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Good luck Lucas - YNWA!
12th Mar 2014 9:06
12th Mar 2014 9:08
"the team has proved you are not needed. good squad player though. ynwa"
12th Mar 2014 9:28
"be_real_lfc 12th Mar 2014 9:08 - It won't be easy for him regain his place, and I think in games where we can go gung ho, our front six should be SG - JH, PC - RS, LS, DS. However, for games against tougher opponents - e.g. City, Chelsea - I think LL should start and work hard to break up the play in the middle."
12th Mar 2014 9:32
"sell him, buy song or masch back"
12th Mar 2014 9:33
"MATC9482 12th Mar 2014 9:28 agreed mate, decent to have in squad"
12th Mar 2014 9:50
"i hope lucas makes the brazil squad,i also hope he is not benched too much and is given enough game time to keep him happy..has been a great servant and should remain at the club for as long as possible"
12th Mar 2014 10:18
"Certainly a lot more steady at the back with Lucas playing. "
12th Mar 2014 10:27
"a lot of respect for lucas hes been an unsung hero for us on numerous occasions ,even after all the slating he got in the begining ,he fought hard to to improve and showed how good he can be , then fought back from 2 bad injuries ,good luck lucas "
12th Mar 2014 10:29
"A good squad player but inconsistent don't do enough v lesser teams,"
12th Mar 2014 10:44
"Good under pressure"
12th Mar 2014 11:19
"Prefer gerrard in the DM role, when he's really up for it he is the best in that role like against everton and arsenal! And he will be right up for it against utd"
12th Mar 2014 12:25
"Good to see the guy fit and hope he can play in World cup. But for LFC - Gerrard is much better DM and has that creative link too. "
12th Mar 2014 12:30
"be_real_lfc You need to get real as part of your name suggests. The team we have at the moment is palying as a unit without any favourites. If Stevie got injured it would be Lucas who BR would look to first. It is a Squad that wins you championships and not individuals. Lucas is and will be an integral part of any LFC team going forward.CONTD "
12th Mar 2014 12:34
"be_real_lfc You would probably have got rid of half the team that is now second and challeging for the championship. Please support all the players including those who are injured.Lucas has a love for lfc and is not a Mercenary like some player who i don't want to mention. Masch was one of those who flew away as the going got tough."
12th Mar 2014 13:07
"Gud News. but where will he play. we have a balance up front with sterling , suarez, sturridge. Couthino is the only capable playmaker in the squad. if we break that we will loose our tempo up front. Gerrard is still our best CM. Only 1 place left in midfield. Great that mean players must work harder to get a place in lfc"
12th Mar 2014 13:29
"ever since his knee injury he has not been good"
12th Mar 2014 13:34
"im just honest, the fact of the matter is he is nowhere near our starting xi, joe allen deserves it more imo. ynwa"
12th Mar 2014 13:50
"No.........This guy wil slow down attack. lpool need fast attacking player not a slow defender"
12th Mar 2014 13:57
"i hope hes at a better level than before! we're gonna need every ounce of talent, strength n fortune we can squeeze out of the team if we're to sumhow lift the cup this year :) YNWA "
12th Mar 2014 14:13
"I know it was his first game back , but he was pathetic vs. Utd reserves never made one clean tackle gave away 5 free kicks virtually every challenge he made he gave away a free kick . He is still carrying an injury for me no one can be so slow "
Billy B girl
12th Mar 2014 14:20
"Oh how we have missed you Lucas and thank god you are back. Let's hope you get a place in Brazil YNWA"
12th Mar 2014 14:38
"gud luck lucas......YNWA "
12th Mar 2014 15:34
"A lot of unnecessary criticism of Lucas? When fully fit he is a much better DM than Gerrard, who doesn't cover anywhere near well enough across the back four. I think some are confusing Gerrards' ability to play football 'from the back' as opposed to his reading of the defensive game. There is a big difference and I still feel he is better as the second CM."
JAL 58
12th Mar 2014 16:22
"Do me a favour Lucas , dont come back at all . Take a sabatical to Brazil for the next 3 months . Hopefully since you have been out , you had watched proper DMs like Matic at Chelsea , Bender and Blaise Matuidi . Then you will understand why im not a fan of your stagnant , one paced play ."
12th Mar 2014 18:11
"JAL 58: Get in behind team mate! for God's sake stop slating team and players at a crunch time like this. I guess we should start with Allen to have the fluidity, control and stinging pass closing. Can rest him by bringing Lucas once we've won it over by 2/3 goals around 60 mins or so to calm the nerves as we approach final whistle."
13th Mar 2014 7:59
"nah!!..never rated u from day 1 and never will..If u are any good why didn senor sulk rafa come get u ?? with u out of the team we are playing such fast atatcking game...stay out or go to napoli.."
13th Mar 2014 9:45
"We can begin play with him afer so Gerrard will play like a OM . Second half coutino take his place and gerrard return like a deep DM"
JAL 58
15th Mar 2014 11:58
"simplyatin Wake up and smell the coffee , you dont disrupt a winning side . Did Shankly or Paisley take people off after 60 mins whatever the result . As i say best place for Lucas is on the plane to Brazil to watch the World Cup ."
JAL 58
15th Mar 2014 12:02
"wmraker2 Wow well said mate , so its not just me , people on here are deluded if they think anybody would come in and buy Lucas ."