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Plenty of players to look at during the world cup so don't realy matter
10th Mar 2014 13:28
10th Mar 2014 13:33
"Lallana, Kroos and Richards would be perfect "
LFC since 1975
10th Mar 2014 13:59
"over 2 years left on his contract and a buyout of £125million. oooh do you realy think this might happen?? while we're at it lets get Messi and Ronaldo too"
10th Mar 2014 14:49
"What they been smoking at Nou Camp? Pedro is not worth 40M let alone 125M. "
10th Mar 2014 15:07
"Kampl ,firimino,lallana,mvilla,mureil,ritchards or caulca "
10th Mar 2014 16:03
"he is very good but too expensive at rhis time, I think konoplyanka,dawson inler,baines (even if everton man),lalana, richard and xabi alonso would be very fit to boost our squad"
10th Mar 2014 18:35
"afric89 Dawson lol.??? he is a donkey.. wouldn't even start him in the reserves.. lets leave transfers to BR shall we :D"
10th Mar 2014 20:11
"No club is that stupid to pay such a buyout clause. Barca can die with him."