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well done dan keep the form in this final push YNWA
11th Mar 2014 16:00
11th Mar 2014 16:06
"Yeap he is having a brilliant season for us..but plzzz guys keep da humility..we dont wanna get too carried away by this..the last time BR spoke about we being contenders for the league le we went on losing to chelski n city :'("
11th Mar 2014 16:18
"and he deserves a new deal in the summer! "
11th Mar 2014 17:42
"Hope we score 4+ goals on sunday! Cmon!!!! YNWA"
11th Mar 2014 19:40
"He is at the right club. we take care of our own and if they provide the goods they keep theyr place.. we dont buy the biggest names to sell kits.. "
11th Mar 2014 20:57
"Yeah cause liverpool already sell plenty of kits! Sturridge's finishing is so clinical and he's so confident on the ball, really hope he gets a nice raise this summer to keep him in red. Lets beat Man U....again!!"
11th Mar 2014 21:50
"what a player we hav here, been so crucial in front of goal,sturridge deserves alot more praise, than he gets on this site.. a lot of people only praise suarez,but we now hav SAS"
12th Mar 2014 1:12
"Sturridge should feel very lucky playing with Suarez, one of the best players in the world right now...can learn a lot from him..."
12th Mar 2014 4:33
"Agree , Lets hope he stays at Liverpool for years and years and becomes the new Fowler , Aldo , Keegan , Dalglish, all good company to be mentioned in , but he fits the bill perfectly "
12th Mar 2014 4:39
"If he scores the winner on Sunday against United and we finish in the top 4 or better , he will be remembered for years and become a legend , he will go from strength to strength , the more he plays with Louis the better he becomes , he is maturing every day , he will be a fine fine wine , Liverpool have been looking for someone with his huge talent for a long time "
12th Mar 2014 6:53
"Yeah with you were back though god YNWA when are you gonna come be assistant manager or something i would love to see you sat with BR on touchline"
12th Mar 2014 7:29
"Absolutely great player!! One aspect he must deal with - opponents know his right side is weaker so they force him wide to that side in the box. He should be aware of this and rather pass across goal for Suarez than try to take a shot himself. This occurred frequently in recent games and left Suarez frustrated at not being tee'd up for an easy shot at goal. Hope he takes note of this."
12th Mar 2014 9:09
"these guys say the same things year in year out.."
12th Mar 2014 9:10
12th Mar 2014 9:46
"When suarez's ban was announced last season, we were like oh no, gonna be another poor start to the new season again. Even suarez must have be gutted. But who will know three goals from Daniel is first 3 games give us the max point. I believe that also fired up suarez to carry on."
12th Mar 2014 9:53
"I hope he finally feel at home at Liverpool. While some fans are eager to come out with the wishlist of players they want to see in red, dun forget there are always teams like real Madrid and barca trying to steal the gems we are having right now. More than of half of them deserved place in first teams champion league"
12th Mar 2014 10:53
"Sturridge is quality and always has been. At Chelsea he was just plain selfish. Now he is still selfish but much less often. Maturity will improve this aspect of his game and he will become a better striker for it."
12th Mar 2014 14:32
"get a life"
12th Mar 2014 14:33
"sell him, next season he ont be as good, mark my word"