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£30m is a bit ridiculous but we would be sorted at LB for the next 15 years!
23rd Mar 2014 0:25
23rd Mar 2014 1:07
"It's a lot of money for 18 year old but he seems to be a real good player and with time he is only going to get better and if we do get him for 30 mill or so he could play for us for next 15 years now that's would be a bargain lets win next 8 games and see who we can get then "
23rd Mar 2014 1:40
"He is very promising, but 30 million is too much, even in todays market. He may not sort the left back problem for 15 years either, might follow in the steps of bale and move upfield cause he is very quick and attacking."
23rd Mar 2014 1:44
"No for 30M. Get Spain players. Shaw is over price."
23rd Mar 2014 2:37
"No 30m risky to us. What if Shaw become injury-prone in the future? Attacking full back can always become fragile, especially white people(no offense)."
23rd Mar 2014 2:56
"liverpoolmanager:haha,some manager u were,"ger spa8n player" random,at least name 3 spain player man...haha...haha again..."
23rd Mar 2014 3:06
"SirSteVie:GBP30m is Very ridiculous,but for 15yrs the LB would be sorted was Much more ridiculous,no one can prediCt the future,unless u r 'BoMoH'. koponlads:good if he develope attackiNg Sense like Bale,a forward with defensive skill."
23rd Mar 2014 4:32
"Buy shaqiri"
23rd Mar 2014 6:59
"40mill for Shaw and Lallana. Lallana spoke out the other day about how he wants to play CL footy. "
23rd Mar 2014 7:13
"Four players that we must buy are Luke Shaw,Marcus Reus,Luis Muriel and Shaqiri. ..These players will make one among the top clubs in Europe. ."
23rd Mar 2014 7:52
"We should go for Alberto Moreno at left back, lad is already in the Spain Squad and is like 1/3 of the price. Diame would be good as well as konoplyanka/Cristian Tello. Montoya for RB. Would love to see a marquee signing as well. Someone like Benzema or Reus"
23rd Mar 2014 7:54
"Southampton rate himat 30 million- bet whoever finally buys him pays no more than 20 million ( plus a few clauses)....."
23rd Mar 2014 8:19
"MinniemennieYNWA: I like your thinking regarding players. Tello And Konyoplanka, a defensive mid, does´t have to be diame whoever we get needs t be an upgrade on Lucas (who I want to keep btw) , not sure we need a rightback as well, does anyone know how jack robinson is playing ?"
23rd Mar 2014 8:20
"would be cool if Kelly comes back to the player he was coz then we have johnson,flanno,kelly on the right and enrique when hopefully back from injury and (robinson if good enough on the left)plus that all our right backs are really good on the left and we got more young promising players in wisdom, brad smith and mclaughlin"
23rd Mar 2014 8:23
"so priority should be dm ,2 attacking players and a backup goalie ? (4 players) then left back if robinson deemed not ready and another centre back if kelly,wisdom,ilori,coates etc doesn´t step up then next transfer window we can look at a marque signing (striker and centremid but I'm hoping Rossiter to become a wonder kid :) still not giving up on coady"
23rd Mar 2014 8:54
"30mil for a one season wonder???????????"
Nee Doctor
23rd Mar 2014 9:00
"I'd rather we sign Milan's De Sciglio. Would be cheaper. He's young and already an Italian international."
23rd Mar 2014 9:02
"With the 60 million promised by FSG and the 25 million or so given for qualifying to the Champions League making a sum of 85 million not inclusive of the summer sales that will happen 30 million is good investment for the long term!"
23rd Mar 2014 9:31
"he is good player he would fit in our squad and the other one is DM Mvilla with champions league next season he would ease work for other mids"
23rd Mar 2014 10:00
"WOW! I have been banging this drum for quite some time now. If the bloke really cares about his football then we would be the obvious choice as Chelski & City would most likely pip us on figures.... Although I feel this would be a fantastic acquisition, I am hoping the 30mil quoted is a joke."
23rd Mar 2014 10:02
"I think we are forgetting that we could do with a half decent central defender aswell. A defensive general, although or attacking has been a dream this year, at the other end it has been less than satisfactory!"
23rd Mar 2014 10:07
"Yeah I can see fsg giving us 30m to buy him,lol, last game he was really poor, he worth about 12m, "
JAL 58
23rd Mar 2014 10:08
"Would love Shaw here , but want us to buy a top class DM , if you watched Chelsea v Arsenal yesterday the way Matic destroyed Arsenals midfield was amazing . And to think we could have bought him , 25 years old , 6Ft 2 Powerhouse ...and next year in CL we will have SG and Lucas ....enough said "
23rd Mar 2014 10:48
"Its not worth paying 30mil for a young british lad..use the money on a known attacking midfielder we are seriously in lacking of that at the minute.."
23rd Mar 2014 10:59
"yeah 2 mill a season sirstevie would be good i think he a good player"
23rd Mar 2014 11:09
"£30m. Ridiculous. Way too much to speculate on a maybe. I'm all for young talent, we've got plenty, but, Shaw needs to show further progress to justify figures now being debated. "
23rd Mar 2014 11:29
"doubt we will get him, all we need is competition for enrique after hes bak from his long term injury, would be stupid to spend 30mil on lb an unfair on enrique knowing he comes back after injury an loses his place in the team.. cheaper alternative would be ideal cause enrique was doing great till he got injured"
23rd Mar 2014 11:59
"Luke Shaw is not worth anything above 20M. He's another over priced British player. We bought Carroll and Downing for 55M and the hammers get them both for just 20M resulting in a 35M loss for Liverpool. Learn from past mistakes! "
23rd Mar 2014 14:01
23rd Mar 2014 14:11
"should make him our first target YNWA "
Vosta Lee
23rd Mar 2014 16:08
"Bringing in any player is always a gamble. Shaw looks good and BR has proven he can make players better. Southampton has had a good record with their products (Bale, Walcott, the Ox, Lallana, Shaw). 30m seems a bit much but if he joins all I can do is forget the price tag and support our players."
23rd Mar 2014 17:43
"I would just love Gundogan! he would be a dream signing"
24th Mar 2014 3:35
"LusettiGerrard..Exactly! think how much stronger our midfield would be...Bit of a fifa head on here, but its just for fun. Gundogun(cm), Mvila (dm), Montoya (rb) Moreno/Coentrao (lb) Nkoaloa (cb) if Illori needs another loan, Shaqiri (rm)Tello/Insigne/Rodrigo versatile att options :D "