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stay calm as a zen and focus on the job in hand..we the supporters are rightly behind our team..just go down there and get the job done..YNWA
30th Mar 2014 9:28
30th Mar 2014 9:49
"Patience will be needed today. Spurs might be tough to break down. Let's keep control of the game, do what we do best, and go top of the league with six games remaining! #DOITFORSTEVIEG!!!"
30th Mar 2014 9:50
"We've been handed a silver plate. This season I truly believe we have the strength to do it.come on Brendan and boys - let's mash those spuds."
30th Mar 2014 9:59
"Blow them away with pace skill lethal finishing and of course" noise" from the fans"
30th Mar 2014 10:10
"Tear them apart suarez sturridge and gerrard. Com on BR."
30th Mar 2014 10:11
"I expect tottenham to park the bus today and try to hit on the counter similar to sunderland.Spurs have better personnel then sunderland and i believe it will be a much tougher match than at white hart lane."
30th Mar 2014 10:30
"Whatever happens we are with you. Just give 100%. YNWA"
30th Mar 2014 10:52
"Im sure the players will remain calm (unlike me) and focused, believe in their abilities.Its all about getting 3 points at this stage of the season so maybe we shouldn't worry too much about our performance-just get the 3 points, lads"
Row 33
30th Mar 2014 10:54
"If FSG cut the prices and got a few more Sousers in there you wouldn't have to ask."
30th Mar 2014 12:13
"Scousephilosopher - the comment about Suarez and £100m would be interesting if he'd made it. Someone asked if Suarez was worth £100m and Rodgers said "...he must be going that way" and then the stuff about things evolving and changing. No mention that I saw of his being for sale for that or any other price."
30th Mar 2014 12:20
"Spurs have showed a bit of fight under Sherwood and they will perhaps come here without feeling the same pressure that would have been the case if we were neck and neck with them. And they do have real pace to use on the counter, so they're gonna be dangerous. Forget 5-0 down there. Could be tough this time. Goals would be nice but 1-0 will do just fine. "
30th Mar 2014 12:21
"Come on ladssss !!!!!!"
30th Mar 2014 12:27
"Best of luck today from all in kildare "
30th Mar 2014 12:29
"for the first time its all in our hands to lose,7 wins and Liverpool are champions, "
30th Mar 2014 12:29
"Best of luck today from all in Kildare"
30th Mar 2014 12:42
"row33, if you can not afford a ticket, get a job... "
30th Mar 2014 13:59
"I don't think we made enough noise against Sunderland, we need to shake the stadium until end of season.. YNWA"
30th Mar 2014 14:02
""same team and formation as when we played everton and arsenal""
30th Mar 2014 14:13
"I am sure the Anfield faithful will get the place bouncing today so come on Redmen make us proud and dream of winning the league "
30th Mar 2014 14:22
"Like Mateo Kovacic, he has good close control as well as an eye for a pass. Young and good movement with or without the ball, would fit right in to our way of playing. That said back to our program for today. One game at a time philosophy and count up at the end of the season. Stay calm."
randfield rap88
30th Mar 2014 15:06
"Theres nearly an hour to go to kick off and i am a bit nerveous already, after the sunderland game. Come on liverpool reds now is the time to try and step it up a gear"
randfield rap88
30th Mar 2014 15:09
"Lets be patient in todays match if need be. Get it out wide and mix it up a bit pace wise. lets do this especially if they play 5 at the back or 5 in midfield"
30th Mar 2014 15:55
"A win today propels us to the summit; who ever thought that would be happening with 6 games left to play after today. No one can complain BR & the team have not excelled beyond our expectations this season, & with ManU equally failing, it just goes to show what an amazing season it has been for LFC fans whatever happens from here."