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very impressive , good to see them having fun too, ynwa
20th Mar 2014 16:29
20th Mar 2014 16:33
"Hopefully were taking another 3 points off Cardiff. Come on Red men."
20th Mar 2014 16:57
"Got to take Cardiff even more serious ynwa"
stressed red
20th Mar 2014 17:32
"team look in great spirit. got something special going on here. I think sturidge has had a bit to do with how well raheem has done. That big brother influence. i'm made up for stevie, he is so happy that their is real quality all around. I love you Liverpool, I do. YNWA"
20th Mar 2014 17:33
"Picture 2 = "My girlfriends are this big, how about yours?" Picture 5 = Phhwwtt - that's better boss. Better out than in! Picture 9 = Did you have curry last night"
Rize up-13/14
20th Mar 2014 17:50
"I believe in the spirit of BR as i hope the boys has not be carry away by the United win hope we can deal with the rest of the matches with hunger and determining. YNWA"
20th Mar 2014 17:55
"sakho is a BEAST!!"
20th Mar 2014 18:53
"Good working your best lads..YNWA"
20th Mar 2014 18:55
"What's happened to Luis alberto anyone? ?"
20th Mar 2014 19:10
"Where they trainin - the north pole?? "
20th Mar 2014 19:22
"Suarez not wearing new boots (Samba's)? I wonder if we will ever see them again?"
20th Mar 2014 20:10
"Lets hope we are smiling come saturday afternoon. There is no place for complacency.we have to maintain our high tempo.Cardiff has never been an easy victory game for LFC. Please keep us smiling."
20th Mar 2014 20:23
"Brendan has got the lads geed up ynwa"
20th Mar 2014 20:24
"The lads look very let's hope on Saturday they turn there game faces on and treat Cardiff like UTD and beat them "
stressed red
20th Mar 2014 20:42
"lfc4ever- shall we guess how the lads look. you've left us all in suspense. Cliffhanger hahaha"
20th Mar 2014 21:43
"hester91- I believe alberto is there in the background of picture 13. I have no idea what has happened to him. He was missing from all training pics and even the bench for the last 2 months."
20th Mar 2014 21:44
"great pics luv to see the lads enjoyimg themselves and getting the reward thet deserve for all their hard work all season not 2 much long till season's over, keep it up. Stevie in 1st pic seems to be looking on proudly at his lads, rightly so. I luv how they all learn from and help each other - youth and experienced. "
20th Mar 2014 22:05
"What's new with Ngoo, has the lad given up.. anybody? think he's not getting any games in the first league... makes me wonder if he's just given up on this... He was on loan at Walsall, last I heard.."
20th Mar 2014 22:33
"Keep going lads! Cardif wont be easy. Come on you reds!!!! "
20th Mar 2014 23:23
"A happy team is a winning team! Come on lads, we can win the last 9 games! YNWA!"
21st Mar 2014 0:03
"PIC #4. Suarez : This is how we bad boys do it! Flanagan : Yeah Im starting to get the hang of this, Cheers Louis! (Showing young Flanno his secret hand shake haha!) Got to love it!"
21st Mar 2014 0:31
21st Mar 2014 0:47
"Must admit I would love to see us get three points off Cardiff and help them go down. Why on earth do we have foreign clubs in our league. If it's open to all UK clubs let's see Celtic and Rangers, who at least have decent grounds and a few fans. If not, then make it the English Prem and get rid of Cardiff and Swansea and let two English teams in. One way or the other."
21st Mar 2014 8:31
"Red Bart totally agree Celtic and rangers would be more appealing to watch than Swansea and Cardiff would bring in more money Celtic is a massive world wide team they would be top four (behind us of course)in two years "
21st Mar 2014 9:33
"Let's bag another 3 points lads!"
21st Mar 2014 10:12
"thebman: yeah I noticed him in the pic just wondering why he's never on the bench or anything these days, rather have him on there instead of moses"
21st Mar 2014 10:19
"Redbart1 & Irish&red83: donâ"
The Reds Army
21st Mar 2014 10:54
"Mignolet Johnson-Skrtel-Agger-Flanagan Henderson-Gerrard-Coutinho Sterling-Suarez-Sturridge 3 Points this weekend!! #YNWA"