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plz go for him
19th Mar 2014 11:56
American Liverpool Fan
19th Mar 2014 12:36
"would be a massive addition to the squad. fits the bill perfectly. young, pacey, and technically sound. "
19th Mar 2014 13:02
"Doesn't he want to play cl next season? Why would he want to go to united or inter?"
19th Mar 2014 13:47
"as kingmat said, we hold the upper hand over those clubs with UCL football. this guy would be an awesome buy. would instantly improve our 11 and give the likes of sterling/countinho some rest or when their form drops since they are still young and learning. "
19th Mar 2014 13:49
"THIS GUY is the real deal. future top top top player and fits into brendans system perfectly. go for him at any cost"
19th Mar 2014 14:56
"quality player and would love us to get him! not many could force there way into a team over ribery or robben so that means nout ha!"
19th Mar 2014 15:21
"He is awesome"
19th Mar 2014 15:22
"Would truly be a dream signing!"
19th Mar 2014 15:22
"I think there's a typo here, he called United a top club :P "
19th Mar 2014 18:26
"Average player and not better than Sterling, Coutinho and Suso. "
19th Mar 2014 21:51
20th Mar 2014 0:32
"Nobody will be coming here with guaranteed playing time written into the deal. Brendan won't let that kind of demand mess up what he's building for us. Top players will arrive at LFC but you can bet that big heads and potential boat rockers won't be on the list. "
20th Mar 2014 11:09
"ill bet anyone anything we'll sign him he has everything Rodgers loves... e.g. young, excellent dribbler and great with position, creative and Rodgers favourite he can play in different positons RM, RW, CAM"