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We certainly need some experience for the CL next season, whether those 2 are the real deal, i'm not sure! Inler is certainly an option to consider though
28th Mar 2014 15:29
28th Mar 2014 16:15
"Reina will surely be part of this deal so i don't agree here. We need the cash from Reina sale to buy who we want ideally. WE cannot withstand the pressure at the next level with this stagnant issue of real 'depth' in our squad. We will fix it but here's how i see it..."
28th Mar 2014 16:22
"The Champions league and domestic cup competitions will demand that our squad remains strong and compeive; this all translates to 'DEPTH' - which allows sufficient rest for players in a strategic way. BR knows this and AYre is f00| so FSG just needs to listen to Rodgers."
28th Mar 2014 16:32
"Would they fit into the quick one touch passing system we got going ? I don't think so. Inler is a top player but he would be much more suited to Chelsea's or City's midfield. "
28th Mar 2014 16:34
"I TOTALLY agree with acquiring top-quality players like: Herrera (or Koke), Lars Bender or Mvila (or Fernando), Badelj, Shaqiri, Kovacic, Luis Muriel and Finnbogason to back-up SAS, and finally, Marcos Rojo at LB."
28th Mar 2014 18:15
"marek hamsik"
28th Mar 2014 19:05
"Reds interested, in talks, prepare bid, target! Bored now!"
28th Mar 2014 19:35
"No thanks!"
28th Mar 2014 19:51
"personally I would sinterest in behrami and instead try for mertens instead who I think could be as good as hazard he certainly had a better tournament than hazard at the last euro's"
28th Mar 2014 22:47
"No, Rafa's tactics are quite different to us. I don't their players suits us."
28th Mar 2014 22:48
"No, Rafa's tactics are quite different to us. I don't think their players suits us"
29th Mar 2014 3:01
"Inler is ok but Bahrami..just no way! Dont think either would add to the team, neither are better than or have the potential to be better than any of our midfielders. Cant see BR being interested in them"
29th Mar 2014 4:32
"No thanks! Yann M'Villa & Firmino please."
29th Mar 2014 21:27
"Surely there is better Rodgers will already be working on the players he wants jus keep ayre away from the dealings"
29th Mar 2014 23:49
"FGS have to dig deep into their pockets and give decent cash for next. Lallana and Shaw would be both welcome by LFC fans with open hearts,, can we dream? I would like to YNWA "
30th Mar 2014 8:09
"Both good, grizzled players who would surely come in handy. I especially like Inler."
30th Mar 2014 8:10
"chris1110, I've just realised that I've made a similar comment to you. No plagiarism intended!"
30th Mar 2014 13:37
"Have seen good in both these players but not consistently. They would really have to pick up their game to be worthwhile at LFC!"