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As good a talent he is, we don't need this kind of personality, not for the champions league, i'm sure i speak for the majority of us when i say Konoplyanka needs to be the winger we sign if DM is'nt addressed first
12th Mar 2014 11:50
12th Mar 2014 13:16
"We don't need him since we have Henderson, Suso, Alberto and Coutinho. GK, LB and a few proven attackers are only required."
12th Mar 2014 14:30
"oh yh a GK to replace one of the best shot stoppers around right? SMART!"
12th Mar 2014 14:50
"This chap would be a great midfielder for years to come. BR may be able to taper his temperament, and get the best out of him. Good feet and passing range. "
12th Mar 2014 15:52
"Good player bad atude. Get Guarrin & Hermann please."
12th Mar 2014 16:13
"We have many young players who can develope into classy players. As for now the priority is to strengthen the team in preperation for big games in the Champs League. I talk of Konoplyanko(wing), Martin Alexander (quality striker), Fermino and Isco. "
12th Mar 2014 16:19
"why does this site turn the word A t t i t u d e in to atude all the time?"
12th Mar 2014 16:41
"I wouldn't mind to see one or two sinngs from the PL but good ons ready for champs league.If the club spend on Lallana, Shaw or Johnson then it is a good invetiment and good plan. Defence please push for Hinter, he is really a good defender. i hope Rogers is serious about him, and i know he would not hesitate to sign.He was watched againist Uroguay. "
12th Mar 2014 18:12
"Don't know enough about this kid to comment but I want to point out that he's English and if he can pass then he can play,simple as that but 10 mil is a lot of money."
12th Mar 2014 18:46
"thanks2shanks i shouldnt imagine he would cost anywhere near 10mil. hes such a prospect. utd let him go because of his stinking atude. the mancs used to rave about this lad! if Brendan can tame him we'll have a real player on our hands!"
12th Mar 2014 20:59
"It's like reading 'Sturridge linked with Liverpool' articles all over again!! Give the lad a chance, class player!"
12th Mar 2014 22:00
"Steven1988lfc - Couldn't agree more! Give him a chance. Maybe Fergie, Alladyce etc just have a power trip and don't know how to handle big personalities, especially Fergie as he sold anyone who he thought could get the better of him "
12th Mar 2014 23:52
"In terms of personality, he's worse than the former Suarez. Without the biting. Yet..."
13th Mar 2014 0:39
"Why not? on the cheap, trust Rodgers to make the right decisions though"
13th Mar 2014 0:50
"hes actualy pretty good, dribles with both feet, speedy,goodpasser & lethal in front of goal.. hes a lottery ticket though, that if pays, will take us to the next level"
13th Mar 2014 6:43
"Let's say we get CL for next we want to do it with this team or do we want to be compeive. If it's the latter, we need to add serious quality to what we have and not compromise! With no disrespect, Morrison quality will get us an early shower from the comp."
13th Mar 2014 7:56
"people need to remember that for a player so young, he's got terrific ability and even on loan, he's worth a punt. he's got great quality but perhaps needs a manager to really believe in him and play to his strengths (which brendan's style of football certainly does)"
13th Mar 2014 8:48
"Off the topic but We need an experienced striker as a back up esp 4 CL hunterlaar,farfan,villa,Santa Cruz that mould "
13th Mar 2014 10:38
"iv'e rated this guy from the time he destroyed us in the youth cup years ago!! i think brendan is the right manager to deal with his temperament!!! remember what everyone said about sturridge before he came here!!!"
13th Mar 2014 10:41
"fergie said he was the best young player he's ever seen!!!!!! and he has seen some of the best!!!"
13th Mar 2014 11:52
"Too much trouble follows this guy. stay clear LFC."
13th Mar 2014 14:29
"For anything less than 10 million he's worth it -- we paid 20 each for Allen and Henderson. QPR won't want to let him go on the cheap, but I'm sure he'd like to make a step back up to the Prem. Whether that's with us or not remains to be seen, but I think he's an exciting prospect to fill out our squad in CM."
13th Mar 2014 14:42
"Get him he's very talented, young n english. This guy would bring pace n versatility to the team, bring Menez n El Shaarawy n we're good to go for the CL next season. Also get PSG keeper Areola as back up to Mignolet. BR YNWA"
13th Mar 2014 14:45
"This guy comes with a lot of baggage and his high maintenance, not sure he will fit comfortably into our squad."
Dukas YNWA
14th Mar 2014 12:49
"NO. Thanks!!"