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Great. continue to work on your attack. we need to secure the victory early on against cardiff. Just Assist SAS to get the goals. if they get 6 assist we will get 2 goals
18th Mar 2014 9:44
18th Mar 2014 10:11
"Couldnt have won that game without hendo! His passing was sloppy but he didnt stop chasing the ball down all day! "
18th Mar 2014 10:29
"Doesn't matter when the victory comes as long as it does id settle for an injury time own goal every week for 3 points!! of course refer pure football 3-0 at half time every game but it isn't gonna happen is it?"
18th Mar 2014 10:37
"Hendo just keeps getting better and better, some of the flicks and passes he made were awesome. sturridge should have scored and the allen pen was a result of a clever ball onto his chest away from the defender and not many could envisage that pass never mind make it."
18th Mar 2014 10:46
"I am senegalese liverpool fan; Liverpool may be champion: why not? Players must play they part but I think that the fans have an heavy role to play. When we beat chelsea in semi final 2005 and 2007, a great role was played by the fans. We want an atmosphere louder than 2005 and 2007.I think we must sell the ticket in cheap price for allowing the better supporter to join anfiel, not the richer."
18th Mar 2014 11:05
"I beleive so much so i am taking my good friend who made me support liverpool back in 2001 while backpacking Australia to the game vs Chelsea. I am fan from NZ working as expat in Tanzania "I will be loud" "
18th Mar 2014 12:29
"Great performance Hendo and you're right.Time to move on and be proffessional in the preperations for Cardiff.No disrespect to Allen but I'd like to see Coutinho brought in in place of Joe for this game."
18th Mar 2014 12:41
"This lad is the real deal! I tip Henri to score against Cardiff."
18th Mar 2014 13:47
"Some of the comments here are mind blogging . Hendo was easily the MOTM in the game at Old Toilet . Did you know how much ground he covered in that game?.An astonishing 80% of the field while the donkey midfielders at Man Utd are only covering 40% . The pundits are all over him . Ordinary ?. Man you need to watch more footie."
18th Mar 2014 13:54
"70% of the planet is covered with water, the rest is covered by hendo...."
18th Mar 2014 20:53
"Will have to be at our best. Cardiff would kill for one or three points in their position. Ran Toffees very close away from home on Saturday."
18th Mar 2014 22:25
"This was music to my ears...Just like shanks annd paisely..move onto the next game, and the next and the next...thats how they created that relentless winning machine called LIVERPOOL FC"
18th Mar 2014 22:27
"Unfortunately afric89 football is a business.Ticket prices are part of that business. Im sure every effort is made to keep prices down, but it is what it is."
18th Mar 2014 22:29
"It was great to see allen taking up some slack (if any) frm hendo. When hendos tireless engine slowed just a tad allens took over and vice versa. Thats what u call an engine room!"
18th Mar 2014 22:30
"cardiff will be no less harder. It will be as physical and tough. Cant rest for a minute guys, same effrt WILL be required...but then you guys know all that already, we are just along for the awesome ride:)"