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25M? What they been smoking?
21st Mar 2014 14:54
21st Mar 2014 15:16
"offer 15million and aspas!"
Reds 96
21st Mar 2014 15:50
"25 million? I can't see FSG paying that much for Rodrigo. This is just some Mirror journalist writing a load of old tosh as usual. For that kind of money we could try get someone like Thomas Muller from Bayern. Still only 24 years old and a great player. Whether he'd move to LFC from Bayern is another matter altogether but I'd try hard get him. He'd be an excellent buy. "
21st Mar 2014 16:15
"where does the coach say that we are interested - shoddy journalism! obviously not good at maths either as the journo seems to get 5 when he adds two plus two!!"
21st Mar 2014 16:57
"Considering Jay Rodriguez and Adam Lallana are not going to play in the CL any time soon, why aren't LFC snapping these 2 up. They've proven themselves in the Premiere League...! Sure they'll be expensive, but no more than these kinds of players."
21st Mar 2014 17:31
"Hester that would be great business,"
21st Mar 2014 18:00
"BBC r sayin man city will bid for Suarez in the summer god I hope not , stay were u belong ynwa"
21st Mar 2014 19:12
"yeah jus heard the stories bout manc try to Bid for Suarez close to 70m mark andhow arsenewenger being handed 120m by the kroenke guy to Bolster hes squad,and LFC would Be offer 70m for Suarez,winning the PLtrophy is a must at this stage."
21st Mar 2014 19:18
"Cout10:they smoking from incinerator. Red96:agree Muller more taleNted 25m wont get him neither will 30m. will be hard time for LFC if other club keep knockin the door for Suarez.Gerrard,BR,Henry and FSG need to do Much more to convince him to stay. the way they reportin news,manc likely to put Suarez levelled with rooney wage or even more."
21st Mar 2014 20:29
"Hiya lads Im in Australia any chance spmeone could be so kind to tell me Suarez buy out amount is now in this new contract he just signed as if city would want him or arsenal how much they need to pay"
21st Mar 2014 20:32
"I only ask as don't hear much here but thinking wed be powerless to stop him if he wanted to jump ship god even more pressure to win it this year but in saying that I see every game live here on my foxtel tv unit"
21st Mar 2014 20:35
"Suarez seems to not just cooled his behaviour but ACTUALLY looks HAPPY to be here every Goal assist or even attempted miss by him or another player after a good move he is smiling and laughin. So Im picking him to stay!!!!!!!!!!!"
21st Mar 2014 20:42
"If Suarez asked to leave then the bidding should start at 100 million + but he has signed a long term contracted and I hope he stays for next 5 years but when spurs sold bale for 86 mill look who they bought and must of us on here we're asking for FSG to please sign them first and look what's happened there "
Red heat
21st Mar 2014 20:59
"got to be careful how we spend the money this summer. the players should be of cl quality and also alot of passion for the game"
21st Mar 2014 21:52
"Suarez scored two goals when they last met Spurs so...Is Suarez twice as good as Rodrigo or is Rodrigo half as good as Suarez??? Either way, I'd suggest Rodrigo worth is more like £12m!"
22nd Mar 2014 3:17
"at 23,was he the real driving force for benfica? suarez at this stage given and display more than hes 22.5m price and rodrigo priced at 25m must be overated jus like jovetic and lamela.Suarez is more that twice the player of rodrigo,and rodrigo Nowher near half suarez is."
22nd Mar 2014 3:25
"totally agree with mattlogan,spending big in several players will likely unbalance the team like spurs does. not saying rodrigo guy not good and wont come good like suarez,but BR already have sterling/ibe/borini/aspas as other choice."
22nd Mar 2014 10:23
"Qpr need cash and arsenal are confident of getting remy for 8m- why not give them 8m plus apas on loan....."
22nd Mar 2014 10:48
"I think Suarez will stay,and we should go for costa although I think Torres and £10mil swap for him will be a Chelsea done deal"
22nd Mar 2014 12:40
"Kingmat:remy will folo giroud back to french,maybe. hilbil:themore oppinion the better,BR go for Costa,Sterling and Ibe will learn from the best."
23rd Mar 2014 1:49
"Suarez is goin nowhere, he has as much chance to win things here as anywhere. BR has improved him as a player and person. And i know it is hard to believe and it might take all summer to sink in...BUT liverpool will be a cl club again and it really dose change everything. "
23rd Mar 2014 6:12
"koponlads:i really do hope LFC become one of dominance force not only in English football but Europe aswell,it seems now LFC already a CL club."
23rd Mar 2014 12:12
"Do we really need another striker when we have the best strikeforce in the PL and one of the best in the world at this moment in time? i would rather us splash out £20+million on another attacking midfielder or a defender. Plus the comments about Man City/Arsenal bidding for Suarez, they have no chance at signing him, if worst comes to worst and wants to leave, he will go abroad. "
24th Mar 2014 3:42
"fallencolossi...from watching the cl the few years we have been absent i dont think we will have much trouble getting to that level. Would exspect us to get out of the group even before we improve the squad. the first 11 is as good as any time and probably a lot better than when we last won it. :D dont have the squad to cope with cl and prem but that will be sorted. "
24th Mar 2014 3:47
"L-Bird...i think we def need another striker with the likely hood of us having a lot more games. Need cover too. The problem we might have is that our front 2 are so good right now whoever we try to convince to come will know they will be in for a fight to get a game. Can see BR going for strikers who can play behind main striker or wider, which Rodrigo can do. Play on the right and cut in a lot. "