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we alredy hve talent at the club an out on loan so evn if he good its not wat we need we need players that will com into first team no more albertos or aspases buy thm an thy dnt get a kik for most of the seasn as I sed players tht can go into the first team ie keven kampl,firmi no,muriel,mvilla ,lalana an big nme capture isco
11th Mar 2014 9:56
11th Mar 2014 10:08
"Nooooooo we hve loads young talent let's buy for the first team "
11th Mar 2014 10:20
"Now our target must be porto or benfica scouter when we see good players they recruit without much money."
11th Mar 2014 11:48
"No thanks! "
11th Mar 2014 12:40
"Tats more like it.. A flop loan from CHELSEA hahaha.. Next we get Mohd Salah on loan.. or Willian.. LFC r so smart love u guys.. We save money n let chelsea buy all tis player n we loan it from them.. can always return if they r .. n buy them if they r good hahaha"
11th Mar 2014 13:02
"The only good news in this article is when it states 'Victor Moses returns to Chelsea at the end of the season'. That in itself will be a good piece of business."
11th Mar 2014 13:59
"It's surprising to read my fellow's supporters talking about a plyer they don't even know. This kid is one of Benfica best players, with skills a lots of our players would love to have. Benfica it's not a small team, and he would fit nicelly in our style of play."
11th Mar 2014 14:02
"We should bring Borini back, No?"
12th Mar 2014 10:59
"i also enjoyed the bit about moses,cant wait"
12th Mar 2014 16:22
"We need to sign players whom we can play not those could be sent on loan while we have our young talents on loan to give them more game experienc for this season. We need back-ups who can come off the bench and make a diference to the game when things are not going our way.Not the Moses type you bring them on they start falling. "
12th Mar 2014 16:32
"Watch the competition of our young talent during the pre-season you will get confused whom you want to promote to the senior team and whom you want to send out on loan. England will benefit more from lfc young talent. LFC is the only club in the top 6, which fields 6 English players per each game. "
12th Mar 2014 16:47
"I hate it whenever you see a player linked to lfc, chelseas are also planning for the same player. They are really a menace who just google what is on Liverpool's list. And they have a tendance of waiting for us to stard the negotiation to see how much less we are prepared to offer, then they would come and add some few coins to snatch him away."