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the kid that got over hyped, people saying he should make the England squad etc then gets sent on loan to the championship .. no thanks!
11th Mar 2014 12:37
11th Mar 2014 12:54
"Brakes on!! not good enough for CL, if we make it. Get Lallana, much better value. YNWA."
11th Mar 2014 12:54
"Good player but I think its his atude that's y he loaned out not because his rubish be ok capture on the cheap thow"
11th Mar 2014 12:54
"Good player but I think its his atude that's y he loaned out not because his rubish be ok capture on the cheap thow"
11th Mar 2014 13:21
"yep I would prefer Lallana and Konoplyanka for the summer, we should have a complete team then!!"
11th Mar 2014 13:34
"Thought this was about Andy Carroll for a minute..."
11th Mar 2014 13:51
"brendan is the ideal manager to get the best out of morrison!! so much ability going to waste!!!"
11th Mar 2014 14:03
"If the lad would grow up and stop thinking life's all about being a bad a55, then maybe.He only has to take a look at Sterling to see what can be achieved if you get a bit of maturity.Difference between Ravel and Raheem is Ravel can go where he wants on holiday whilst Raheem is off to play in Brazil."
11th Mar 2014 15:19
"Anyone who thinks Lallana is a better target than Morrison hasn't a clue. Lallana is a player currently having the best years of his career. Morrison on the other hand is a player with bags of potential but just needs to settle an I know BR will be able to provide a platform for him to fulfil his potential. Morrison could be as good as Scholes."
11th Mar 2014 15:27
"So following your infinite wisdom hester, you'd say no thanks to having Wisdom, Mclaughlin, Ibe and Coady, back?? Muppet."
11th Mar 2014 15:32
"that kid is awesome , i just love him ! he would be a great inclusion...coutinho , suso & morrison ...just awesome"
LFC since 1975
11th Mar 2014 15:33
"a player with great potential, he's one of those players that got a bit too bigheaded because he was a footballer, the "do you know who I am?" atude. if he was grounded a little and taught to respect his talent instead of abusing it he would be a great player. 2-3 years under Brendan and maybe he would fulfill his potential."
11th Mar 2014 15:44
"Alex song has just said he wants to come back to the premier league one day. I swear he would be perfect. Can play football, reads the game superbly and has quality tackles in him. Ideal cdm and still 25! Please rodgers!"
11th Mar 2014 16:11
"Just because he scored two goals the othe day bs"
11th Mar 2014 16:16
"half of me thinks that if ol rednose and big sam cant tame this kid... then we should stay well clear. but the other half of me thinks rodgers has tamed sterling? and he looks a player.. so not sure. just think we have enough in those areas though with potential, and should be only focusing on improving the 11 directly this summer. "
11th Mar 2014 16:25
"RickardsReds your clearly a bully victim so you come on here trying to give people abuse behind a screen you keyboard warrior! difference being there already our players you muppet, we have enough potential we need to buy some people that will improve the team!! "
11th Mar 2014 16:52
"Top notch young player. never really understood why a poor west ham team never played him more. stinking bad atude but could be snapped up fairly cheap i should imagine! worth a go!"
11th Mar 2014 17:09
"What's up Hester? You want to be first poster on every story but don't like it when someone questions your opinion. You do ask for it. I'm here to support my beloved team and am open to constructive debate. I admit I have trouble trying to make sense of your posts though, I do apologise."
11th Mar 2014 17:14
"I dont wanna be the first to post I just was so dont cry that you wasnt .. and I dont mind anyone questioning my opinion as everyone has there own, its the fact you called me a muppet! We have our own youngsters so why pay a few million for morrison who isnt better than what we already have, we need to aim higher than that if we get champions league"
11th Mar 2014 17:22
"I thought the article was going to tell us about Diame..I believe a 3.5m clause n his contract is worth a look..i could be wrong"
11th Mar 2014 17:49
"I want Diame! hes mint. so strong. awsome at bringing ball out of defence!"
11th Mar 2014 17:55
"ClubCall and so the LFC fans are talking/thinking through their hats about Morrisson because if he was a trusted player he would have stayed at Man U ,West Ham did not want him so they did offload him to QPR where he has done nothing special."
11th Mar 2014 17:58
"I'm sorry for upsetting you hester. If I was going to insult you I wouldn't use the word muppet. To me, muppet is a fun word like plonker or idjut, used in banter, not arguments. We're all one big red family so it's never meant to get serious or nasty."
11th Mar 2014 18:04
"Tamed sterling?? What rubbish and an insult to his mum who has kept the young stars feet firmly on the ground."
11th Mar 2014 18:22
"ok no problem rickards"
11th Mar 2014 18:39
"arrogant,massive chip on his shoulder, wasting his talent, however natural talent is there get best out of him we could have world beater on our hands, his atutude messes up then bomb him out, worth a gamble if didn't cost more than 5 mil"
Den Haag Greg
11th Mar 2014 19:24
"We have got to be so careful, 4th spot or above will attract all the agents, knowing we are going to spend. Lilliana and Shaw would be money well spent, we have seen they can do itin theEPL. Then careful as we go, DM, And we are set. "
Thisis d1
11th Mar 2014 19:47
"I like some other's thought and hoped it was going to be Diame. Anyway Jeremy Menez is available on a free transfer so let's try get him, proven quality that we will need for the C.L. next season! Y.N.W.A . "
notts red till dead
11th Mar 2014 20:49
"I think br would do a great job with him and he would be a great addition with his style and our playing style but even with cl football we have to be careful we don't stockpile too many young players with potential."
12th Mar 2014 0:13
"how can he be considered an "ace" if hes not even playing for west ham ??"
Vosta Lee
12th Mar 2014 1:59
"BISTRY I wouldn't use Ravel not continuing at Manu as conclusive evidence that he is rubbish. Many things go on over there (think Pogba). Having said that, I'm not convinced by him. He's not better than what we already have in the U21 and on loan."
12th Mar 2014 2:18
"Hester91 ...we sound like school children here but thats what a difference of opinion can do - ManU axed him for wage demands reasons, Birm' loaned him because the kid is just very immature."
12th Mar 2014 2:22
"Are you aware he has played for England at every level to date? (except senior level for now)...compared to Gascoigne? that translates to gret potential if obviously... maturity is all he needs so what - we all needed that i'm sure - so I would take this kid over Everton supporter - Lallana - any day of the week. "
12th Mar 2014 6:50
"He would be a lot better than moses i would rather see him next year with his potential rather than another like moses"
12th Mar 2014 6:50
"but yes lallana would be amazing "
12th Mar 2014 6:58
"Absolutely brilliant midfielder but has a terrible disciplinary record. But that can be worked on by br and sg. Will luv to have him at lfc. Remember they said the same about Bellamy and tennant. Just can't misbehave at lfc. Get him."
12th Mar 2014 9:29
"Cannot understand this mentality. BR sends out our promising youngsters on loan and then spend millions on players that are maybe just as good and promising as our youngsters."
13th Mar 2014 14:40
"The difference between Adam Lallana and Ravel Morrison is about 15 million pounds, 4 years and (guessing here) a ton in wages. Lallana has been Southampton's best player and they have been the surprise of the season, and it earned him a spot on the WC team. cont"
13th Mar 2014 14:41
"It will take Morrison more time to acclimatize but we if he continues this run of good form until the end of the season then I'd say go for it, particularly if we're spending big money elsewhere in the squad."
14th Mar 2014 13:09
"Trouble with a capital T. No, leave him where he is, he will only drag Raheem down."