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21st Mar 2014 12:36
21st Mar 2014 13:15
"Put it this way he is going to win more at Liverpool than in the next 5 years! Would be a good signing for us but then again with CL footy we should have a bigger pool of talent to go for!"
LFC since 1975
21st Mar 2014 13:20
"i still rate Kono above this guy."
21st Mar 2014 13:31
"Cracking young player"
21st Mar 2014 14:38
"Sorry but you can't compare Ukrain league to Bundesliga, Konoplyanka was so overhyped this days, he's good but wouldn't better than Shaqiri."
21st Mar 2014 15:19
"shaqiri is a quality player, if he didn't have robben and ribery in front of him then he would be a starter for Bayern, and there's not many players in the world that could take there place!"
21st Mar 2014 17:02
"Not sure if FSG will be ready to splash out the cash to sign this player..nevertheless YNWA"
21st Mar 2014 18:33
"a better option than Konoplyanka,no more than 18m tho.Once again agree with Jos,Kono was overhyped and Spura can should snap him during summer and LFC to shop for much better target with realistic budget."
21st Mar 2014 21:11
"Definitely Good talent and will only get BETTER under the MASTER BR!!!!! For once I can honestly say we have a lot more to offer then those "
21st Mar 2014 21:13
"Mancs sorry fell asleep writing the one before lol!!"
21st Mar 2014 22:08
"Shaqiri would be a good addition to LFC...for the right price!"
22nd Mar 2014 0:15
"10M + Assaidi?"
22nd Mar 2014 1:33
"I never rate Kono and hope Spurs take him. Maybe LFC should talk up players that we don't intend to pursuit so that the other teams can go after them."
22nd Mar 2014 3:09
"doubt bayern will take assaidi,haha,and spoken secret u totally spoke the secret"
22nd Mar 2014 8:15
"Assaidi to bayern ha ha ha, "
22nd Mar 2014 9:49
" Xherdan Shaqiri would be an excellent addition to strengthen our squad!"
22nd Mar 2014 11:08
"REDOPIUM 22nd Mar 2014 8:15 - Yeh, we'll throw in Martin Kelly to sweeten the deal, too!"
22nd Mar 2014 14:07
"REDOPIUM - Not sure why you're laughing since Assaidi has better stats then Shaqiri before he joined Liverpool for a bargain price. Waste of money to get Shaqiri anything above 14M. "
22nd Mar 2014 18:29
"hester91 - Obviously he would start then you donut. If Liverpool didn't have SAS then our only other striker left is Aspas so he would start!"
22nd Mar 2014 18:51
"Are you serious ??????? Please don't !!!!!!"