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i'd sooner we buy a few very good players who are adaptable and flexible where they play rather than try and get 8-10 cheaper players who are always going to be a gamble. we need to build the SQUAD up over the next 3-4 years rather than try doing what the spuds did. we will also have some good academy players to gradually mix into the squad too
LFC since 1975
10th Mar 2014 16:39
10th Mar 2014 17:25
"Another unknown player linked, we are in a position where we should be aiming a lot higher on proven quality players. We already have an academy full of young potentials and a few out on loan. "
10th Mar 2014 17:35
"Noooooo kevin campl , formino,lallana ,mvilla, luise mureil ad power to the reds an thts wat we want "
10th Mar 2014 17:47
"Noooooo noooo brenden iv sed alredy kevin kampl ,lallana,firmino,mvilla ,louis mureil power wud be added wth these players evn more cutn edge plus a solid playyer in mid feild "
10th Mar 2014 21:42
""look this Lacazette guy look's decent and promising but we need quality not prospects i say we spend money finishing Konoplyanka deal and isco ideally a defensive mid maybe romulo got experience won't cost more than 15mills this is what we need to flourish in champs league and win the tle two years in a row ""
11th Mar 2014 4:45
"LFC since 1975, exactly, I'm really annoyed that many people think BR can turn everybody to a good player and shouted for some cheap and unproven players. Players are unproven or getting worse, or just playing good in an average team from an average league and mostly play against weak team, they're not the prior target to a top 4 team in EPL, one of the top 3 league of Europe, that's for sure!"
11th Mar 2014 10:05
"Now our target must be porto or benfica scouter when we see good players they recruit without much money."
11th Mar 2014 11:22
"BR should buy kono, Lallana, Shaw and a proven striker. avoid too many changes and too many prospects."
11th Mar 2014 17:53
"Has LFC ever even taught of buying John Obi Likel? He'd be a cheap option but I can only say a solid rock for our mid protection. Coupled with Lucas, Gerrard and Hendo against a club liken Mou's who like to play 3 defensive midfielders against big teams, I can bet wit anyone Chelsea will be lucky anytime she gets a draw......"