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You never know? YNWA REDS.
21st Mar 2014 13:23
21st Mar 2014 13:38
"Too old for FSG standard forget it"
21st Mar 2014 15:18
"think we can do better than this lad"
21st Mar 2014 16:59
"At 29 im not sure whether this would be a good business..we need young promising talented players at this moment"
21st Mar 2014 17:35
"Too old and not very good,"
21st Mar 2014 18:44
"thot that LFC already has Gerrard/Lucas,Coutinho/Allen,Henderson,Suso/Teixera/Alberto. and for striking power already have Suarez,Sturridge,Sterling/Ibe/Aspas/Borini,but to add Costa into the list,thats a must should BR being handed a powerfull backing by owner tho."
21st Mar 2014 18:53
"Stronger front trio for more goals(logically,given the current situation),other PL teams will start jumping into the sea."
21st Mar 2014 19:39
"Sorry good player but to old I know we have players who are same age or older but they are players who have been at the club for years don't think he would improve us anyway to buy now it has to be someone who is better than what we have and that will be hard."
21st Mar 2014 22:00
"(Metro) Target could be sold in summer...seriously? They all could be sold in the summer. Metro, is there a suggestion we're genuinely interested because I'm not seeing it???"
22nd Mar 2014 4:01
"too old gone past his best. liverpool are looking at bigger signings than this hopefully"
22nd Mar 2014 6:05
"LFC has better option in the team"
22nd Mar 2014 12:15
"we need to spend ~ £60-70m to be in contention for the PL & UCL les...keep the money for konoplyanka, another left back and a top class midfielder...sell assaidi, borini, aspas, maybe we'll rack up 15m for these players"
23rd Mar 2014 1:52
"its not that he is too old for BR but, if a player is 28 and over he needs to be in the top top quality bracket of players to interest BR. Dont think he is and is not going to improve in 30's"