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No way near that price have seen videos of him NÌ
21st Mar 2014 13:36
21st Mar 2014 13:39
"Oh father easter all I need is diego coasta "
21st Mar 2014 14:40
"15m is more reasonable for Rodrigo, maybe swap one of our deadwood for him?"
21st Mar 2014 14:41
"Buy costa! He's Worth it!! 20M to land Costa!!"
21st Mar 2014 14:47
"Rodrigo is very similar to Diego Costa, their background and their playing style. Both are born in Brazil and now a Citizen of Spain. Before this season Costa is not that famous and he plays like a assisting or 2nd striker, not many goals but fast, skilful and hungary, now Rodrigo is very similar to him."
21st Mar 2014 15:17
"15million and aspas! works for both"
21st Mar 2014 16:45
"hester91 - No way! We paid almost 8M for Aspas so you are saying Rodrigo is worth over 20M? We could get Remy for 15M or less and he is a proven goalscorer in the league. "
21st Mar 2014 17:59
"Coutinho aspas is now worth about 2 million lol "
21st Mar 2014 18:37
"IndoLad:Costa release clause somewhere around GBP28-30m, Chelsea already have 27m ready to bid for him this coming summer,and hes current wage only 60k/wk. Really hope BR can have him, 1man that has potential to boost SaS and the whole team.Scoremore goalsfor 3pts. YNWA!"
21st Mar 2014 18:55
"Why do ppl want that s.c.u.m costa to come and disgrace lfc? This is the type of sneaky dirty merc that will ruin our dressing room! The guy makes a habit of spitting into his hand and flicking it at opposition's faces. Youtube costa vs ramos and then tell me you want this guy to wear our shirt???"
21st Mar 2014 18:58
"Sure SaS wont mind having costa,less pressure to score goal and will bring greater Nightmare to opponent.Sterling/Ibe/Borini/Aspas will surely learn from the best. BR ask FSG to back u for this one. YNWA!"
21st Mar 2014 19:05
"its the heat of the derby that makes it,just like merseyside derby or greater one like archrival between great LFC against woManchested . The heat always bring many things.dont like Ramos anyway,hes no angel compare to Suarez anyway"
21st Mar 2014 19:39
"Watch the videos! ! I'm not talking about a one time rush of blood, he does it all the time. If u r happy to welcome a sneaky coward like that to Liverpool then shame on you"
21st Mar 2014 19:42
"Oh rt I get it, u don't like ONE of the many players he's done it to so that makes it ok. Thankyou for clearing that up for me I understand what type of person u are now. Enough said"
21st Mar 2014 21:58
"(According to the Mirror) 'When asked whether or not he was aware of the Reds plans... replied: "It's normal. Every Benfica player is in a big window" by no means suggests LFC are actually interested. I'm sure scouts will be at all these games looking for the 'additions' we need for CL! Another Media beef-up!"
22nd Mar 2014 2:56
"versic:totally agree with u,media beefed up."
22nd Mar 2014 3:02
"ourtimenow:oh h3ll man,u win u win,didn watch the video anyway.costa a ch33ki ba5tard,dun wan to argue with u man,seem like emotional involved. Suarez can make more mistake like before and many still stand behind him(including me) as long as he still with LFC.YMWA!"
22nd Mar 2014 3:04
"sorry my mistake, YNWA! he moderator not goin to delete those comment haha.."
22nd Mar 2014 3:30
"Seriously mate u need to see the video on you tube, he's a vile disgusting man, I will always support our players whoever the manager buys but I will be heartbroken if we sign him"
22nd Mar 2014 5:07
"ourtimenow:i fully and trully understand brother,hes been like that for yrs and yellow card always flying hes way,but to find 20+goal/season proven striker(in UCL too) like him that goin to cost the club a hell lot of money."
22nd Mar 2014 6:07
"and guess what,when he banging goals like SaS,we'll sure forget bout how vile he was,hehe,and Ramos and him are friend now they in the same national team."
22nd Mar 2014 18:56
"Scouting for other clubs as usual?"
22nd Mar 2014 23:22
"what happened to Lacazette?"
23rd Mar 2014 2:00
"he is a very decent player, but not 25mil. He is the type of player we will now be targeting tho. BR took a gamble in not bringing in what he could to give us more options, even tho top quality wasnt available. It has worked out so far tho, and now we wont have a squad full of over paid average players who we wouldnt be able to sell. "