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Lets hope fsg offer him a decent contract then! Cause rodgers will be a wanted man
18th Mar 2014 10:10
18th Mar 2014 10:11
"Lets not take any focus on the league, can we worry about this at the end of the season. Lets win the league guys. ynwa"
18th Mar 2014 10:14
"Yes the more i hear about BR the more i worry that he might be tempted to join Barca if indeed that is true after all he has no real reputation other than this season and has never won anything or never played in CL so i dunno if Barca would look here. I think they should but lets not tell them huh?"
18th Mar 2014 10:33
"I wonder what old "kop members" like crazyhorse777...and o7king are thinking..they wanted brendan out after 3 months because kenny was told to leave,well im glad we have brendan..and fsg deserve credit for picking breandan from a whole list of names"
18th Mar 2014 10:36
"fsg deserve alot of credit for picking brendan tbh...they interviewed quite a few managers (avb,louis van ghaal,martinez..e.t.c.) but they picked rodgers,so they must know a thing or two about success to have seen it in him,and no one could have gotten us here any faster than brendan has"
18th Mar 2014 10:43
"I am senegalese liverpool fan; Liverpool may be champion: why not? Players must play they part but I think that the fans have an heavy role to play. When we beat chelsea in semi final 2005 and 2007, a great role was played by the fans. We want an atmosphere louder than these of 2005 and 2007. For this, I think we must sell the ticket in cheap price for allowing the better supporter to join anfiel"
18th Mar 2014 10:55
"BR is a top manager. I believe we will win the PLs and CLs for coming years. The next two decades will be our Liverpool decades. YNWA"
red dragon
18th Mar 2014 11:42
"Yep you are right Steve , Brendan as been sensational in terms of has you said man management style. Carry on Brendan all the fans are behind you"
18th Mar 2014 12:01
"Only 1 player could emmulate SG and I hope BR eventually sign him (Ross Barkley) well done to all the staff and Roooogeerrs - so k"
18th Mar 2014 12:02
"BrendanRogers definitely has show all doubters wrong. With Brendan rogers in charges we will have bright future ahead. fsg please offer rogers contract he cannot refuse cos it's hard to find a top manager like Brendan rogers. YNWA Brendan Rogers."
18th Mar 2014 12:18
"He's only 42, if we can keep him next 25 years, he can make history with backing from the owners. We missed out on several targets by wasting time, but not learing from the mistakes. "
18th Mar 2014 12:34
"Amazing manager br, even stevie says it..... Astonishing how some "fans" never saw it.maybe they still dont..."
18th Mar 2014 13:02
"I can remember saying in those first difficult months of BR's managerial reign that it would be 2-3 years before his ideas would come to fruition. There were *many* "supporters" calling for him to be sacked because quite frankly things weren't going well. Glad the owners gave him time."
18th Mar 2014 13:28
"I agree with you hester91 but what is getting me more is how silent the people are who was after Brendan head last season with no faith in him."
18th Mar 2014 13:34
"When he was appointed I was skeptical but since I've seen what he has put in place, been fully behind him. Come on Brendan, make us dream!"
18th Mar 2014 13:41
"Please sign a new contract Brendan. You cant leave before Stevie G wins the BPL!"
18th Mar 2014 15:01
"Brendan reckons there is no football club bigger than LFC and tried to emphasize that to Luis Suarez convincing Luis to stay, no why on earth would Brendan want to walk away from a job he adores, especially when he is still in the early stages of his vision for LFC? It would be sheer stupidity. lunacy."
18th Mar 2014 15:06
"Dropping any points in our last nine games would kiss our remote t!tle hopes goodbye, every point gained in any of our remaining matches is precious. City and Chelsea may be able to drop points here or there and still end up Champions but we can't drop any points, we need to win every game and hope they drop points to have a chance. "
18th Mar 2014 15:17
"We must never give in to the temptation to count our chickens before they hatch, we haven't won a sausage yet, Arsenal and Spurs are breathing down our necks and will surely hijack our hopes if we are foolish enough to slip up, we can only play one match at a time , there's nine matches left and they are all difficult, especially at this stage of the season. "
18th Mar 2014 15:33
"FSG Hand him a new contract now!"
18th Mar 2014 15:36
"whether we win the cup or not, brendan rogers must stay for many many more years! hes brought life back into liverpool, sumthin i havnt seen in a long long tym i wish fergie was still writing his autobiography so he cud write sumthin utterly untrue abt rogers, proving the exact opposite :D YNWA"
18th Mar 2014 17:29
"I believe what BR want before he sign the contract is not a bigger paycheck but a promise of a bigger war chest from FSG for summer transfer. "
18th Mar 2014 18:21
"Best man at the best club - why worry?"
18th Mar 2014 18:36
"Manager of the season without a doubt on what he has achieved with the resources that have been afforded to him. Unlike some of the fickle fans when he was appointed I did my homework & checked him out & was pleasantly surprised with what I found and have had total faith in him since."
18th Mar 2014 18:37
"Genuinely pleased for the man as the undue disrespect that's been shown towards him earlier was uncalled for & one of the reasons I haven't made any comments for a while."
18th Mar 2014 18:55
"great to see chasing shadows and taggarts face was a picture!!!ole ole"
18th Mar 2014 20:25
"Brendan isn't going anywhere. Why would he go, he has an up and coming side in a legendary club. Even if they finish second, they quality players he be able to attract this oeason is going to be tremendous. Who in their right mind won't want to play with SAS, Sterling, Coutinho, Henderson, Minoglet, and the Cap Gerrard. "
18th Mar 2014 21:49
"Will Brendan be good enough to mastermind victories over Chelsea and Man City? Now that would be something else! That would be undisputable evidence that Brendan has arrived, really arrived! YNWA"
18th Mar 2014 21:54
"If Brendan gets Stevie's vote then no one in the world could disagree with him. "
stressed red
18th Mar 2014 22:00
"jordan rossitor is new gerrard"
Afrika Kop
18th Mar 2014 22:28
"Wonderful tribute to Manager by captain. Now to those fans now having stomach pains about rumours, just know this: which rumour of signings have been true in the last 12 months. BR is hear to stay. He knows, that, we know that the FSG know that. "
19th Mar 2014 3:27
"Barca will be looking him in the summer.. Get the new contract signed asap"
19th Mar 2014 4:07
"To be honest, I'm one of the fan that doubted BR on the day he was appointed. I thought as a British manager he would make Liverpool played with long passing balls to target man. I was wrong...He's a British manager who can apply tiki taka in an English club. Well done, BR, please stay with us for longer time!"