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would be a good signing depending on the price though!
11th Mar 2014 12:43
11th Mar 2014 12:56
"Isco wud be beter as a big nme capture think he beter than ractic iam glad he stayng ther tbh"
11th Mar 2014 13:41
"Too expensive! Not as good as Lallana, so just get him instead."
11th Mar 2014 13:42
"although if 20m could get him then go for it, but i doubt it."
11th Mar 2014 16:06
"Can we offer cash plus player? 20m is too much, we may consider player swap, 'To kill two birds with one stone' - Get the player we need and sell the deadwoods."
11th Mar 2014 16:08
"Rakitic or Parejo or Isco, sign one of them could stabilize our midfield. We do need a classy holding midfielder."
11th Mar 2014 16:26
"offer them aspas and some money! "
11th Mar 2014 18:45
"Gaston Ramirez, Adam Lallana, Luke Shaw and Jay Rodrigez would be good additions for our squad. "
11th Mar 2014 19:58
"Too much money ....Lallana better"
11th Mar 2014 21:46
"I don't care at all the only player we should break all the bank etc as its about time we had a pay day from the owners they have plenty to give around is costa him suarez and sturridge up front with the rest BR wants we will be amazing "
11th Mar 2014 22:37
"goodluck then continue playing for sevilla while we move on to get other targets."
12th Mar 2014 6:46
"Yeah possibly a good signing but hardly prolific?"
12th Mar 2014 6:49
"Would love to see lallana he looks quality and english"
13th Mar 2014 6:48
"Rakitic will not move to LFC!"
13th Mar 2014 10:00
"If you come in africa, you may have a very good player with only less than 1000£. In general, best players in africa are not lucky to reach the academic test but there is outstanding players here "
14th Mar 2014 10:29
"AusMatthewLFC4Ever: good thought mate, suarez sturridge costa will make other PL team shiver.."
14th Mar 2014 10:30
"Lallana also a very good one, only if the fee is rite tho.."