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no thanks watched him this morning our time as in Australia and not up to it at all and that was against ath madrids players so no chance against pl players
12th Mar 2014 10:22
12th Mar 2014 11:51
"No noo nooo he is iv sed thousand times kevin kampl ,firmino,mvilla ,murieal big nme capture some one like isco these are typs of players we want at liverpool not old guy tht realy nver lit up the pl ow sory an if price is ryte lallana"
12th Mar 2014 12:24
"Only El Sharavy from Milan is worth to mention, but our priority must be the full back positions and one CM...we are well equiped in the attacking line "
12th Mar 2014 12:27
"Yes please - It was so obvious that we should have tried to make a move for him in Jan. We really need a player like him - experienced destroyeer who will really help out the defence. If you can't see how De Jong would be a massive help don't worry, just keep playing champ man."
12th Mar 2014 12:37
"You do realize that Ath Madrid are a world class team right? What a stupid comment!"
12th Mar 2014 12:45
"And hes played for man city in the pl too!"
12th Mar 2014 13:14
"Very good experienced player and can serve us for a good 4 years. I'd pay a maximum of 8M. "
12th Mar 2014 13:14
"ISCO ISCO ISCO!!!!!! Mark my words this will be the next Xavi. If we can capture this guy it will show everyone Liverpool mean business!!! Isco is World class, 3-4 players... Isco(DM or AM), LB(enrique needs top quality competition) and quality cover in the RW and CB department."
12th Mar 2014 13:18
"no pls ; he was responsible for at least two of ATletico's goals against AC Milan. He cannot defend; there are far more better players out there and LFC will attract more players with CL qualification."
12th Mar 2014 13:27
"Some of you should read the rest of the article. BR is looking for a DEFENSIVE midfielder. Isco, m'villa and everyone you named are not defensive midfielders. In BR we trust!!!! YNWA"
12th Mar 2014 13:30
"why him? Yann M'villa is the future of french football very good friends with Sahko also and was spotted at the merseyside derby if im correct. he's there for the taking, playing with an average team like Ruban Kazan.. New yaya toure!!"
12th Mar 2014 13:39
"alex song or bring backmascherano. Still remember Song was doing assist for Persie even he was playing as defensive Midfielder for arsenal. He is strong, paste and gud vision. we must aim for quality players"
12th Mar 2014 13:40
"caught oide links players to teams if theyre seen so much as touching sumthin of the teams color...oh valdes drives a red ferrari, he must wanna join liverpool, luk cabaye was sitting on a blue seat in a park! he must wanna join chelsea lmao "
12th Mar 2014 17:56
"Alex song is younger, better on the ball and reader of the game. Get song!"
12th Mar 2014 17:58
"Isco has been at Madrid less then one season. Why on earth would the let him go since he's their future? Realistic targets people"
12th Mar 2014 23:55
"I always remember what he did to Xabi Alonso whenever I see or hear his name. He's a human tank, that can't be tamed."
13th Mar 2014 0:33
"1#Alex Song...2#M`vila... 3#DeJong Wildcard#Diame"
13th Mar 2014 6:45
"De Jong isn't even the answer to Milan let alone us. We can do better...can't we???"
13th Mar 2014 12:40
13th Mar 2014 14:46
"Forget De Jong, good player but his age says it all n if anything Coady should get an opportunity next season to fight for that CDM position"
15th Mar 2014 9:25
"No thanks I'd like us to sign Victor Wanyama or Yann M'Vila instead"