Apr 2014 2:31
"les - LE !!!!! 'Kin keyboard !!!"