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21st Mar 2014 13:21
21st Mar 2014 20:54
"Don't know if thats true Rricky. without suarez, studge and co stepped up to the plate and won games without him, don't get me wrong I love luis and he is our best player but I think comments like yours are a but disrespectful to the rest of the team, we win with or without luis!"
22nd Mar 2014 3:01
"Allens song 2013/2014: Hes claimed to be the Welsh Xavi, with no goals or assist to his name, he runs around while visiting ground, at home he wont get a game....continued """
22nd Mar 2014 3:03
""Allens song continued: They say he needs time to grow, into the position he was brought to fill, if thats the case why did we spend a great 15mill, he runs around up and down looking for his goal, hes missed one here hes missed one there, they were all played perfectly square, ALLEN! ALLEN! NO WELSH XAVI YOULL BE!!!"""