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Prepare well against cardiff lads..we alwiz struggle afta having a superb villa and west brom to name a few..
18th Mar 2014 12:58
18th Mar 2014 13:00
"Remembered not long ago, when some fans wanted you out but you kept going and have shown why you are at Liverpool and one of the best defenders in the league for years. I believe there are more stunning performances to come from you. YNWA"
18th Mar 2014 15:00
"skrtel has been a monster this season! quality defender, still think him and sakho would be our best pair"
18th Mar 2014 15:29
"this season has shown dat we've outperformed every 'big' team here, however, taken it easy in 'winnable' games...lets make sure we beat cardiff, n do so in a way dat scares off any odr team dat thinks the cup belongs to them !!"
18th Mar 2014 16:46
"Well done Martin. Full concentration required at the back in the next 9 games ! We believe in all of you! YNWA"
18th Mar 2014 18:38
"Thank god for Martin SKERTL, the best defender in PL,"
19th Mar 2014 2:06
"and Moyes is look at a at sack due to our win..pity really ...we need him :)"
The Reds Army
19th Mar 2014 3:56
"Skrtel-Agger are still our best center backs pair! Because of them we got 2 cleansheets againts United! Strong performances, lads! Keep it up! #YNWA"
19th Mar 2014 7:03
"Agger bring clean sheets and calm in the defence. Peace to the Dagger"
19th Mar 2014 7:25
"There are no easy away 3 pointers- especially against strugglers. Be prepared for a physical battle. Every game is vital and it could all be decided on the last day. "
19th Mar 2014 9:08
"Cardiff will be playing for their lives remember, so to me this one is more tougher to the one of last Sunday. so come on guys get us the three points gd luck.YNWA"