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I wonder how long before we exercise our first option on Will Hughes... Maybe give him another year developing at Derby, then pounce next summer...?
11th Mar 2014 9:35
11th Mar 2014 10:00
"Id like him hughs insted of this benfica guy if u lookn at talent for the future but we need now players not players for few yers time we alredy hve quaite a few of them alredy time to buy for 1st team "
11th Mar 2014 10:04
"Now our target must be porto or benfica scouter when we see good players they recruit without much money."
11th Mar 2014 10:10
"Now our target must be porto or benfica scouter when we see good players they recruit without much money."
11th Mar 2014 10:11
"We shud buy him insted of this benfica guy if we gna buy young talent but we shud be lookn at players that can play first team football ie kevin kampl ,mvilla ,firmino,muriel'lallana or isco as big nme purches ynwa"
11th Mar 2014 10:28
"Only proven quality needed we signed too many so called potential for future all who are draining funds from our club with wages etc,3 or 4 quality players for next season needed,"
11th Mar 2014 10:37
"I think Will Hughes needs to spend extra hours in the gym, if he's ever gonna make it at PL level. Also, BR's way is to buy young talent then loan it out, so it makes more sense to leave Hughes settled at Derby until he's ready... all the while running his contract down and decreasing his transfer value!! We need strong CM this summer."
11th Mar 2014 11:47
"No thanks! "
11th Mar 2014 12:41
"do we actually have first option on hughes? cause it was denied"
11th Mar 2014 13:07
"I firmly believe we should only buy players who want to play for the club and finaces aren't the only sole reason, lets face it their all millionaires anyway and money shouldn't be the main reason to play for a club, the chance of winning trophies with one of the best for atmosphere and achievement is important!!"
11th Mar 2014 13:38
"hester - google it, it's all over the web"