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the time is now, forget the history, we need the league asap
12th Mar 2014 9:32
12th Mar 2014 11:23
"What, "be_real_lfc", should we FORGET 1892, 1965, 1977, 1978, 1981, 1984, 2005, Shankly, Paisley, Fagan, Evans, Moran, Kenny, Carragher, Fowler, Rush, the 96, and hundreds, if not thousands of other reasons this club is what it is, here and now? How about get_real_lfc. People who even say things like "be real" smack of self-rightousness. YNWA! JFT96! "
The Heighway Man
12th Mar 2014 12:12
"highway 36 you are spot on. be-real-lfc you are an idiot and you typify what is wrong with some supporters who want success yesterday. LFC is all about history remember Istanbul? In Brendan we trust YNWA"
12th Mar 2014 12:57
"be_real_lfc --- THAT is the most disrespectful comment I have ever seen on any LFC Thread. Joe was a huge part of the boot room before he became manager. You obviously know nothing about LFC. . "
12th Mar 2014 13:32
"this is boring we need to win the league and only focus on that ynwa"
12th Mar 2014 13:47
"be_real_lfc. Couldn't agree LESS. We should LEARN from history."
12th Mar 2014 13:57
"be_real_lfc - Boring because you've been shown up to be an idiot? Joe served the club for over 25 years and deserves respect. your comments just show how little you know. Wise up kid, or shut up You're a laughing stock. "
12th Mar 2014 14:24
"Firstly, I have a lot of respect for Fagan and really that's what this page should be about. But I'm also glad you've all attacked be_real_lfc - I wish people like him [who make these ridiculous comments on here] were treated like this more often and eventually we could hopefully not have to read this rubbish all the time."
12th Mar 2014 15:46
"be_real_lfc: you're supporting the wrong club if you say forget the history of LFC. joe fagan is a legend who dedicated a HUGE part of his life to create what we call LFC today. if you don't have anything relevant to say, atleast stop making disrespectful comments."
12th Mar 2014 15:49
"Respect to our heritage, & all people involved, which made the club what it is today. YNWA."
12th Mar 2014 15:53
"We also need to remember what made this club great, i say he deserves so much credit for continuing the good work of he predecessors. YNWA Joe"
12th Mar 2014 17:09
"I know 'be_real_you_get_me_star_lfc' comment wasnt the best but at least it drew one of the best responses I have seen on these threads. Great work highway36"
12th Mar 2014 18:53
"be_real_lfc, please jog on over to the Man Citeh website, as they have no real history there to speak of that will get in your way. I, for one, am drawn to this club precisely for its unmatched history. Shockingly narrow minded view son..."
12th Mar 2014 21:57
"Be-real-lfc your post was timed at 9:32. I'm surprised your mum and dad let you stay up so late. The time is now. You will learn as you get older that the history shapes the present and what you do today shapes tomorrow. "
12th Mar 2014 22:00
"Be _real_lfc, get real and show respect you idiot,"
13th Mar 2014 8:22
"so bored by your abuse"
13th Mar 2014 8:24
"people like you lot will keep our club stuck in history, if I am a revolutionary because of a different view then so be it. Onward and upwards! ynwa"
13th Mar 2014 15:36
"1st manager to win treble, well before fungus but cos it came after Heysel disaster he never got recognised outside our club, and left early as he was so devasted by the disaster or he could have been mamager longer. He with the rest of the boot room and co made us and our club who and what we are now and we are so proud of all, our history spurs the lads and us to make more history YNWA"